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  1. What does this have to do with Shia attacking each other on a Shia site, presumably over a post that they don't like, don't agree with or think is fake…. or they don't like the poster, feel the poster is irreligious or a sinner or a troll?  

    You seemed to be saying that you don't want posts that you see as causing conflict on the site.  My position is that the posts don’t cause the conflict, the conflict is already there (within the community) - the post just produces a platform and opportunity to expose it.
    Don't know about your further ramble. This is not just externalizing - it is a total disconnect…..

  2. 9 minutes ago, Haji 2003 said:

    Yes, that used to be the white/western criticism of Muslim societies and then Mr. Putin's activities around Trump have shown that indeed you can take any society and exacerbate disharmony.

    Any society, or community or family can survive many onslaughts if there is harmony from within - the speed with which it can be pulled apart gives an indicator of the internal health/strength of that grouping - and the disharmony in the US was there long before Trump or Putin entered the fray - they just acted as a means to expose and define it more clearly.  

    Don't know how white and western got into this (externalizing maybe...) - a society is a society regardless of where it is located or its ethnic makeup - but even an individual at some point has to acknowledge the part they play in their discomfort/sadness/failures/etc.  Blaming does not solve problems - it might make you feel validated for a few minutes, but the problem is still there, it is still dysfunctional, and most of all, it still needs to be addressed.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Haji 2003 said:

    The point is that in such situations the board members know what causes unnecessary strife and rather than have another debate about breadmakers, the threads are shut down. But the well-being of the community came before that of individual posters.

    You cannot continually rely on external reasons for disharmony - at some point, you need to acknowledge that you need to look from within.  

  4. It is best to take posters at their word - because we do not know the reality/unreality or whether their post is exaggeration or underreporting.  Judging someone’s integrity, honesty and level of religiosity based on a few words online is beyond bizarre.  Sure there are trolls, but the post might be genuine and you need to take Muslims at their word unless you have valid reason to believe they are being dishonest.  Online you never know what you dealing with.  The person might be a jaded troll but they also could be someone who is very much on the edge and is posting in desperation.  How would you like to be wrong?

    People are often in difficulty based on bad choices, or sadly, based on the choices of others.  I think that once someone can actually write out what kind of a mess they are in and post it online, they are fully aware of what those bad choices were.  I am sure they do not need to have a member point out what an evil schmuck they are.  It is not helpful.  The pointer-outer comes across as someone who has self-imposed faux moral and religious superiority getting a quick esteem fix by pointing out the faults of others whom they see as inferior to themselves.  Not helpful to anyone - ironically, including themselves.
    People disappear after posting because they were either trolls, are wishing they did not post in the first place (and ask for their post to be removed) are embarrassed or humiliated by one or more responses, or feel they have received validation enough to tackle their issue in suggested ways.
    If one post can cause extreme turmoil, the problem is not with the poster but with the lack of cohesion within the community members.  If something like a post pushes us off the rails into mayhem, then we have some serious work to do in terms of addressing ongoing misunderstandings that create battlefields when there is even the slightest opportunity.  
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