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  1. I don't know about the true nusairi's from 1400 years ago, but there are lots of shias who are labelled as ghali or nusairi, even though they don't refer to Mawla Ali as Allah. Even I've been called nusairi and ghali due to my own beliefs. I can categorically state that Mawla Ali is not Allah, however I do believe that with my/our limited knowledge and limited human capabilities I/we can never truly understand Mawla Ali so whatever we believe about Mawla Ali's status, his real status is way way higher than that. I feel kinda good that people call me nusairi as to me it just means that my marefat is maybe a little better than theirs. While nusairi's are kafir yes but still I would love to meet one and it makes me feel kind of good that even when people tried to really understand who he is then all they could come up with is Allah.
  2. Read my first post in the thread and you should get your answer.
  3. "So are a marja?" - sorry I dont understand what you are asking.
  4. FYI I do tatbir and zanjeer and like someone above said, I don't need eayatullah's to tell me whether its allowed or not there are marja's that allowed it and that's the end of it and they know more about whether it hurts islam image and trust me they even care more about the well being of islam then all of us on this thread. Oh one more thing..I've done it all alone and I've done it in Karbala inside haram of imam Hussain with thousands of people around but that was one time when I felt like I was literaly alone it was just me and my mola there, so no its not about who's watching you and what not.
  5. Ishq e haider mei salman upni jaga... Or nusairi ki irfan upni jaga...
  6. Saw an on old thread in Urdu forum (hilal e mah e moharram pay par gai jo nazar)... so how do you know Zia bhai?? (

  7. Yeh zaroori to nahi aag say jal jaye bashar.... Bughz e Haider bhee kaleejo ko jala deta hai....
  8. Now I'll use the same condescending hollier than thou attitude as you are using in your post. Does not raising a sword means that he accepted them as his first second and third caliph. If you believe that then let me tell you something you might call yourself a shia but in fact you are a sunni. Khilafat is a post assigned by Allah only, and even if not a single person accepts it, the fact is Imam Ali was the caliph even during the time of 123. Did Imam Zain ul Abedin raise sword against Yazeed after Karbala? Does that mean he accepted him as his caliph? Now stop getting emotional just cause someone questioned your understanding of history. If you yourself said that they are responsible for incident of door and breaking of the ribs, then its etched in stone that they are the dwellers of deepest pits of hell. Whether we say it publicly or privately is a another issue.
  9. Can you reply without sarcasm or forget it I'll use the same tone.... Did you not read I said he didn't do it happily or otherwise. Meaning he didn't accept it at all. Or did you make up your mind before reading what I said.
  10. He never pledged allegiance happily or otherwise. Do you know what pledging allegiance means?? Didn't imam Hussain say the likes of me will never do bayat of the likes of Yazeed. Even sunnis don't claim that he pledged allegiance when they attacked his house. Bukhari clearly says that he didn't pledge allegiance for 6 months.
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