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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :) Masha'Allah indeed! I never thought of my interest in Islam being sparked by 9/11 - rather, I thought that it was sparked by a man! But perhaps you are more right than I first thought :unsure: Great food on Lygon Street - on Sydney Road.. and plenty in Dandenong (a little closer to home!). Salams!
  2. You know me RayRay! I'm a Shia who converted from Christianity!! :D Alhamdililah, Alhamdililah, Alhamdililah!!
  3. I'm very grateful to have found this thread and it has answered a few questions, but has raised a couple for me... I've got a Vitamin D level of 20 (with the normal range being 23-113). I drink plenty of milk and have yogurt every day, and cheese a couple of times a week. I try to eat fish at least once a week. I'm Australian born and raised and by no means lock myself up in the house. I get out in the sun (and have a hijab tan line -very attractive :blush: ). Could a reproductive hormone imbalance effect levels of Vitamin D? I wonder if my reproductive system being all out of wack could be causing me yet more problems.... Thanks in advance! Salams hijabikel
  4. Isn't the idea of wearing hijab to not show off our beauty? And aren't we meant to not draw attention to ourselves? Didn't one of our blessed Imams repair his own clothes rather than get new ones and show off? When I dress to go out to work, to a social gathering or to a religious gathering, I always ask myself "would Allah approve of what I am wearing and would the Prophet (pbuh) be pleased?" It always helps keep me in check :)
  5. Awww... thank you all for the lovely welcome. :wub: And for the record - I'm open to PM's if people want to get in touch with me that way! Thanks - I might hold you to that! Salams Mehdi Yep, I converted from Christianity. The brief version is that I met a man through work who is Muslim. He seemed like a lovely man but he said he was Muslim. It was in 2001 and the Western world was upside down with 9/11. I really liked this man but, oh my gosh, he was the enemy wasn't he?? So I began to learn about Islam to prove to him how bad his religion was, and along the way found out it actually answered all the questions I had being Christian. As I learned more it became clear to me that Islam was the right path to travel down. And that's the short version! Salams hijabikel
  6. Hubby is an an Iraqi born Al-Musawi
  7. (salam) I have been a rare lurker on this forum and thought I'd start to frequent this place and get to know some of you. So, Salam Alaykum to you all! The basics - I'm a 29 year old Aussie female, living in Melbourne. I said Shahada about 3 years ago and have never been happier in myself. As most of the reverts on here can probably relate to, you lose a lot of "friends" along this journey into Islam and I could use the social outlet on here. Hopefully we can all learn from each other and make a few new friends along the way. Insha'Allah! hijabikel :)
  8. Perhaps I started off on the wrong foot here - it doesn't make me hate the Sydney/Melbourne/Perth etc competition any less though! Salams to all - I look forward to getting to know you all - first impressions aren't always right, hey?! :blush:
  9. I jumped onto this thread hoping to find people who lived in the same city as me.. perhaps widen our contacts in a country where forming friendships is not always easy as a Shia Muslim. What do I find? People doing the ridiculous us and them thing. How about we be grateful for the land that Allah (pbuh) has blessed us with? I am relatively new to shiachat.com and came here to widen my knowledge and meet new people. Yes we can all have fun, but this isn't fun.. this is petty.
  10. I reverted to Islam a couple of years ago and am Shia. Alhamdullah! I also live in Melbourne. Anything I can help you with jamaldin?
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