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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Happy Belatedd Bdayy Jaaanzz! :wub: hope u had a good one :)
  3. HAHAHHAAA..OI HOIII KYAA CHEEZ HAINN? LOL! Feelin betaa? I hope ur smilin noww u KUTIII..or i wont be very happy with uu ;) x

  4. sakz

    Ye alhamd..been all good..ye been OVER LONG..hopee to see u on msn..safe jaanz =) x

  5. wssss...im gd man..miss u alot..aww u been busy mee tooo..dnt get time to come on much nemore..juss exams with school..lifess kinda sukin atm tho.. ='( x hope alls well x

  6. yo yo yo yo [Edited Out]hh iss all gd hws it gowin wid u fam? hahaha ;) gott uu :P x

  7. OMG..tht wos not dodgy..pleaseee..

  8. Chek ur facebook..readd da comment frm mee =) n get bak to mee =) x

  9. sakz


  10. ws jaanumzz..sorryy had sum stuf to do..=( let me kno wen ur on agen..but u kno wah i have u on msn buhh u dnt cme onlinee =S x

  11. OI HOI..look who it isss!! Where u beeenn sisso? miss u x

  12. ^ Ye man i rememba wen i went..SOOOO many perverts haha..it was funny though cause everyone just gave them the evil look lool..and even in Madina and Makka u get perverts..U just can't escape nowadays!
  13. ^ i agree..u can't really say ALL the girls were perving just cos some of them were walking on the side..cos number one thats generalising and number two..how do u know their intentions they might have felt squashed in the juloos so they decided to walk next to it or something. But, i do agree there were some girls who had tonnes of make up on and were like flaunting themselves..so yeah you have a point there..
  14. haha yee wud be wikddd =) x

  15. ^Yeah there were..my friend's cousin wos gettin sooo annoydd at them..it wos so funny..we had to like stop her going up to them and slapping them..alot of people come there with the wrong intention i guess..
  16. HAHAA..yee mann das wah i wos finkin..i wish i spent more tym chttin to u lyk lol..neewwaayzz..miss u berrzz..i wana meet u ageenn..we have to lyk link in edgeware or sumfinn..itll be wikd lyk wid farwah n nazish n kubraa n nosheenn n all dem lott.. initt =) x

  17. Ye man weneva u free..jus bell mee andd tell me wen n wer..n hopefulli we can link init =) wos wikd tho gota admit aha =) x

  18. ^Thats true..if we had leaflets atleast we could give it to them..and then they could just take it home and read it if they didn't have time to stop and talk about it :) Das what we did in the Hyderi one..and it wos like a propa success so maybe next time they shud fink about makin leaflets n thingss to help people passing by understand whats going on.
  19. OMDZ WAIT...I GOT A SICKKK IDEA..u comin Hyderi for Hussain Day..this saturday? comeee man..im takin partt..so u can come n watch mee ahhaa..wikddd =) x

  20. YAA WOOHHOOO i mett uu ahahhaa..jkzz..ye man i got to see the zuljanaa and kiss ittt =) lol stayd till da end init..den we wer jus jammin in da park n eatin ahhaa..lyk looosasss it wos sooo wikd thoo..especially meetin u..now we have to meet in Hyderi initt =) xx I

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