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  1. Happy birthday. Your profiles picture is very nice.

  2. (salam) That Imam Mahdi (ajfs) will come to you a dream or you will see him if you perform Salatul Layl 40 nights consecutively. Can anyone tell me the basis behind it? Are there ahadeeth on the matter? Reputable narrations, or anything plausible? Jazakallah khayr. (wasalam)
  3. There is not bid'atul hasana in Islam? If they do not affect worship or eschew the wajibat.
  4. Mashallah, you should tell our ulama who have studied this for decades and centuries and even Prophet himself and Ahlul Bayt the error of their ways.
  5. 1)Let me get this straight, you're telling Muslim women here not to wear hijab on their head and go against Allah's command? 2)People get aroused by the strangest things many times. Who are you to say who does and doesn't get aroused by that? Please have some respect when speaking with people on here, especially ladies, my God man. Edit: lol, Marbles likes your post, why am I not surprised.
  6. There's nothing wrong with bowing your head with them as they say their prayers. Just say 'bismillah ar rahman ar raheem' to yourself in the meantime. It'd be respectful to wait until they are finished before eating. My grandmother is Christian and we still are respectful. Being respectful doesn't mean you're following their ways. Well, it sounds like you know them pretty well. Would they be offended and kick you out? I don't believe there is a problem to just sit there with your baby while they're doing their own worship. Likewise, maybe playing with your baby in the room while they're doing that would make you more comfortable? What I'm saying is I don't believe there is anything inherently haram in what you're suggesting you do. Walahu a3lam P.S- They don't have a bathroom...??
  7. I believe that if you begin the salat in its proper time, but qadha time passes during your salat, it is still counted as on time, not qadha.
  8. Yes, forget about what Allah (swt) says about mushriks, no no, it's we who are making declarations.
  9. Well I agree. I admit I'm a bit perplexed at it. Though if this guru is not actually a polytheist like another member said, then I guess it makes sense.
  10. You don't need an Ay atallah to figure this one out. Allah (swt) says polytheists are najis in the Qur'an. Can you also list the major errors marjas have made?
  11. Not sure what you two are arguing about, or why wahdat is not understanding. If the man is a polytheist, by Islamic Law, any wetness from him is considered najis, and anything that wetness touches becomes najis. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is not my law, this isn't your law, that is Allah's law... What's the argument about again?
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