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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sri Lanka was rocked by a wave of deadly bombings on Easter Sunday that targeted churches and high-end hotels. Here's the latest: Officials say 290 people were killed and another 500 people were injured in the suicide attacks Most of the dead are Sri Lankan nationals, but about 35 people from other countries are believed to have been killed No-one has admitted carrying out the attacks, but the government has blamed a local jihadist group known as the National Thowheed Jamath Police have so far arrested 24 people in a series of raids There was another blast on Monday near a church in the capital, Colombo, as security forces tried to defuse explosives inside a vehicle that was used by the attackers
  2. They are kafir cause they saying kafir to Muslim ......:) and it continues it has no end ...so better ignore fools is best solution
  3. They aernt the authority to certify some one Muslim or kafir ..... They should take care of their after life rather appointing themself authority to certify ...........
  4. brother if Pakistan does not claim ..but India claim kashmir is India's integral part ..Thats why IOK Indian occupied kashmir correct ..? pakist does claim kashmir ..but stilll there is POK .Pakistan occupied kashmir ..???..just confused if someone who talk about free kashmir clarify this to me ......
  5. No I don’t think so Shia will vote for BJP there might be Shia people in BJP but they don’t represent Shia community as a whole . Waseem Rizvi the thief stealing Shia waqf board property . Old post dated july 2018 But he represnt majority Shia in Uttar Pradesh not just lucknow Lucknow : Maulana Kalbe Javvad Naqvi expressed his displeasure and condemned the jumbo prayers of the so-called leaders of the BJP so-called leaders. Maulana said that it is heard that RSS has created a front called the National Muslim Forum, whose responsible ones have included some dishonest ones with them, who are removing Muslims instead of closer, due to this the responsibility of the Muslim National Forum and the involvement The dishonest people have been receiving personal benefits but the BJP is losing its power, on the basis of this politics, Muslims are far from BJP. Like Azam Khan, Shia was away from the Samajwadi Party, but due to the Muslim National Forum, both Shia and Sunni are getting away from the BJP. Maulana said that some religion traders are giving such provocative statements to get the world and the post, Maulana said that the BJP warns people who are harming them instead of benefiting them, so that they should be included in the party whose community and Respect in society and it proves beneficial for them
  6. Curfew In Jammu Enters Day 3 Post Pulwama Attack That Killed 40 Soldiers: Updates https://www.ndtv.com/India-news/pulwama-attack-nation-pays-respect-to-crpf-soldiers-killed-in-pulwama-updates-1994770
  7. zafa

    Discord Server

    Can someone update about Discord server .Rafed is it stil active ..? If you know some good discord server can post the link . I found one https://discord.gg/MgHBdN
  8. can non convert join ? or is there any general group ..?
  9. Rules of Namaz » Mustahab prayers 772. There are many Mustahab prayers which are generally called Nafilah, but more stress has been laid on the daily Mustahab prayers. The number of the Rak'ats everyday excluding Friday, is 34. It is an follows: 8 Rak'ats Nafilah for Zuhr 8 Rak'ats Nafilah for Asr 4 Rak'ats Nafilah for Maghrib 2 Rak'ats Nafilah for Isha 11 Rak'ats Nafilah for Tahajjud (Namaz-e-Shab) 2 Rak'ats Nafilah for Fajr As an obligatory precaution, the Nafilah for Isha prayers should be offered while sitting, and therefore its 2 Rak'ats are counted as one. But on Friday, 4 Rak'ats are added to the 16 Rak'ats of the Zuhr and the Asr Nafilah, and it is preferable that all these 20 Rak'ats are offered before the Zuhr sets in. 773. Out of the 11 Rak'ats of the night Nafilah, 8 Rak'ats should be offered with the niyyat of the Nafilah, 2 Rak'ats with the niyyat of Shaf'a, and 1 Rak'at with the Niyyat of Witr. Complete instructions regarding Namaz-e-Shab are given in the book of prayers. 774. All Nafilah prayers can be offered while sitting, but then, certain Fuqaha say that 2 Rak'ats prayed sitting should be counted as one Rak'at. For example, if a person wishes to offer Zuhr Nafilah which consists of 8 Rak'ats, in a sitting posture, he should offer 16 Rak'ats. And if he wishes to offer Witr prayers while sitting, he should offer two prayers of 1 Rak'at each. This later preference is not known from any sources; however, they may be followed with the hope of earning divine pleasure. 775. Zuhr Nafilah and Asr Nafilah should not be offered when one is on a journey, and one may offer Isha Nafilah with the intention of Raja'. Rules of Namaz » The timings of daily Nafilah prayers 776. The Zuhr Nafilah is offered before Zuhr prayers. Its time is fromthe commencement of the time of Zuhr, up to the time when the shadow of indicatorequals 2/7th of its length. For example, if an indicator is 7 yards long, andthe shadow appearing after Zuhr reaches 2 yards, the Nafilah time would end.He should now offer Zuhr prayers. 777. The Asr Nafilah are offered before Asr prayers, and its time istill the moment when the shadow of an indicator appearing after Zuhr, reachesof 4/7th of its length. In case a person wishes to offer Zuhr and Asr Nafilah after their recommendedtime, he can offer the Zuhr Nafilah after Zuhr prayers, and the Asr Nafilahafter Asr prayers, but as a precaution, he will not make niyyat of Ada or Qadha. 778. The Maghrib Nafilah should be offered after Maghrib prayers, andone should make an effort to offer it in time after Maghrib. However, if onedelays offering Maghrib Nafilah till redness in the western sky disappears,then it would be better to offer Isha prayers at that moment. 779. The time for Isha Nafilah is from the completion of Isha prayerstill midnight. It is better to offer it immediately, after Isha prayers. 780. The Fajr Nafilah is offered before the Fajr prayers, and its timecommences when Namaz-e-Shab has been completed, till the time of Namaz-e-Fajrdraws near. But if someone delays it till redness is seen in the eastern sky,then it is better to pray namaz of Fajr. 781. The time for Namaz-e-Shab is from midnight till Adhan for Fajrprayers, and it is better to offer it nearer the time of Fajr prayers. 782. A traveller (i.e. one on a journey), and a person who finds itdifficult to offer Namaz-e-Shab after midnight, can offer it before midnight.
  10. depends on personal defintion how he /she look at beauty .......Famous saying goes in mumbai circle .... Everyone want aishwarya rai ....But Aishwarya Rai wants Salman Khan.....R u ..?Vice versa ..:)))
  11. My goal is just to keep my heart healthy ..cause i had 3 angioplasty in 2 year..weight was never issue for me alhumdulillah ...no issue goal might be different samsung health will help .. Insha Allah .you go arabeen walk comming year do pray for me brother.
  12. I think its just a phase ..................when bachelors got married and got busy.....it doesnt mean only bachelors have time to login ..:) uncles and aunties got busy with many kids ..: new recruitment is still under processs lets hope thing start rolling again ..:)))
  13. Age wise yes category #13 ..can give advice if asked ........:))
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