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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Absolutely positively need to be soaked. If you don't soak them then you are just cooking little rocks. They will absorb alot of moisture when you soak them. They won't absorb this moisture when you are cooking. Also, it seems to clean them - the water the next morning is a weird colour. And one little tip... don't leave them longer than overnight because they get really stinky... found that out by mistake!
  2. OK... this is where trying to learn recipes is tough for me... whenever I try to get a recipe from a sister, it's always "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and whatever else you want to add". My question is, what did you add to make it taste just like that, coz that's what I'm after.... :P
  3. Thanks Aly. I was in Syria last year - but didn't know about these then. I was even staying a few minutes from Al-Sayda Zaynabs shrine - and visited Al-Sayda Sakinas shrine also. Insh'Alla I will find someone heading to Syria... In the mean time, I will keep looking.... (salam)
  4. Does anyone know where to buy the plastic things on line?? I'm in Australia and am struggling to find these - and I'm hopeless at getting my scarf to look the way I want it to look....
  5. The thing that has been a God send for me is lavendar oil. I have diluted some oil with water and put it in a small spray bottle. Every night as my little one is getting into bed and complaining that it is bed time (it's amazing the negotiation skills she has!) I spray her room with "sleepy spray". By the time I've finished reading a bed time story she is relaxed enough to realise that bed is a pretty good place to be. I have to agree with keeping bedroom stimulation as minimal as possible. I understand you have space limitations, but I've made my daughters room a place for her to sleep and there is another space for her to play. Every night after dinner we pack up all her toys and then have a bath... that way she's not going to bed straight after eating and she knows it's the end of play time. (I still get the usual "awww but I want to play", but she knows the rules.) Now, I'm not saying that this is fool proof. There's nights when I stay next to her in bed until she falls asleep. She has nights when she just refuses to sleep in her bed and I'll let her sleep on an air mattress in my bedroom. And there are nights when she wants to fall asleep on the couch. The one thing I try to stick with is that she always wakes up in her bed. She falls asleep and I'll move her into her room. That way she knows that the end result will always be that she sleeps in her bed and then she won't get used to sleeping everywhere but in her bed. Insha'Allah you are granted a few peaceful nights.
  6. OK, I have good news and bad news for Nando's lovers of Melbourne. I put the call into head office (1800 352 753) and was told that there is only one Nando's in Melbourne that is halal certified. Although Nando's uses halal certified chicken (from Barter Steggles) across every store in Australia, most Melbourne stores use bacon. :wacko: So, the only halal certified Nando's in Melbourne is in Box Hill. At least that answered my question.... Salams.
  7. Does anyone know if Nandos is definately halal in Melbourne? I have heard that it is but I want this confirmed - I hate just walking into a shop and asking to see their halal certificate!
  8. Thank you so much. You have all given such wonderful advice and such lengthy replies (and a few laughs along the way). My little one knows how to say "sayayayaykum", she always reminds me that she needs to pray before it gets dark (she forgets the rest of the times, but it's a good start!) and loves her turbah and her "stafralah" (that would be her sibbeh!). BintAlHoda - I second that response to newsbot!
  9. Thank you everyone. Keep the advice coming! Seems like I'm going along this the right way. I want her to learn and grow as a Muslim and learn to love Islam. I never want to force too much on her and scare her off or make her hate Islam. I think the speech by the scholar was fantastic - baby steps. I guess I have to keep in mind that kids learn most things by imitating their parents. Therefore, if I am a good Muslimah, Inshalla my daughter will grow to be one too.
  10. The Sami Yusuf website (that is listed in his CD covers) says: "He was born into a musical family of Azeri origin" (that's northern Iran isn't it??) http://www.samiyusuf.com/biography/index.htm There is also a "Contact us" link on his website, so I've just sent a message to ask. I'd prefer to ask for the truth than randomly Google his name. I'll let you know how things go!
  11. Thanks :) And thank you to those who have PM-ed and emailed me. Much appreciated.
  12. She wears hijab when she is "praying", so I guess I'm on the right path. Maybe you and I need to write some kids books :lol: I have joined revertmuslims.com - I just don't get much time to be there. Insha'Allah I will be able to manage my time a little more easily soon.
  13. Salam alaykum everyone I have not had time to get to my local Islamic Centre (long story) to collect a 2007 calendar with prayer times on it. I am in Melbourne - so usually grab one from the Imam Ali Islamic Centre in Fawkner. Is anyone able to post one out to me? If you can, I will email you my PO Box details. Thanks in advance. My year has not started out well! Kelly
  14. Salam alaykum everyone How do people go about teaching their young ones about Islam? I have a 4 year old daughter, and although she copies praying (and uses a sibbeh!) I feel as though the conversations I have with her about Islam are bigger than her little brain. Please don't move this topic into the family section - I want to know from other reverts! Thanks Kelly
  15. I injured my lower back a number of years ago. I find that when I sit up straight I experience bad pack pain. Personally, I think if something's not working then you need to change what you're doing. Perhaps we need to stop listening to research that says "don't do this", "do that", "eat this". "don't eat that" and start listening to our own bodies and we'll be fine.
  16. (salam) My 4 year old step-daughter. She is the best gift I have ever received. The first time she told me she loved me came right out of nowhere and brought instant tears to my eyes... When she asked to sleep with my photo under her pillow because she wants me close to her all night.... Being able to tuck her into bed and be there when she wakes up every day... Alhamdililah, I am truly blessed. Sometimes the best gifts are those that others do not want.
  17. (salam) Thank you again for all your kind words. Alhamdililah all our prayers have been answered. Alhamdililah!
  18. Thank you sister. I wish I could explain more to everyone. I hope that I will be able to talk more about this soon, as if people know the situation I am sure the support I receive will be invaluable to me.
  19. (salam) Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. This week has been more challenging than I expected - many tears have been shed and the events of this week have exhausted me emotionally. I still have one more major thing to go through tomorrow and then a long journey ahead. I thank Allah every day for the strength He gives me. And I again thank you all for your support.
  20. (salam) How many among you sisters drive? I've been driving for 13 years (that makes me feel old!). Do you just know driving or have a car at your disposal? I've got my own car, always have. Which, make, model and of what power is your car? Toyota Celica - nice little sporty thing Are you a member of a car pool? I use my car during work hours so I need my own vehicle. I also appreciate my own time in the car - I don't think I could car pool and still be sane. Do you like driving or consider it just a chore? I like driving unless I have to do lots of city driving - then it's just frustrating. Can you change a tyre, fix a flat, and or fix minor problems? My Dad is a mechanic so he made sure I knew how to maintain my own car. He taught me enough so if something goes wrong I will not be the damsel in distress. Safety first, ladies! Who washes, cleans and polishes your car? The rain washes my car - it will get vacuumed when I find the time or when my mum comes to visit and I am trying to make an impression (maybe twice a year). Given a choice, would you rather not drive? I enjoy the freedom driving gives to me. I also prefer being in my own space to travel, rather than jammed on public transport where anything can and does happen. Does hijab interfere with driving? Only when other drivers yell abuse at me for being a hijabi. Otherwise, it keeps my hair out of my face and I am not primping myself in the rear-view mirror at traffic lights - it's all good. I guess these questions are really about pros and cons of driving. I would encourage any woman who is wanting to learn to drive to do it. It's a skill you will never regret having.
  21. (salam) I wear my sibbah (tasbeeh) and it reminds me to use it. When I am having a quiet moment it's there - that has got to be a good thing. As already said, as long as we are not using it to beautify ourselves I cannot see a problem. There's a Muslimah in Australia who makes them out of crystals and/or pearls, and as either 99 bead or 33 bead (for a bracelet). I can pass on how to get in touch with her if anyone is interested. She has some in a shop in Sydney, although I have ordered them directly from her and she has posted them out to me in Melbourne. Not sure about international.... :) Her prices are reasonable considering the quality of materials she uses. hijabikel
  22. (bismillah) Salam alaykum sisters I cannot go into detail as to why just now, but can you please, please pray for me this week. I need strength and patience to get me and my family through this ordeal. :cry: (salam) Kelly P.S. I put this in the sisters section because I particularly need the strength of my sisters right now.
  23. Fantastic to hear! I will try your suggestion next time, and put the bowl in a bowl of iced water. Sounds like great advice.
  24. I had an Iraqi interpret this, but apparently it is in an Lebanese/Egyptian/Syrian (etc!) accent. It's not a fantastic interpretation but it should give you a good idea about what it's about, at least! My life, the light in my eyes Melted with my love Melted under his emotions, in his heart Our hearts are celebrating Hey celebration, don't lose it from our hands or any heartbeat pass on us By a second by a minute by an hour …hours every day with me he live from the sunrise to the sunset, melted together Hope that helps (maybe??)!
  25. Yes, the burghul both softens and fattens up in the water. It doesn't take long. You should find that all the water is absorbed by the burghul within the 30 minutes. Noooooooo. Unfortunately some things just need to be fried. This is one of those times. Looks good to me. Sorry my ingredients weren't in much order. I just wanted to get my post up so everyone could get cookin'! I keep wondering when people will ask me to cook for them. It hasn't happened yet! :lol: Yes, split the salt. It will make it tasty all over. To make the shells nice and thin you need to make sure your hands are moistened with water. This will help hold it all together. It takes practice, but eventually you will use all the meat (in the mean time, take a piece of flat bread, add some chopped up lettuce and tomato, add a little garlic sauce, and your left over meat, roll it up and you've got lunch right there!). You shouldn't need to add an egg to the bulghar mixture - it does hold itself together pretty well. It shouldn't hurt though if you're having problems. I made the shell with mince in it the first time I make Kubba and it didn't taste particularly good. I found the time it takes for frying wasn't really enough to cook the mince properly and left it a little unappetizing! It helped hold everything together nicely though! Maybe you'll have more luck than me! :wacko: Trust me, it's worth persevering with - once you get the hang of it everyone will love you (well, your skill of cooking kubba at least!).
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