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  1. (salam) A lot of pain and inhumanity has been committed in the name of Christianity. Perhaps from the skill of recognizing and condemning the mistakes of others, we can take time to learn about our own. At this time, it is more timely to look in our own home and recognize and acknowledge our own sins. And it is about to get much worse... http://www.sudantribune.com/imprimable.php3?id_article=17563 Sudan Islamic Totalitarianism Wednesday 13 September 2006. “The broad mass of the nation ... will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1925) By Ahmed Elzobier September 12, 2006 — Hitler words echoed 64 years later in one of the most unlikely places Sudan one of Africa most troubled countries. The NIF cell in the army executed a successful military coup on 30 June 1989. New chapter in the country history have began and in the first pages the new regime started writing series of lies as prelude for the biggest lie; summarized by Al Turbai the NIF Ideologue when he said “I told him (i.e.Omer Al Bashier) to go to the Palace and I will go to the prison”. Deception and trickery considered necessary in this takeover from a legitimate elected democratic government in Sudan. The conspirators knowing their limited popularity in the country they successfully cheated their way into power without resistance. The plan composed of simple camouflage resembling Russian Dolls disguise techniques, using peripheral marginal unknown figures controlled by a kernel of hard core Islamist. To sustain and consolidate power the new regime used a tried and tested totalitarian methods., Coercions, Propaganda through state-controlled media, regulation and restriction of printed press, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror, intimidation tactics, imprisonment and torture, indoctrination targeting young people through education system. Ingaz security forces are particularly notorious especially during the ghost houses period in the 1990s where thousands of political detainees were arrested and tortured and some even murdered or died due to the side effects of torture. The security forces in general are typically associated with totalitarian regimes, as their activities are not transparent to the public, their primary purpose is to maintain the political power of the state rather than uphold the rule of law, and they typically used as an instrument of political repression. According to Kirkpatrick (1982) authoritarian regimes are primarily interested in their own survival, and as such have allowed for varying degrees of autonomy regarding elements of civil society, religious institutions, court, and the press. On the other hand, under totalitarianism, no individual or institution is autonomous from the state’s all-encompassing ideology, in the case of Ingaz the civilizing project is their main all-encompassing totalitarian ideology which was based on simple dogmatic slogan ‘Islam is the solution’. According to Arendt (1966) totalitarian state seeks to control not only economic and political issues but the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population, erasing the distinction between state and society. The existence of an ideology that addresses all aspects of life and outlines means to attain the final goal, and a single mass party through which the people are mobilized to muster energy and support. Apparently this is a common feature in all totalitarian states and the Ingaz is not an exception on this regards. Arendt further noted that only with modern technology have governments acquired the means to control society; therefore, totalitarianism is, historically, a recent phenomenon in human society. Ironically while most of the world celebrating the collapse of the Soviet Unions and the eastern European totalitarian states. History have stored different destiny for the Sudanese people, and Sudan is heading in the opposite direction. The Islamic movement in Sudan exploited the degree of freedom and tolerance that exited in Sudan compared to the rest of the Middle Eastern countries. Sudan in the 1980s is making records in Africa and the Middle East as the only country managed peacefully to change regime and hold free and fair elections ended up with establishing one of the most democratic state in the region. No doubts before they are in power there were number of mounting evidences suggesting that NIF ideology is undemocratic and authoritarian in nature their political behavior specially their relation with Numire dictatorial regime (1977-1985) and continuous use of violence in the students union elections. However, during the democratic period from 1985 to 1989 freedom of expression meant for them a means to achieve an end. The tolerance of the democratic system at the time naively let them participate in a democratic process that they are clearly not believe in and they are abusing it and use it as platform to conspire against the Sudanese nation. The 1933 historical momentum was revisited once again in Sudan by letting the creation of our own version of Third Reich to take place from within. Arendt (1966) noted that "….totalitarianism is never content to rule by external means, namely, through the state and a machinery of violence; thanks to its peculiar ideology and the role assigned to it in this apparatus of coercion, totalitarianism has discovered a means of dominating and terrorizing human beings from within". A catalogue of crisis followed Ingaz military coup including imposing a single party state and waging a holly war in the South with a disastrous human suffering where 2 millions people died and more than 4 million internally displaced, in their efforts to consolidate power the regime sacked more than 200,000 civil servants and nearly 11,000 army officers, thousands of people were arrested tortured during the regime 17 years rein of terror. Echoing Bob Marley’s song “War” the country literary becomes a war zone; war in the east; war in the west and the south. Mass exodus of millions of Sudanese sought asylum in faraway places: Canada, Australia, America, Europe and even Israel. Humans Rights organization reported unprecedented scale of torture and violations of human rights. Thanks to the Ingaz Sudan has become in the top 10 of many lists name few the “Failing States List”, “The Corruption List”, “Aids in the middle east List”, “Human rights violation list” and then top it up with genocide or gross human violation where more than 200 thousand people died in just three years in Darfur. After the signing of the CPA on Janury/2005 and the adoption of the Interim constitution, then the establishment of Government of National Unity, human rights were clearly stated and accepted by the parties to the agreement many people felt optimistic the totalitarian tendency of the NCP (National Congress Party) will be diluted or deconstructed. But events proved them (till now) wrong and the NCP still find it hard to change his old ways, although NCP voluntary signed an agreement and constitution preserving the democratic right of the people including the right to protest, the party overtly violated the CPA, the constitution and recent events of last weeks proved how intransigents some elements in the NCP still loyal to their totalitarian credentials specially when dealing with issues related to human rights and democracy. UN Security Council unknowingly welcomed Sudan on the 6 February 1956 as a new member to the UN. However the world starts to take note of what have become of that seemingly innocent state by the end of 20th century and early 21st century. Then on the 11/ June/2004 the Security Council issued it’s first resolution number1547 decided to establish the United Nations Advance Mission in Sudan (UNAMIS) in preparation for one of the biggest mission in the history of the organization to oversee the implementation of the CPA between the SPLM and the GoS. Since then Sudan received 16 UN Security Council resolutions, most of them were related to the conflict in the South and Darfur. According to the SCP (Sudan Communist Party) Secretary General he noted in somber and resigning mode that the Ingaz regime successfully managed in few numbers of years to make the whole world wondering about us and (they did really make us all feel ashamed to be Sudanese). * Ahmed Elzobier is is Director of Communications and Media at Darfur Centre for Human Rights and Development. He can be reached at ahmed.elzobir@gmail.com. Bibliography Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism (1958, new ed. 1966); C. J. Jeane Kirkpatrick, Dictatorships and Double Standards: Rationalism and reason in politics (1982) http://www.bartleby.com/65/to/totalita.html
  2. (salam) Here is a docmentary (one of 3 parts about the history of Islam). I think it does a good job explaining about Islam in Europe - even though it is kind of a summary of Islam from 1300's to the early 1900's. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=94144204270367302 This part is about the growth of the Ottoman Empire, over 3 continents: Africa, Europe and Asia. It begins at the close of the Christian Crusades until World War I, from the 1300s to 1923. Islam ruled the entire Middle East and made its way into Europe.
  3. (salam) American in Kansas may have ignorant views and be poorly informed on Lebanaon, but to make such personal attacks against him as a poster should not be allowed and indicates a sense of desperation that is undignified. Quoting from a source of "scientific" knowledge that is over 100 years old not only can be seen as innaccuate, it is again undignified. There are credible, current and valid sources of information about Lebanon and the role Hezbullah has played in helping the Lebanese people in a positive, pro-social way that can help the ignorant understand.
  4. (salam) This is too much and isnt right - women need to have some input into the decsion making - not just be sat down as children and told the decision. :( It is sad because in 2 or 3 years if these rules become "law", it will be accepted as being OK and it will be easier to restrict access for women to other holy places as well. :angry:
  5. (salam) Not a good idea to do this - although I am pretty sure you are only joking. It would just make everything worse. It is not just passengers threatening to get off the plane if you are there. I have never known of this though. If you are travelling by yourself - a few passengers (especially in Europe) can feel free to be quite rude, make aggressive remarks and ask political questions in a nasty way (that are really comments not questions) and not leave you alone until you answer. Then they make a comment about your answer. It can make you very nervous and unsure what to do. The worst place is the waiting area before boarding.
  6. (salam) Perhaps you could spend more effort on keeping pure thoughts or resisting pre-judgement. Leave me out of your twisted and perverted mind until then. You have no knowledge of my life or my experiences.
  7. (salam) Maybe you need to keep your nasty, disgusting thoughts to yourself :mad:
  8. (salam) I understand that it is not haram if you feel you may be potentially in danger. I am young, female and not a big person - and I sometimes I am scared when I travel by myself.
  9. (salam) I fly, by myself, between Dubai and Canada and sometimes will not cover my head and be quiet and unobtrusive (depending on the current political situation).. I understand that people are scared because of terrorist threats and 9/11. Their fear is real - but so is mine that I will be the target of that fear and anger. I also try to fly on a Canadian airlines - I feel safer.
  10. (salam) I certainy dont dream of it every night, but I would like to have a beautiful ceremony where my family and friends have a wonderful time. It is a very important time - the beginning of our life together. The ceremony should be one that will truly celebrate this occasion and be the first of our wonderful memories. I dont care about mehr - I would rather have a wonderful day (or three :P ).
  11. (salam) The bible is not kind to women - it repeatedly states that women are to be submissive to men - to be quiet and obey. Women's roles are to be lesser than men and have few rights. I am always surprised at non-Muslims who criticize the role of women of Islam. Islam clearly states the rights of women in so many areas and the importance of their place in the family. We are to submit only to Allah.
  12. :cry: :cry: :cry: When is this going to end?
  13. (salam) Well.....are lying, cheating and stealing haraam??? :dry:
  14. (salam) You are quite right. I would not want my mother-in-law to request an examination - I dont think it is her for her to do that. That would not lead to good relations between us. I will only share the results of the examination with my husband - esp if there are any problems - as I would hope he would share information about himself. Other than that this information is only for me and for my knowledge. Thank you for your information about recalcittrant hymen. :) That is nice to know.
  15. (salam) Well, before I marry, I will go to a gynecologist to be examined to make sure I have no anomalies or possible problems for my sexual intecourse time. I also want to make sure there is no reason why I might have unnecessary pain due to too much of the hymen - I have heard of that before. At that time my physical exam results will be recorded in my health record so in case I have problems with a law case like has been mentioned above, I will not suffer from bad in-laws. So - I will go - but for my protection from possible problems and for information about myself. This is a valuable thread for me - I didnt know how some people were bad about this. It is important to protect yourself - in case you make mistakes with your marriage choice. I think... :)
  16. (salam) I dont understand "testing by grooms families" - what would that involve?? :huh: I think you can just get a certificate from a doctor and give it to them. :unsure:
  17. (salam) I am proud to be a Muslim :) But just wanted to point out that Khdija owned her own business and was highly successful and respected BEFORE the advent of Islam - and not because of it. Also, I think the Muslim community shoud do more to address the issues of our sisters in ME "where knowledge is rare" as many basically do have very little rights and are treated shamefully in th eeyes of Islam. Feeling sad, shaking our head and shedding tears for these girls and women is not enough. :(
  18. (salam) I think this pretty accurate - at least in the younger people I know. They almost all say there are problems with the government and that they are very sad about some things that cannot be changed or improved.
  19. (salam) Thanks for posting this link - there are many interesting things on it. I am surprised that there are so many Christians - I would have thought there would be many more Buddhists and Hindus b/c of the population of China and India - so this is really interesting to me - I had made wrong assumptions. :huh:
  20. (salam) Shouldn't we pray for the guidance of the misguided and for the forgiveness of the remorseful - although they may be guilty of sin?
  21. (salam) I will pray for all involved - innocent and guilty, Pakistani or not, Muslim and non-Muslim. I have gone to school in Ontario for the last 4 years and know Toronto well. I am hijabi and have never been treated by disrepect by Canadians (and I have been, occassionally, in other countries) - I have never had eyes staring at me threatening my life or anything even close to that. Canadians in general are very compassionate people and have helped many people immigrating there with education and money to live while they settle. They do not deserve the description that you have offered. I have received e-mails from Canadian friends with offers of support and understanding since this arresting time. If these people are guilty, they are stupid - playing such evil games. If they are innocent - they have made very poor choices for friends. In any case, I pray for all.
  22. (salam) I use an IPOD - it is small in size, you can move around easily and has the volume on the cord - you can also have it in one ear if you want. NANOPODS which are even smaller..... Works for me :)
  23. (salam) I believe my faith will be even stronger after marriage as I will have to fulfill all my duties as a wife and mother according to the Quran. Being responsible for others will certainly help me stay focused and aware of my Islamic duties.
  24. (salam) :( A good but sad summary. :( :) Yes, I believe using wisdom and reflection can only lead to good things.
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