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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There are a few ways to do that Dhulfiqar. :) 1) You could project your movie from as close as possible (smaller image=clearer details) to a texture free surface and record that image with your DV camcorder, then execute the required operations to create your VCD/SVCD/DVD (i.e.; transfer to PC, edit, convert to mpeg1 or mpeg2 and finally create your CD/DVD) 2) You could get a ‘video transfer box’(about $100) and again use your DV camcorder to capture the movies ect…… 3) Or you could take your movies to a ‘video transfer’ place and let them do it for you! :P Kafir Ps: I’m flying to Europe tonight and I'll be off line untill after the 28th, however............ feel free to further torment me at that time! ;)
  2. LoooooL! :) The reason for my poor showing lately, is indeed related to conversion!............You see I've got this crazy idea to transfer all my analog and digital tapes (family movies) to CD's and that indeed includes major conversions! :o So far all I can say is:...[b:post_uid0]"kids do not try this at home!"[/b:post_uid0] :( Kafir
  3. It's funny you brought that article up, :)..........however (for somewhat different, than your intended reasons :P )..... I'd like to thank you that you did so! ;) Kafir
  4. I'm amazed not only by the fact that some here will still try to validate, and able to rationalize such senseless and barbaric acts committed by a bunch of animals, but also by their cited reasons for justifying such acts! :angry: Kafir
  5. Just stoppin by to say hello and to assure all concerned that I'm still around! :) however I'm in the middle of a "project", which takes up most of my leisure time therefore for the next little while I'll be only in and out, mostly just to keep up with the 'vibe' and respond to any questions addressed to me. Kafir .......**blush :) blush** thank you all for your kind words......
  6. ......and the alternate solution is to grab Total Recorder which will enable you to record to your hard drive from any and all the sources available to your PC. Top that with the 'l3codeca.acm and l3codecp.acm' codecs and evoila.......you can record [b:post_uid0]CD quality[/b:post_uid0] (44.100 Hz) audio. [b:post_uid0]The filename of the codecs are l3codeca.acm and l3codecp.acm They should be placed in the c:\windows\system directory. The file c:\windows\system.ini must also be updated in the section [drivers32] with this: [drivers32] msacm.l3codec=l3codecp.acm ;for the professional one. msacm.l3acm=l3codeca.acm ;for the advanced one. [/b:post_uid0] Kafir ps. you might find a slightly improved version of that recorder on KaZaa. ;)
  7. …….therefore they all deserve to die right?...........btw, you are WRONG! Israeli Arabs, Christians, and U.Ortodox Jews make up 1/3 of Israel’s population and [b:post_uid0]they are exempt of military service![/b:post_uid0] Yeah right! uh?? …and that’s all there is to it, right? Interesting conclusion! :s To avoid confusion, would you mind pointing out those incorrect opinions for us? I believe we can all agree that the above mentioned attack was against a military target! Finally I’m curious of [b:post_uid0]your own opinion[/b:post_uid0]………..it is, or it is not justifiable to deliberately target children? Kafir
  8. [b:post_uid0]Absolutely fascinating…….[/b:post_uid0] We’ve started out on debating the [b:post_uid0]DU ammo,[/b:post_uid0] its presumed [b:post_uid0]exclusive root[/b:post_uid0] for the ‘Gulf’ syndrome, the [b:post_uid0]assumption[/b:post_uid0] that children in Iraq are dying [b:post_uid0]only[/b:post_uid0] because of the sanctions imposed by the US and the [b:post_uid0]hypocrisy[/b:post_uid0] of the US letting Iraq smuggle and sell oil via Turkey. To my [b:post_uid0]great surprise[/b:post_uid0] uh?? we where able to touch bases on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and the radiation experiments in the US, decided that Saddam, Bush, Sharon and ?Arafat do belong in the same camp, that the US somewhat deserved what 9/11 because they’ve ?promised to Osama bin Laden, [b:post_uid0](who is a the elected leader of ??? country)[/b:post_uid0] that they will get out of Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War, suicide bombers, religious affiliations, the [b:post_uid0]fact[/b:post_uid0] that 1200 Afghans where killed by the US, and finally, keeping with the best traditions, we’ve also [b:post_uid0]managed to bring Israel in to the picture[/b:post_uid0] via its Gill/Spike weapon system which incidentally uses a [b:post_uid0] tandem warhead![/b:post_uid0] In the light of all these please allow me also to [b:post_uid0]contribute[/b:post_uid0] to this absolutely fascinating thread! :s Kafir
  9. Did I basically say that, or that was only a convenient way of including yet one more 'constant variable'??? :wacko: If indeed I did 'basically' say that, then please feel free to point me to that part........if you don't mind doing so of course! ...and I respect what you think, however since you're in the ?IT industry, I believe you're unlikely to be qualified to make a valid assesment regarding the best course of action for the army to take.... besides the DU ammo is part of the "best tech" you've mentioned....... further more: .... as I've mentioned before, you're entitled to and I do respect your opinion however your argument would be substantially more convincing if you could, perhaps back it up with some data insted of just dissmissing mine for beeing "lame".....no? Kafir Edited By Just_a_Kafer on 1033879556
  10. [b:post_uid0]Just a thought..........[/b:post_uid0] It is always wise to do a google search on the info you’re prepared to accept and use as a reference to cast judgment on others………. :s Kafir :s Edited By Just_a_Kafer on 1033874655
  11. Uuups.....sorry bro.......I did not mean to blow your cover! ;) Kafir :D
  12. Ok….risking of being called the ‘devil’s advocate’ :o, I will attempt to address the multitude of issues raised in your post, however before I begin to do so I’d like you to ponder on a quote by George Patton and tell me if his idea on the object of war can be contested, or it does not apply to [b:post_uid0]every[/b:post_uid0] country engaged in war! ok, here she goes……… DU is the best armor penetrating material there is! The next closest thing to that, with a 40% less efficiency, is ?tungsten based ammo. The effectiveness of such ammo is well illustrated with the fact that there where only about a dozen (M1A1) tanks (with DU armor) where damaged versus the 4000 thousand Iraqi tank losses, and even those losses where due to friendly fire! It turned out that [b:post_uid0]only[/b:post_uid0] DU shells where able to penetrate the DU armor plates of the Abram’s. As is the case with every new weapon system and ammunition, I’m sure, there was an extensive research in to the qualities and sideffects of the DU and I’m also sure that [b:post_uid0]some[/b:post_uid0] of its harmful sideffects where accepted as a trade off for its unsurpassed armor penetrating qualities, however suggesting that the DU ammo is the [b:post_uid0]only[/b:post_uid0] factor in causing the Gulf War syndrome, is wrong and so is the assumption that the government [b:post_uid0]willingly[/b:post_uid0] would expose its troops to above average risks. Just think about it for a moment! Lets say the government is fully aware of the residual effects of spent DU ammo, yet still, they willingly expose the GI’s to it. Don’t you think that upon exposing the story and since the US army is not composed of conscripts, the number of people willing to sign up for duty would diminish to almost nothing and the government would be liable for colossal law suit’s? For the very same reasons, and topped with the fact that [b:post_uid0]it is in Saddam’s best interest[/b:post_uid0] to show the suffering of the Iraqi children as an example of the western brutality, maintaining that the increased number of cancer cases in Iraq are caused by [b:post_uid0]DU exclusively[/b:post_uid0] and their treatment being blocked by the sanctions [b:post_uid0]only[/b:post_uid0] IMO is a faulty assessment. [b:post_uid0]As long he controls who lives or dies in Iraq[/b:post_uid0] and as long as there are billions of dollars to be spent on projects like this and as you’ve pointed out, illegal oil revenues are pouring in not only from Turkey and Jordan but also and in special from Syria, Saddam has no real case claiming the lack of funds for medical treatment as a cause. Read about one of the many reasons why the US is turning a blind eye to Iraqi oil smugglings not only through Turkey and Syria but the list also includes Jordan and Iran! The reason why most nations who possess DU ammo (the list includes Canada as well! ) is not willing to sign a moratorium on using it is because it’s unique and unsurpassed characteristics, being the only ammo able to penetrate deep bunkers and the DU armor plates. As I’ve said B4, the universally adopted norm in any warfare is to make the other die for your cause and while he does that, you will try to keep your causalities to the minimum and inflict as much damage as you can and that is the exact reason why a number of countries even from the ME are actively in a pursuit of producing/procuring the A bomb which they if in need, despite the terrible side effects, will use without hesitation…………….. Kafir
  13. Ali, Since I’ve tried to keep the wording of my replies to be well bellow the tone of ignorance/insult emanating from those addressed to me, I have absolutely no idea reading what post of mine made you include me in the ‘problem group’! However in view of the facts that you’re the one who pays the bills, my inability to present you with a viable solution to the problem and my reluctance to change my behavior which, as I mentioned before, I do not find at all to be out of line with those of the other members, I’d suggest you either put it up for vote or simply just ask those (including me) who you, or other members are uncomfortable with, to leave……that’s all! Take care Kafir Ps, as way2go pointed out, the door swings both ways! You can not, will not have a balanced debate if the insults and attacks, for example in the Islam/Christianity debates are allowed to freely proceed as long as they are not directed towards Islam!
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