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    Any society, or community or family can survive many onslaughts if there is harmony from within - the speed with which it can be pulled apart gives an indicator of the internal health/strength of that grouping - and the disharmony in the US was there long before Trump or Putin entered the fray - they just acted as a means to expose and define it more clearly. Don't know how white and western got into this (externalizing maybe...) - a society is a society regardless of where it is located or its ethnic makeup - but even an individual at some point has to acknowledge the part they play in their discomfort/sadness/failures/etc. Blaming does not solve problems - it might make you feel validated for a few minutes, but the problem is still there, it is still dysfunctional, and most of all, it still needs to be addressed.
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    W.I.M. wimmin

    You cannot continually rely on external reasons for disharmony - at some point, you need to acknowledge that you need to look from within.
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    W.I.M. wimmin

    Buying a bread maker and denigrating a human being are on two very different levels and have very different outcomes.
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    It is best to take posters at their word - because we do not know the reality/unreality or whether their post is exaggeration or underreporting. Judging someone’s integrity, honesty and level of religiosity based on a few words online is beyond bizarre. Sure there are trolls, but the post might be genuine and you need to take Muslims at their word unless you have valid reason to believe they are being dishonest. Online you never know what you dealing with. The person might be a jaded troll but they also could be someone who is very much on the edge and is posting in desperation. How would you like to be wrong? People are often in difficulty based on bad choices, or sadly, based on the choices of others. I think that once someone can actually write out what kind of a mess they are in and post it online, they are fully aware of what those bad choices were. I am sure they do not need to have a member point out what an evil schmuck they are. It is not helpful. The pointer-outer comes across as someone who has self-imposed faux moral and religious superiority getting a quick esteem fix by pointing out the faults of others whom they see as inferior to themselves. Not helpful to anyone - ironically, including themselves. People disappear after posting because they were either trolls, are wishing they did not post in the first place (and ask for their post to be removed) are embarrassed or humiliated by one or more responses, or feel they have received validation enough to tackle their issue in suggested ways. If one post can cause extreme turmoil, the problem is not with the poster but with the lack of cohesion within the community members. If something like a post pushes us off the rails into mayhem, then we have some serious work to do in terms of addressing ongoing misunderstandings that create battlefields when there is even the slightest opportunity.
  5. Don't think equating/monitoring/scoring a person's level of outrage about social injustices with their willingness to be obscene has any real meaning. Fake smiling to your face while plunging a knife in your back is not "politeness" - Republican or otherwise. Maybe I am just old fashioned and stuck in akhlaq-ville and the current way of the day is to emulate your enemy's most vile behaviours with the idea that you will to try and reach a "level" playing/fighting field(?) The more extreme your behaviour, the more the focus is on your behaviour and not your content. It is important to recognize when you are being enticed into this trap.....
  6. No offence taken. I am not naive and am aware that many things happen behind the scenes. However, that does not mean you need to join the fray either in front or behind the scenes. Loud aggressive people are usually just that and very little else. Reminds me of a poem that says "Avoid loud and aggressive people as they are vexations to the spirit"... or something like that. Why do you think akhlaq is so highly valued and promoted? Case in point - Trumps low life rhetoric defines him. There is nothing more. Just an empty shell and he is recognized for being just that. An empty vile shell.
  7. Squeaky clean is one thing. Having yourself filmed celebrating by spouting obscenities in a bar is another.
  8. We all know that there are muddy ditches on the sides of roads where some people prefer to eat, bathe, sleep and travel. That doesn't mean we jump in with them and fling the mud. Also, someone who feels s/he needs to be recognized and "heard" by being aggressive and obscene is usually very short on substance but long on insecurity, self promotion, and attention seeking - none of which are good qualities for anyone, especially someone elected to represent you. Akhlaq is important for a reason. Respectful behaviour ensures a more just atmosphere where problems are reflected upon and solved versus temporarily "won" with loud, crude and rude.
  9. The term "failed policy issues" is a sanitized euphemism for American intervention and destruction. Anyway, I am fully aware of these. I have already mentioned in an above post that the instability and poverty in Central America is due to American government "foreign policies" : Of course it needs to be addressed. And that takes acknowledgement, time, and effort - along with money. The vast majority of the population in these countries is still there and will remain there due to many factors. Not only the migrants need support. My point was that the timing of this infusion of money, could be a good thing and perhaps less likely to be appropriated by common corruption due to the international spotlight. I see this as a potentially hopeful situation. The US attempts to avoid and duck and divert from the issues they have created, and their overwhelming responsibility in it. Currently, this is by condemning the migrants, condemning and threatening countries who do not physically stop (and whatever that would take) the migrants and by dehumanization - making the migrants out to be inherently evil, violent criminals and a threat to the US. Sure, a lot of this comes from Trump's rhetoric, but the Democrat-leaning MSM has been very quiet on presenting an effective opposing stance... a few articles on the plight of a couple of individuals does not cut it.
  10. This is not tax payer money - don't think OPIC would be funding health care for the US in any case.... which is another issue altogether - The US must be the only first world country not to have health care. Surprisingly, I have spoken to Americans who are opposed to health care... along with other evil socialist ideas. Seems bizarre to me, but I have never known not having health care. I don't believe that the article said seeking asylum was illegal. Not sure where you got that from. However, Not everyone wants to leave their homes and families, hundreds (thousands?) of years of culture, language, etc behind - they may have commitments of elderly relatives, etc, have worked hard to secure a piece of land, have relatives that cannot travel due to disability, etc, fearful that those left behind will be left too vulnerable, etc. If the US wants to agree to do something helpful and genuine - this may be the best time as all eyes are on them.
  11. The aggressive student should be charged with assault causing bodily harm as the victim had a concussion and was in hospital. For some reason, assaults in school are seen as less of a criminal act than when they occur outside of school. They shouldn't be. Assault is assault. And you should be even safer in school than on the street - not less. However, one would have a hard time presenting this particular assault in the girls washroom as a "racist" as the fight was over using the cubicle to smoke... unless something happened after the video that we didn't get to see. I remember (new immigrant) boys from two different countries, in my high school, stabbing each other with sharpened wooden pencils and hitting each other over the head with pipes that were taken from this heavy duty fencing around the school. They used to only get "suspended" (just like the girl in this video did apparently - I read this on another site), even though they caused injuries.
  12. If this is what it looks to be, this would be something positive to come out of this: U.S. pledges billions in aid to develop Central America, curb migration (Dec 18) ....But Tuesday’s announcement defied expectations among some skeptics who thought Trump, a Republican, and Lopez Obrador, a leftist, would clash. “Finally, we see that Mexico and the U.S. are on the same page in understanding and tackling migration from Central America as a regional issue, not something that one country can handle on its own,” said Christopher Wilson, deputy director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington. Since much of the money will come through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and will not cost U.S. taxpayers, it is “the creative solution that was found that makes this much more palatable to the Trump administration,” Wilson said. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Washington is committing $5.8 billion to development in Central America and increasing public and private investment in Mexico via OPIC by $4.8 billion..... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-mexico/u-s-pledges-billions-in-aid-to-develop-central-america-curb-migration-idUSKBN1OH23X
  13. I could get another day, but could just take it for granted. if I knew it was my last, I would not waste it. I could plan my life according to its longevity. Probably if I knew I was going to live to 95, I would engage in less risky behaviours than I would if I was not going to make it to 30. I would plan for long term outcomes in terms of education, family planning etc. I would take care of my body so I would be able to maintain maximum mobility and vision and hearing, etc. I would be more careful about my diet and exercise... so as to keep my body functioning well over the long term - with less pain and frustration. Being alive at 95 is one thing; being functional at 95 is another! If I don't have long - I would push my body to the max, experience everything with abandon - and not worry about long term outcome! Probably, it would be a more selfish lifestyle as I would not make significant commitments to others knowing that they should not depend on me for long.
  14. I appreciate you going to the time and effort to re-read and, through your eyes, interpret what is stated. However, you still had to surmise, extrapolate, and try to create a rational effort on the author’s part by adjusting it to fit a more Islamic narrative of what would be more just. The piece is disjointed and does not flow nor meld ideas so that they become coherent (maybe poorly translated?) but the connect (that is needed) between metaphorically referring to a child as a disease and worse, and then trying to transition this to something that is more Islamic/empathetic/just is clearly not there. Someone reading that would come away with the wrong message.
  15. Would love to know the date - that way I could plan my life better. How many people put off doing important things or put off seeing loved ones because we are "too busy" right now and tomorrow and next week, etc. We would make time for the important things if we knew the limits of our time available.
  16. You changed the quote and extrapolated - it says that the child is not to get whatever is available - my quote is correct - what you wrote is not. Whoever wrote that is ..... well I can't say what I would like to say.... but trying to justify unjust behaviour is simply that. The other part of the passage is to justify being barbaric. We are not barbaric, Because I disagree with an innocent being treated with disdain, hatred, shunning etc. does not imply I agree with sin. So do not suggest that it does and push it even further. To promote this way of Stone Age thinking is beneath us. And just because those quotes are wrapped in some bits of fluff does not make them any less vile.
  17. I cannot believe the lengths that people will go to to justify being discriminatory and prejudiced towards an innocent child. If these children do have issues, it would be from being shunned and badly treated by their self-righteous, "pious" neighbours. What a bunch of hateful bunk: - "The inner (aka evil) qualities and thinking of the mother and father is [are] also transferred to the children. In the same way the special traits of the parents are transferred to children like the color of eyes, hair, shape of the eyebrows etc." - "Illegitimate children inherit bad manners, breaking of laws and sins from their parents.” - “Although the rebellious nature of illegitimate children (which have more interest and are more inclined to break the laws and commit sins) makes it difficult for them to avoid sin, and it is also difficult for them to perform their duties,” Oh - and this one is pretty special... "In other words those children who are illegitimately born are like those children who are born to the parents having diseases (T.B, and sexual disorders). These children have more chances of contracting these diseases and if they are not cured as early as possible they are more likely to get these diseases. This is the reason that to protect the interest of the people, those children who are possible to contract the disease of T.B. should not be given whatever food and other things are available." ....... in other words they should not be given food, and water and medical help and ......
  18. I have no idea if this has been proposed. I thought of it a long time ago when I first saw pictures of that area. Incredibly beautiful - vacation areas with clean air and water are increasingly in demand for those who live and work in stress-filled, pollution laden cities all over the world. This area would be especially attractive to those who live in nearby countries in Asia. I would think there is a great potential to develop a thriving eco-tourism industry..... along with a world class ski resort! They just need a Pakistani investor to get going on this before the Chinese gobble gobbles move in and take over and consume the area for their own.
  19. Love the heli skiing video. Breathtaking scenery! Pakistan has incredible potential as a world class skiing resource that could be developed to attract tourism (aka $$$). ....And the food looks good too.
  20. Meant to include this in my above post but got called away.. Re: Heat stroke BioMed Research International Volume 2018, Article ID 5629474, 6 pages https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/5629474 Research Article Characteristics of Heat Illness during Hajj: A Cross-Sectional Study This is a study outlining the effects of heat illness of 267 Hajj participants who went to emergency health who were diagnosed with heat exhaustion (68%) or heat stroke (29%). Heat stroke accounted for a 6% mortality with heat exhaustion not resulting in mortality. Diabetes was the most common comorbidity amount both heatstroke and heat exhaustion patients. (So maybe, due to a pre-existing health condition, there may need to be explorations into possible exceptions, for people with diabetes, for example, who attend Hajj?) Although there are interdisciplinary teams doing research to help prevent health problems during Hajj, the mortality rate from heatstroke is high, and patients still suffer from hyperthermia and electrolyte imbalances. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2018/5629474/ good idea..
  21. Technically any amount of sun exposure can be too much (it only takes one mutated cell to get the ball rolling) - it depends on the person's type of skin and the intensity of the sun. What has become very apparent from long term studies is that the sun's radiation has long term impacts in the case of a sun burn (which can easily take place in less than an hour for some people). It is kind of like saying that there is a safe amount of cigarettes that can be smoked. Ozone depletion has also impacted the intensity of the sun's radiation that comes through to us. This information is out there; we need to take it seriously. The skin of people who are sensitive to light can't protect itself from UV radiation for long. In very fair-skinned people, UV radiation starts becoming harmful after about 5 to 10 minutes. The table below shows the maximum amount of time people with different types of skin can expose untanned and unprotected skin to the sun per day without getting a sunburn. Skin type Maximum amount of time I 10 minutes II 20 minutes III 30 minutes IV 50 minutes V more than 60 minutes VI more than 60 minutes The following can help you determine what type of skin you have: Skin type I: very light skin, very often with freckles reddish or strawberry blond hair blue or gray eyes UV radiation leads to sunburn within 10 minutes, skin doesn't tan Skin type II: light skin, often with freckles blond or brown hair all eye colors UV radiation leads to sunburn within 20 minutes, skin hardly tans or tans only moderately Skin type III: light or light brown skin, rarely with freckles dark blond or brown hair gray or brown eyes UV radiation leads to sunburn within 30 minutes, skin tans easily Skin type IV: light brown or olive-colored skin, no freckles dark brown hair brown or dark brown eyes UV radiation leads to sunburn within 50 minutes, skin soon becomes deeply tanned Skin type V: dark brown skin dark brown or black hair dark brown eyes UV radiation only leads to sunburn after more than 60 minutes, skin doesn't become darker Skin type VI: dark brown or black skin black hair dark brown eyes UV radiation only leads to sunburn after more than 60 minutes, skin doesn't become darker Very light skin and light skin (types I and II) are typical in places like Scandinavia and Great Britain, and people who have a medium brown skin tone with dark eyes and dark hair (type IV) mainly live in the Mediterranean and geographically similar areas. People with even darker or black skin (types V and VI) have their roots in places like certain areas of Asia or Africa. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK321117/
  22. I remember the myriad of threads! I agree that it is much easier to accept laws of submission if you understand the reasoning behind it. However, I have come to accept that this one will be limited to speculation, and people’s speculation is heavily impacted with personal and environmental bias. The common default supposition is the thought (not backed by any credible formal or informal evidence though!) that women have limitations due to their biology and that this impacts their cognition, emotion and/or mental stability. My personal speculation is that it was probably just more applicable in a much earlier time. For a creative example, women had really tough lives with incredible work loads and very little power - they may have been more likely to have been vindictive if given a platform to do so (?) Also, due to women's limitations, their life experiences were quite narrow. They were much less likely to know what was going on outside and so their perception of an event could have been seen as impaired. However, even if they were asked to give testimony about something within the home they were still only given half the weight… so, I really think this is something from the past that we will not understand, and there is currently no way to justify it… as Ibn al-Hussain as mentioned in the second post. We do know though, that women, given the same opportunities as men, are just as cognitively and academically accomplished. Sometimes they can be even more so, as there is evidence that women are more tenacious when engaged in a specific focus or pursuit. Also, men have been shown to become more emotional (angry) when frustrated - how many women do you see engaged in road rage?! An angry man involved in a dispute has his cognition, and hence his mental clarity of the event, slashed significantly… so I don't think there is a more extreme deficit in women’s emotional cognition. Emotions can impact the ability of both men and women to perceive a situation and to adequately store it in memory. So the ruling of weight of testimony, remains a mystery.
  23. In Canada, we no longer have illegal entry; the Trudeau government is now insisting that it be called "irregular" entry........
  24. I don't see this as a crisis but as an overdue movement, despite the chaos. The US has a moral obligation to receive these migrants. US government intervention and foreign policy of intrusion and disruption holds the majority of the blame for the instability and grinding poverty in Central America. However, there needs to be an immediate comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system. Like it or not, migration is only going to increase. The whole asylum process has to be more accommodating so that migrants will find it to their advantage to register formally and not cross illegally. That is much more likely to happen if medical, educational and social needs are determined and addressed. If migrants feel safe and secure and not worried about basic life needs, they will have much more autonomy and be far less likely to be prey to Latino gangs and to rich "compassionate" Americans looking for domestic and field slave labour. Do not expect these people to be honest about criminal backgrounds and health status. They are desperate and will say anything to to get into the country. With encouragement to follow through with screening - at least a photo and fingerprints(?) are put on record. It is also naive to think that anyone is going to leave once they have crossed the border - they have absolutely no intention of returning and will have a lot of support to stay from other new migrants, migrant organizations, and from Americans in general (such as sanctuary cities). It is a political hot potato to hold migrants (especially children) in detention but they can be traced if given ample social, medical and educational services. Providing these services free of charge to the individual is safer and much cheaper than dealing with the social and criminal outfall of people in need. It is also a much more effective path to develop contributing, healthy, happy citizens - the building blocks of a successful community. Economic migration is happening, in large numbers, all over the world. Rich countries have most often gotten rich off the backs of the poor - through political intervention creating instability; through mock aid programs with agendas, etc. It is way past time to redistribute wealth and opportunity and to give back.
  25. Wellll.... to begin with if we are getting into word usage here..... I would not use the word "should" on yourself; the word "could" is better as it does not in any way judge or denigrate. I went to a workshop once where we were told to avoid "should-ing" on ourselves and also to avoid "should-ing" on others. Hmmm... But back to the original question......Maybe the word "biological". As it does not imply behaviour... ?
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