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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mr. Ali, I waited and given you ample time and not even a single word comes out of your mouth for an apology and/or clarify to me for the accusation you made, therefore I have decided to get myself detached from the “lantern of truth”. Don’t be wasting your time to send the third warning. Please take my name off from this “precious” site, as soon you go thur my post. I don’t wanna go on in this site with a warning indicator. I have learned enough in last three month. But before I leave, I like to say few words in my final posting. Being forum moderator/admin. does not constitute that you are above the rules and regulations, implemented by you. I respected you in the beginning and I thought you a man of moral courage and dignity, but you turned out to be a personality hoax. Sure you have plenty of members who are kissing your behind but very few have guts to show you the right out of wrong. But no harm has done if you loosen respect from the member, who is leaving anyway, right? I’m the first one, but not gonna be the last, if your present policies persist for this website. All of sudden I realize that I’m surrounded by the group of people who have their own set rules and single-minded mentalities with extreme fanatism. And you help them to do that by locking the thread(s), encouraging and being lenient to members who uses filthy lingo for companion (Shahabas other other Ali (ra)) of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) yet perform close watch who are not “shias” and try to confront such remarks. You and some others members of your clan dictate this site by trashing every other country, religion, even other sects of Islam beside “shiaism” and “Iran” yet special indicators are set for those who raise their voices against such observation. From your clan “rules” this is an extreme deviation, (in the name of Islam and Muslim) from the set regulations and deserve to be neutralized or should have “close watch” indicator attached to their name as I have one. If somebody even tries to reason with, he/she will be tag as in lack of Islamic knowledge and moral as they are the founder of this religion and the morals within. Off-course, the members of this clan will always like and support this notion of being the superiors and will not tolerate if someone will deviate from the radical agendas of your “lantern of truth”. Some of you guys are trained to spread hate and chaos on the name of religion which has nothing to do with Islam. Infect, they are simply following our fanatic leaders who likes to twist the picture of our religion so bad that to others, it just a horrific and ghastly rituals. I have a very fine suggestion. Why don’t you mention this in policy & term before anybody sign in that 1) They are NOT allowed to use any discussable verbiage against “Shiaism” concepts and “Iran”(acceptance without objection) 2) Not allowed to confront what been said in favor of “shiaism” and “Iran”(simply accept it without objection), 3) Spew all the hate and censure to other cultures, religions and other countries (specially western and US), 4) Spew out hate and filthy lingo as much as possible for the Prophet’s companions, 5) And don’t forget the donation,………….. and NO WARNING will sent out to you. Yet I have to admit that I met and been privilege of having dialogue with few individuals who I think will change the attitude of this site, one day. Crit13, way2go, morassofnegativity, just-a-kafer, zaniabia, zuljinah, naj, nadeemP, hussam and orion. They are some really great folks and I deeply respect them. I think if we have a critical mass of moderate and sensible members like them, we will be able to pull up some valuable outcome from it. Until then, it’s hopeless. You guys have my e-mail address and more than welcome to e-me for any help specially regarding for jobs in finance/investment sector. I think I have wasted enough time of you guys. So Ali, here is the solution. Neutralize our “kind”, and the problem of your website is solved. Here, I’m giving you the honor to please scratch my name out from your site and be glorified among your kind. By doing so, you will be doing a great job of eradicating the voice of a reason, and providing the website community with “ethical security” by following the footsteps of your spiritual leaders. You might be right when you say, “we resist therefore we exist” but for me, the more applicable phrase would be “we THINK therefore we exist”. So long everybody. Ya’ll have a good life.
  2. And Mr. Ali you showing me your personality, by telling me what to do by dictating this site.. Yes I thankful to you that you let two “great” members to leave this forum. Those have nothing better to say but “death to everyone”. If you wanna fill your members with those kinda idiots, be my guest. It was I who decided to stay and not you. You ask me what I wanna to do at that time. You still did not present the evidence, that I have mocked the religion and its followers. Again its not like I’m dying to stay in the “lantern of truth” but its become the matter of principal. You give me the evidence from the latest forum, something which happen not out of the blue; so that I don’t have to wait for your third warning. Ale Mohammed, don’t take advantage of the time to criticize me like that, while hiding behind Ali. Be man enough to bring the real accusation beside calling me ill-mannered and insolent.
  3. Mr. Ali, I would not beg you to let me stay as a member in your forum. Let cut the chase and let me ask you directly, do you want to put me off? Also I ask you something and you failed to clarify the situation. I think I entitle to some clarification before you act as high almighty. And what is saga-reza problem. He is the one who is extremely mischief. He and some other members of his kind started all the confusion and disrespect to others on the other thread. I’m not justifying because I wanna stay here but telling you the very truth. He is one who likes to offend other as he pleases. So if you wanna act fair, do somthing about them first and than bring your complain to me.
  4. Mr. Ali please dont be childish and stop threating me to cut me off. If this forum is suppose to meant for discussion and to gain knowledge from one and other than controversy would be directly propotional to the topic. You cannot avoid the rebuttle atmosphere in different thoughts environment. I have never impose any single idea on anybody and nor I have any desire to do so. And although you have established the policy, read it to again that anybody is entitle to his/her opinion. The situation get worse when people start calling names cause they cannot comes up with proper answer or counter argument. And Ali, are you in your mind to tell me that I HAVE ATTACK ISLAM, QURAN AND PROPHET(s)? You should be apologizing to me for this accusation, Mr. ALi!!!! I always try to adopt the moderation way and I will not tolerate any extremism and this forum will always have my voice as long as I'm a member.
  5. You damn RIGHT dulfiqar. You know what I'm talkin about.......bud...... I lived in Phelum Pkwy for 4 years. I was in city college NY then..... what ya do over there ......bud...... Edited By Fsiddiqui on 1033759819
  6. Crit13, Thankyou for giving her the reality check. For this girl, who claimed to be a "redneck" in the introduction thread, is now a big gumbo and has no earthly idea what on earth she is talkin about. Her defencive talk is a mere example of a typical redneck who thinks that "genitalia is an italian airline", so please excuse her. For her information, this land, which she has left [luckily for us and unfortunately for her] represents a new way of being human and thus presents a radical challenge to the world. The system is unique and the people of this land are not like anywhere else. But people like her respond with sputtering outrage. Her views is that america's influence has been, and continues to be, deeply destructive and wicked. As we have seen in this shiachat.com, the criticism comesfrom all different people who hate this land and people of this land. While doing that we all forget this that we actually pointing fingure at ourselves because this land always been the immigrant land. Qatar might have, at the present moment, lots of oil reserves but has been left behind in intelect. The solution is to embrace science, democracy, and capitalism. This would mean adaptation and moderation - which is highly unlikely in the third world specially in an islamic world. To put in a nutshell, according to Quran, if we as muslims are faithful to Allah, they will enjoy prosperity in this life and paradise in the next life. According to the fundamentalists, the muslims were doing this for centuries, and they were invincible. But now, the extremists point out that Islam is not winning any more, in fact, it is losing. Now the question to ask for…what is the reason behind this? Radial and fanatical views over these issues are very obvious. We are not following the teaching rightly. We are simply following the path of infidels. We, as muslims, also claim that our 36-40 Islamic nation are ruled by self-serving despots who serve as puppets for America and the west. A very easy conclusion to hide our own sedition and betrayal. The solution, well my dear members, is very simple; get rid of western influence by destroying them by any mean possible, to recover the Islam to its glory. Sept’ 11 is a prime example of this. People like Bin Laden are therefore heroes’ cause they think that they can eradicate all kind of influences, cultures and religions over Islam and then they can roam with their fundamentalistic idea of “pure Islam” all over the world. Missy, now you talking about my country. I'm the citizen of this country. I'm very much previlige of being the citizen of this great nation. It is THE greatest, freest, and most decent society in existence. For me, it is an oasis of goodness in a deser of cynicism and barbarism, where you belong. This land is the best last hope for the world. So you better be carefull before you utter a single word for my country. And please burn your US pasport as I'm sure you have one, cause you and people like you dont deserve it. You stay where you are belong.
  7. REASON: sadly it's my beleives too. And bro. followerofrasul, can you come with one good reason, if I will start that? Me and you will eventually comes up with bot load of stuff to prove each other wrong. The final result: will loose the respect for each other on the name of ####### religion.
  8. and once again we see hypocracy from fissi, keep it up. i live here i am a us citizen and a Real patriot not an well you know what i have calld you before i dont need to repeat it :) . morras i even gave you a a news article about it, but you still want to be a hypocrite. i should have listend to brother seiful islam. have a nice day This is even more sad that the person of this kind of extreme fanatical mentality able to gain US citizenship. No wonder people with a moderate and "normal" mentality having hard time, even here. If you have finally decided to spend the rest of the life here, please do one thing first...take some English language classes. Also make sure when you post, your text should have been gone thru spell check. Atleast you would sound little less moron. Talking about your patriotism, well the post on the thread of the article under “Art, Espionage and Cover ups” is perfect from the character of somebody claiming Patriotism to this country. ....bravo you selective, authentic hypocrite. I really wish if you would have watched "Law & Order" yesterday night. They mimic the same insane, fanatical and radical imposter character, like of yours. Why dont you go back where you belong???? fissi, you done making a fool of yourself ?? it seems you have a self esteem-problem and i think thats why you always kiss up to the non muslims and thats why you have a need to - well you know what i said about you and your co wokers :) . get a life, and try to become a muslim, not the fake kind that need to do sujda to their coworkers but the kind that do it to Allah ALIMIGHTY :) have a nice day
  9. which prophet you talking about here....Prophet Mohammed or hazart Ali (ra)???? My post was a sarcastic remark of the response. Please do not conclude that I just born yesterday.
  10. Atleast I claim at the very bottom of the pyramid of knowledge...but if it come to the point for debate or rebuttle, I think every body has tons of materials to prove the legit of the post according to their selectiveness and taste. Would you agree with me on that....sis??????
  11. borther dulfiquar...LOL...I'm sorry but would you listen to that......I mean are we in kindergarden...... And no...I'm not like that....but I really enjoyed the way you said...I just burst into laughter...
  12. wow...I guess than you guys must be going to heaven....well good luck guys....... Forget about the creator and His beloved Prophet.....now every business had been and will be done only and only thru Hazart Ali (ra)..... Poor Abdul Basit ...maan he wasited so much of his time just by following the right path !!!!!
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