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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. amen its an easy group all around for zee germans
  2. what US lacks in skill, they make up for in sheer athleticism and collective discipline... but their star players are getting old and the younger generation is a huge disappointment (if we go by the nike hype nyway) -- england 2-1
  3. on 2nd thought... im goin with GERMANY dunga thinks he won the 94 WC on his own... they dont deserve it
  4. good list romario was out of this world... too bad he never got his due
  5. salaam aleykoum, I'm a sister

    If you check the sports forum, I started a thread called "McDonald's fifa world cup fantasy"...if that is not there then just type the words into google and it'll come up


  6. salamalekum bro

    where r u playin ur fantasy world cup

  8. bro u are hard on the guy for real as desis, we dont get too many athletes who play sports with perspiration involved (sorry cricket fans!!!) ...and look at the alternative -- the indians have 25 year olds boxing "champions" still working the amateurs... but their whole country goes into a fit whenever they win some 3rd rate tournament against teenagers in some no-name corner of the world

  10. walekumsalam thanks but it seems like the topic & discussion was about the sunni version of things
  11. Salaamualekum, i was interested in the shi'ite position on naskh -- basically what the sunnis believe is abrogation of one ayat by another. this, of course, is the bedrock upon which sunni fiqh is founded. i tried using search but for some reason it doesnt return any past queries on the subject. nyway thanks in advance Allah hafiz
  12. wow way to go paki... keeping lanka to only 150 mayb there's still life left in them afterall
  13. no no no dont bring manhoos paki kismat to sri lanka please pakistanion me aisa jaadoo hai ke sone ko mitti bana daalen
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