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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mr. Ali, I waited and given you ample time and not even a single word comes out of your mouth for an apology and/or clarify to me for the accusation you made, therefore I have decided to get myself detached from the “lantern of truth”. Don’t be wasting your time to send the third warning. Please take my name off from this “precious” site, as soon you go thur my post. I don’t wanna go on in this site with a warning indicator. I have learned enough in last three month. But before I leave, I like to say few words in my final posting. Being forum moderator/admin. does not constitute that you are a
  2. And Mr. Ali you showing me your personality, by telling me what to do by dictating this site.. Yes I thankful to you that you let two “great” members to leave this forum. Those have nothing better to say but “death to everyone”. If you wanna fill your members with those kinda idiots, be my guest. It was I who decided to stay and not you. You ask me what I wanna to do at that time. You still did not present the evidence, that I have mocked the religion and its followers. Again its not like I’m dying to stay in the “lantern of truth” but its become the matter of principal. You give me the evide
  3. Mr. Ali, I would not beg you to let me stay as a member in your forum. Let cut the chase and let me ask you directly, do you want to put me off? Also I ask you something and you failed to clarify the situation. I think I entitle to some clarification before you act as high almighty. And what is saga-reza problem. He is the one who is extremely mischief. He and some other members of his kind started all the confusion and disrespect to others on the other thread. I’m not justifying because I wanna stay here but telling you the very truth. He is one who likes to offend other as he pleases. So i
  4. Mr. Ali please dont be childish and stop threating me to cut me off. If this forum is suppose to meant for discussion and to gain knowledge from one and other than controversy would be directly propotional to the topic. You cannot avoid the rebuttle atmosphere in different thoughts environment. I have never impose any single idea on anybody and nor I have any desire to do so. And although you have established the policy, read it to again that anybody is entitle to his/her opinion. The situation get worse when people start calling names cause they cannot comes up with proper answer or counter a
  5. You damn RIGHT dulfiqar. You know what I'm talkin about.......bud...... I lived in Phelum Pkwy for 4 years. I was in city college NY then..... what ya do over there ......bud...... Edited By Fsiddiqui on 1033759819
  6. Crit13, Thankyou for giving her the reality check. For this girl, who claimed to be a "redneck" in the introduction thread, is now a big gumbo and has no earthly idea what on earth she is talkin about. Her defencive talk is a mere example of a typical redneck who thinks that "genitalia is an italian airline", so please excuse her. For her information, this land, which she has left [luckily for us and unfortunately for her] represents a new way of being human and thus presents a radical challenge to the world. The system is unique and the people of this land are not like anywhere else. But pe
  7. REASON: sadly it's my beleives too. And bro. followerofrasul, can you come with one good reason, if I will start that? Me and you will eventually comes up with bot load of stuff to prove each other wrong. The final result: will loose the respect for each other on the name of ####### religion.
  8. and once again we see hypocracy from fissi, keep it up. i live here i am a us citizen and a Real patriot not an well you know what i have calld you before i dont need to repeat it :) . morras i even gave you a a news article about it, but you still want to be a hypocrite. i should have listend to brother seiful islam. have a nice day This is even more sad that the person of this kind of extreme fanatical mentality able to gain US citizenship. No wonder people with a moderate and "normal" mentality having hard time, even here. If you have finally decided to spend the rest of the life here, p
  9. which prophet you talking about here....Prophet Mohammed or hazart Ali (ra)???? My post was a sarcastic remark of the response. Please do not conclude that I just born yesterday.
  10. Atleast I claim at the very bottom of the pyramid of knowledge...but if it come to the point for debate or rebuttle, I think every body has tons of materials to prove the legit of the post according to their selectiveness and taste. Would you agree with me on that....sis??????
  11. borther dulfiquar...LOL...I'm sorry but would you listen to that......I mean are we in kindergarden...... And no...I'm not like that....but I really enjoyed the way you said...I just burst into laughter...
  12. wow...I guess than you guys must be going to heaven....well good luck guys....... Forget about the creator and His beloved Prophet.....now every business had been and will be done only and only thru Hazart Ali (ra)..... Poor Abdul Basit ...maan he wasited so much of his time just by following the right path !!!!!
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