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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Montazeri was a traitor. End of story. I personally have no sympathy for traitors.
  2. God forbid Iran becomes secular, not because I am religious or what not. But the "Green Movement" is not the majority of the Iranian nation no matter how much the West try hard to depict that image. Let's say this "Good secular" change takes place, what are you going to do with the Basij Militia who have been ideologically and religiously influenced, would they just stand there and take it? I doubt it. Secularism today means one thing: Divided, weak, pro-Capitalist, and a pro-Western country.
  3. Exactly, if you were Iranian. But you're not! So you're stance does not matter what so ever.
  4. Western media: Biased, one sided, spreading disinformation.
  5. First off, In 1979 this is what people chose. Second if this current political system was to be changed then the people will rise up to that occasion since the man who posted this thread said they are a "majority." Suppose you want all that change, then fight and fight as much as you can, shed you're blood, be the cause of death, or perhaps you can allow yourself to be a western tool for a machiavelli form of revolution, maybe a velvet revolution? You can do almost anything in Iran, people flirt, people get drunk and have drugs just don't go doing that in public (in some cases this does happen in public.) Neda agha soltan? Who cares really, I can recall 1000 more names who died during the Islamic revolution period. Like I said, if you want you're changes then be prepared to fight as much as you can or allow yourself to be a western puppet because the current establishment will not deplete easily. Here you can start off with how the west causes overthrow of governments by reading this book: "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli good luck. I would say salam but traitors do not deserve it.
  6. WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House posted a video on its website on Tuesday featuring a simultaneous translation into Farsi of US President Barack Obama's comments on Iran. The White House website, www.whitehouse.gov, also posted a Farsi-language transcript of the remarks about the situation in Iran made by Obama at a press conference earlier in the day. Obama opened the press conference with a statement about Iran, which has been rocked by days of protests over the recent presidential election. "The United States and the international community have been appalled and outraged by the threats, the beatings, and imprisonments of the last few days," Obama said. "I strongly condemn these unjust actions, and I join with the American people in mourning each and every innocent life that is lost," he said. About two-and-a-half hours after the press conference concluded, the White House posted a 3 minute, 24 second video on its website of Obama's opening remarks with a Farsi translation scrolling across the bottom of the screen. During the press conference, Obama also took a question from an unidentified Iranian submitted by Nico Pitney, a reporter for The Huffington Post website. source
  7. Kissinger Calls For "Regime" Change In Iran If Protests Fail Talking on BBC Newsnight Kissinger says that while the US will not intervene in the current crisis, if the coup fails and a popularly based government is not installed (ie the one he wants), then we may conclude that we must work for regime change in Iran from the outside. This is an indicted war criminal making threats against a sovereign nation. Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses "intelligent manipulation" in Iran video link fixed sorry.
  8. How the west backs a colour revolution in Iran. by Russia Today.
  9. Hey her fiance said that. I can quote him if you like. Second, if my daughter was that much of an idiot to go out where riots and protests are taking place and I have seen videos of her chanting and shouting. Yeah she can get shot. Enshallah god will not give me a stupid daughter. Third, people are saying she is a "Martyr" so they should be proud she gave her blood to the rightful cause supposedly. If they want to seek sympathy this would be a lost cause.
  10. People who know me personally know how I am. I have nothing to hide. As I said she was a sacrifice, the same way the poor gave their blood during the Iran-Iraq war. They want change? let them give some blood. Those Basijis protected the homeland where were these "Where is my vote" losers when that happened? I've seen this girls picture, some rich spoilt girl. I don't even see the reason for anyone to shoot her anyway. She was a no body, still is a no body, always will be a no body. Stop trying to make an icon out of a no body. She was some art student was into music. Elah Jahanam wa be's al maseer. Time to remember those who died fighting during the 8 years of brutality. Time to remember our brave Iraqi brethren during Saddam's tyrannical regime, during the American oppression, time to remember our Palestinian brothers, time to remember our dear brothers in Lebanon who have raised our heads with pride. Neda? There were many more braver and had more value in life than this "music" "Art" lover who died for "Secular Freedom" I'd put another bullet just to make a point. Secular Freedom is NOT welcome, foreign influence is NOT welcome.
  11. Uh, Did I ever once say otherwise? She got shot she was an idiot for leaving KNOWING people were getting kill. "Stupidity is the greatest sin" They say terrorists shot her. If it was the Basij, hey man, good shot.
  12. The ousted Shah of Iran Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi's son urges Israel to support post-election riots in Iran to bring down the government of Tehran. Reza Pahlavi, who is seen as a promising figure in pushing for a change of the government in Iran, told Maariv that Israel should back up recently sparked riots in Iran following the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the next president of the country. The very existence of the ruling government in Iran could lead to a nuclear Holocaust, the former crown prince said but warned against an Israeli attack on the country. Under the accusation that Iran poses an 'existential threat' to Israel, Tel Aviv, the Middle East's sole possessor of nuclear warheads, has repeatedly threatened Tehran with a military attack over its nuclear work. Reza Pahlavi said that any military attack against Tehran could prompt the Iranians to stand by the government instead and therefore it would shatter hopes of any resumption of ties between Iran and Israel. Iran and Israel had close ties before the 1979 Islamic Revolution overthrew the US-backed monarchy in Iran. The two cut off all relations following the revolution with Iran refusing to recognize Israel as a state. Post-election unrests were sparked after the Interior Ministry declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the presidential election. The capital, Tehran, and other cities have been the scene of illegal rallies in protest to the election results. The rallies have provoked unprecedented disorder in Iran over the past nine days. Calm has, however, returned to Tehran after the Police warned against any illegal gatherings on Saturday. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi criticized certain Western countries for their meddling in the country's internal affairs. Iranian officials have blamed US and British media outlets for the recent post-election turmoil across the country. "Voice of America (VOA) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are state-funded channels and not privately-run. Their budgets are ratified in the US Congress, as well as the British Parliament. The two channels serve as mouthpieces of their respective governments," Qashqavi stated on Saturday. Iran says the two media outlets have been dramatizing the situation in Iran by providing extensive coverage of the country's developments and provoking the post-election violence. Over the past few weeks, the US and a certain number of European countries have expressed dismay over the recent political process in the country. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the ambassadors from Britain, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Canada to warn them against interfering in the internal affairs of the country. source
  13. source TEHRAN, June 22 (Xinhua) -- Iran's security forces have arrested five European spies, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday. Iranian security forces identified and arrested five European spies during the Saturday unrest in Tehran, the report said. "According to the dispatched reports, two German, one British and two French spies have been arrested during the unrest in Tehran on Saturday," Fars said without elaborating the details. In a statement released by Iran's Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Monday, Western countries were warned not to support the rioters in Iran. Since the eruption of a series of political protests against the results of Iran's presidential elections, Iran has incessantly accused the Westerners of interfering in Iran's internal affairs. On June 13, Iran's Interior Minister Sadeq Mahsouli said incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won 62.63 percent of the total ballots on June 12, while his main rival Mir-Hossein Mousavi got 33.75 percent. After the official declaration, Mousavi protested "strongly" the "obvious violations" in Iran's presidential election. He also appealed to the Guardian Council for the cancellation of the election results. Mousavi's supporters have participated in several massive rallies in Tehran and other cities over the past days. The rallies have resulted in the death of a number of civilians and injury of several others. On Monday, Iran's police announced that they have arrested 457 people in the post-election violence that erupted Saturday in Tehran despite warnings against illegal gatherings.
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