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  1. LOL Well when you see some of these people with mens body's and muscular structure and pretty severe looking faces and how much work they go to to look not just like a woman but look like a well put together woman who comes out attractive - kind of - it makes me feel like I don't try hard enough and should be doing more - like ironing my clothes better or something... lol
  2. You never really had a marriage at all - don't give up. I would definitely try again only this time make sure (at least for a while) that the marriage is minus the well meaning mom, sisters, aunties, etc - whether they are within physical reach, in the next room, downstairs or in a text message or there by email... You never really got to know each other before she ran (and there is always a reason of some kind) and sought sanctuary back home, so you probably didn't get a chance to communicate and discuss, problem solve and truly discover each other. Give it a chance just between the two of you. If not, you DO have to pay the "dowry". Unfortunately, it is not generally prorated. I have heard of people doing the payment plan method. Just don't think about it - set up payments to be transferred to her electronically with a start and end date on your online account and it will be over sooner than you think
  3. In Canada, everyone is taken in who claims asylum. I cannot find what asylum policy is in place in the US and what has changed with the Trump govt. Before Trump, were all people given asylum status upon crossing the Mexico-US border? Is Trump planning to refuse asylum seekers that previous governments would have accepted? If there are laws and policies in place, any US govt would have to follow them ... I would think ...
  4. People are easily threatened when faced with the unfamiliar or the unknown. I imagine the exact same response (or more) if someone went into a small Muslim community and said they were going to build a humungous Christian cathedral with spires and huge bells in the middle of their town or village.
  5. Serena was badly behaved and being a diva for whatever reason. I felt embarrassed for the US in the way that the crowd behaved and it was clearly not obvious to Osaka that she was not being booed; it was even very confusing to me and I was sitting in a nice quiet chair with no eyes on me nor adrenalin pumping.. What was obvious is that Serena was the hands down favourite. No idea how this is connected to Trump though..... I gotta keep up with American politics more....
  6. Exercise is very helpful to restore energy and improve/lighten our mood.
  7. These checklists are just for fun. Not to worry!
  8. Asia Bibi: Deal to end Pakistan protests over blasphemy case. Pakistan's authorities have struck a deal with a hard-line Islamist party to end a protest over the acquittal of a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy. As part of the deal, Asia Bibi will be barred from leaving the country, though it is unclear for how long. The protesters will also be able to file an appeal to the Supreme Court over its decision to release her. Hardliners who support Pakistan's blasphemy laws have been taking to the streets since Wednesday's ruling. Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry told the BBC, "We had two options: either to use force, and when you use force people can be killed. That is not something a state should do... We tried negotiations and (in) negotiations you take something and you leave something." He defended the agreement against allegations the government was capitulating to extremists: "We need to take steps against extremism, we need to take steps against such kind of violent protesters and we need to come up with a permanent solution. Right now this is not a cure. This is firefighting, what we are doing. The cure is the real thing and our government is committed to the cure." He clarified that the decision on whether or not to bar Asia Bibi from leaving the country would be made by a court, and added the government would "take all steps necessary" to ensure Asia Bibi's safety. What's in the deal? It was reached between the government and the Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) party, which led the mass protests, local media report. Under the agreement, as well as beginning legal proceedings to put Asia Bibi on a list which would ban her from leaving Pakistan, the government will also not block a review petition filed against the verdict. The deal also envisages that all protesters arrested since Asia Bibi's acquittal will be released, and any violence towards them will be investigated. In return, the TLP is asking its supporters to stop the protests and disperse peacefully. The authorities earlier said that Asia Bibi was scheduled for release later this week. Speaking to the BBC this week, her lawyer Saiful Mulook said she would need to move to a Western country for her own safety. From https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-46080067
  9. There was a time over a few months that there was literally a banning spree and many posters left. At least some of it was based on personal ideologies and had nothing to do with violating site rules. Subjective criteria (always open to abuse) was used. I was told by an angry mod with whom I disagreed (hence the anger) that they could ban me; I also heard this from others. However, this is in the past and at this time, there is absolutely no value or constructive reason to identify anyone or I would... and I am definitely not one who needs to be seen as neutral or PC.
  10. Now it is time for the group hugs: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2018/10/31/tlp-protesters-block-roads-halt-traffic-in-various-parts-of-lahore/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2018/oct/31/asia-bibi-protests-erupt-in-pakistan-after-blasphemy-conviction-overturned-video
  11. You must live in Utopia.
  12. In my experience, men complain all the time (as in, non stop) about their financial burdens and women often have crushing responsibilities - but are not supposed to complain. Where do you get the idea that women do not work other than by choice? Women always work; back breaking and exhausting work - bearing and rearing children, looking after a house, supporting a husband in all ways, dealing with elderly relatives, in laws, etc - there are no scheduled breaks and no time off and they are usually very much taken for granted. However, some women will actively seek acknowledgement and recognition in the paid (financial and otherwise) workforce and many want to utilize their brains and education to better the community. There is nothing wrong with that.
  13. Addendum #...... ??? https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/31/middleeast/turkey-saudi-khashoggi-investigation-intl/index.html
  14. Confidence expands your mind and actions; arrogance limits your mind and actions.
  15. Don't think that there is a large enough number of Muslim voters to have an impact.... Maybe developing lobby groups would be more effective.....
  16. Don't think so... It just: coats your lungs with sticky tar embedded with carcinogens replaces the oxygen in your blood with carbon monoxide so that the cells cannot replicate and do repair work as needed destroys the tiny hairs (cilia) in the lungs, that brush the surfaces to keep clean lungs and keep bad stuff out contains oxidizing chemicals that attack your heart and blood vessels contains heavy metals that attack your nervous system But no, it is not an intoxicant per se, but it is highly addictive so I guess it would depend on a broader definition of the word intoxicant as it makes you do what you probably don't want to do (become desperate for more just to feel normal).
  17. I can accept that stuff like this exists in backwoods rural areas of some parts of the world but having a lot of problem digesting that it is a federal law that is supported by millions - including the man in the highest office.... The Supreme Court overturned the conviction against Asia Bibi, accused in 2009 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a case that sparked violent protests in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of 200 million people. Two Pakistani government officials were murdered in 2011 in crimes linked to their support of Bibi. “The appeal is allowed. She has been acquitted,” said Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. "Her conviction is set aside." But the future of blasphemy laws in Pakistan is far from settled. The laws remain popular in Pakistan, and Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed support for them during the recent election campaign. <???? thought this guy was supposed to be progressive ????> Bibi's case stemmed from a simple act among poor farmhands in rural Pakistan. Bibi was asked to get water while harvesting fruit in a field. Muslim women working with Bibi complained when she dipped her cup into the water bucket, saying a non-Muslim was unclean. The women quarreled, and her co-workers accused her of insulting the prophet three times. She was later beaten, and the women complained to a local religious leader who pressed for the blasphemy charge. Blasphemy carries a death sentence under Pakistani law. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/10/31/blasphemy-pakistan-frees-asia-bibi-death-row/1830129002/ This woman was beaten and held in solitary confinement for eight years. Her family has left the country and I guess she will be leaving as well - if she gets out alive. Are all religious minorities in Pakistan treated so badly?
  18. In Canada - they are not called illegals by the government - they are called asylum seekers with "irregular" entry. Most go through Roxam Road, NY. Tens of thousands have come through into Canada through several entry points and one of those is in New York. The RCMP are there to "arrest" them and help them with their luggage as they unload from taxis. Apparently, most of them have permanent resident status in the US and some are Haitians who have overstayed their welcome in the US while seeking sanctuary from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and have no intention of returning. Also, a lot are Nigerians who have been staying in the US. There are actually buses now that meet Nigerians at the airport in New York (coming direct from Nigeria) and take them to the "irregular" Canadian border. They get treated well, very well.... housing, money for food and necessities and free legal representation, free medical (and I heard dental) and free education, etc. But they are not escaping danger, persecution, etc. They are running from the US - a safe first world country. It will take many many years to hear their asylum claims, so I guess they are here for the long term. There are so many that Canada has run out of housing options for them and they are being housed in hotels at great expense to the Canadian taxpayer. Remember that there are only 35 million people in Canada and less than 20 million are in the workforce and contributing to the tax base. The US population is 10X higher. Into the US: The people coming from Central America really are fleeing danger with unstable governments and very high crime and are most likely in need of asylum. If they are registering as asylum seekers are they still called illegals? I think it is better for them to be registered rather than slip through the desert into the US so that there is a record of them and their needs can be addressed so that they don't fall into working under questionable working conditions working as underpaid domestics and fruit pickers and so that they don't join crime groups. Bottom line is that they are going to come anyway. You can't stop them. They keep trying till they get in. It is best to know who you have there.
  19. I am confused about this whole caravan controversy. They just need to claim asylum (so their name and nationality are registered) and enter. What is the problem? Unless it is different in the US than in Canada.
  20. On Twitter, journalist Robbie Gramer aptly summed up the Saudi convoluted explanations about Kashoggi’s disappearance after being put on the mat by the Turks. “He’s not dead, he left the Consulate we have evidence. Ok, he has disappeared. Ok, he may be dead. Ok he’s dead but we didn’t do it. Ok, he’s dead, but it was a rogue group who worked for us. Ok he’s dead and we did it, but it was only because a one vs 15 fight broke out.” Since gallows humour helps in retaining your sanity in a dystopian world, other twitter users added: “Ok he’s dead and it was an accident, he fell on the bone saw.” “Repeatedly.” “And let’s be honest, who amongst us hasn’t entered a foreign embassy wielding a bone saw?” “It’s just another case of a middle-aged journalist taking on a kill squad of 15 in a fist fight.” “I’m waiting for them to say he committed suicide.” “Well, technically he did. After all, he walked into the embassy.” In a story which could best John le Carre’s books, Kashoggi’s fiancée paced outside the Saudi Consulate as a 15-member hit squad got down to work at a punishing speed. A body double with fake glasses and a beard wandered around Istanbul in Kashoggi’s clothes pretending to be him, a forensic doctor allegedly gave the useful suggestion that everyone follow his example of listening to music on headphones as it aided in concentrating while chopping up humans with a bone saw (he did not, however, provide his playlist), super secret audio and video tapes, the hard disk of consulate cameras ripped out, a nervous wide-eyed consul general whose desk was utilised for Kashoggi’s final seven minutes, getaway planes waiting on tarmacs searched by Turkish police who were unable to find any evidence supposedly intercepted phone calls from hit quad to Saudi headquarters and reports claiming that the journalist’s fingers were cut off and sent back to Saudi Arabia as proof of mission accomplished. The icing on the cake was Skype instructions by a Saudi royal political advisor Saoud al Qahtani to the hit squad during the murder and express instructions to “bring me the head of the dog.” ln interviews, Kashoggi had said he counted on Qahtani as a friend. With friends like these… https://www.dawn.com/news/1441848/notes-from-the-overground-the-kashoggi-affair
  21. What an excellent idea! This place was irrevocably changed after the mega banning spree over a few months for anyone who irritated specific mods. I was even threatened with being banned - even mild mannered me.. We lost so many members that contributed to interesting ongoing discussions, debates with their varied and extreme viewpoints. It was interesting and thought provoking and passionate! When you checked in there was always some topic that grabbed your attention. There definitely were some characters on here, but I totally disagreed with banning 90% of them.
  22. Be careful what you wish for. Only the most attractive, strongest and richest will get a wife. What happens to the rest of you?
  23. LOOOL So much truth in this post. Thanks! There is nothing more emotional than an angry man. He loses his cognition, his vision, his ability to form words and seemingly his physical co-ordination and balance with impaired circulation (red puffed face) as he jumps around in no planned direction, making loud primitive sounds. If men had to go through child birth and care of young when emotionally and physically exhausted, we would have a shrinking global population. They would go through the experience once and then refuse to do it again. In times of extreme need, children rely on their mothers. Their strong mothers. Their consistently reliable and emotionally stable mothers who despite less physical strength compared to males, manage to find a way to carry themselves AND their children through extreme hardship. And I guess you could say that according to Islam - you really only need 1 man to every 4 women. Never thought of that before....... but men keep saying it, so it must be true.
  24. Maybe. But it is a tight timeline. - he entered the building at 1:14 and his body double left at 2:52.
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