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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Trump already called him two faced, (no reference to colour), it doesn't matter what he says or does now. -34C
  2. It's our girly PM trying to look tough. He had some "strong words", but he didn't cry. He's cried for much less. I don't think he'll visit in person. It's probably hard to find good vodka in Iran.
  3. This doesn't sound great. https://thejjreport.com/world-news/protesters-shot-beaten-in-Iran-as-general-pleads-for-forgiveness/
  4. I don't think the rumors are going to stop until Iran finds some form of comfort. We now know it was human error. No electronics involved in a visual, or in pressing a big red button.
  5. Still learning Iranian government. If this is a reliable site. https://institute.global/insight/co-existence/what-velayat-e-faqih
  6. I'd be thinking if Iran were to keep it's revolution inside it's borders until tried and true, then they could convince the surrounding countries by example, rather than by force. That would probably reduce the chance of such incidents dramatically.
  7. Bush wanted Saddam Hussein, plain and simple. He fought, lied, pilfered, many many war crimes. The last president to actually stand up to the corruption of the war machine was Kennedy, shortly before he was assassinated. Ronald Reagan mentioned the same "power" and was shot but not killed. No idea how Trump is still alive.
  8. It's not a war of saints. It's not a war of good and evil. Pride and prejudice, power and corruption. Greed...Religion.
  9. Everybody wants a piece of the victory. It just takes a while to see where you can squeeze in to the story.
  10. Born in Ontario, moved to Quebec in 70, moved to Calgary in 89. Moved to the country in 2012. Did not move to Alberta for the fishing. This is so off topic, lol.
  11. I have a picture of my Father sitting in a lawn chair in Greenfield Park, Christmas day 1975. Besides a couple El Nino years, Alberta still has to do the -30, -35 for 7-10 days thing. Then I can drive on the ice and go fishing. I miss the St Lawrence seaway.
  12. My question is, Who told them the US cruise missiles were incoming? Being prepared for the possibility and being prepared for the inevitable are two different things. The soldier acted according to the inevitable, based on false intel. That is problematic.
  13. Evil is evil. I still have trouble seeing that man in the white house. His resume is full of bankruptcies yet his pockets are full. He's gotten away with things other presidents have been impeached for yet they aren't even in the process. How he's managed to work his way up to POTUS without being caught up in some form of illegal scandal is beyond me, and many others. It's so hard to believe he hasn't done anything illegal. He's not even on the long list of guests on the Lolita express. There are names on the flight manifestos that people would never dream of, and would be crushed to hear, and
  14. The perils of a public forum. I can appreciate the sentiment in your response to my post but it didn't exactly follow the theme of the post. Admittedly, the post was a little off topic.
  15. I don't know how credible the author of this is, nor how accurate the article is. You probably know better than I. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/15268/Iran-plan-gaza-ceasefire?fbclid=IwAR1mWdByncI_ZK2JRU-SSkcX_XjB35tGfyXo072IyU4nOMJwLDBzJUSL7xM
  16. Does it matter much which president, when? Name a year something bad didn't happen in the Middle East. I'm old and I don't remember ever hearing of a war free year. Always turmoil in the Middle East. Always the US in, "saving the day".
  17. We're sitting at -20 atm, headed for -30s for a week.
  18. It would seem it took the military a few days to admit to the government what happened.
  19. Not wanting to argue, nor defend the guy but from my perspective, which is hopefully middle ground, the Democrats gave him a shoe in, and if Iran stands down for 10 months, his other shoe is in. The differences I see is Obama dropped 200,000 bombs in his reign. Hit churches and schools, and buildings full of civilians, created ISIS, chased ISIS, told the US they were a formidable foe and they were doing everything in their power...except looking for tan Tundras., and caves, and places they were known to gather. They have satellites that can tell the difference between a Tundra and a camel
  20. Nobody can deny what the US was. It's been the democratic war machine for years. Trump is different. The US is now refining and using their own oil. Trump removed the dependence on foreign oil and has no interest in it, nor in protecting it one from another. Considering it's been the motivation for the war machine all these years, Trump just pulled the rug out from under them. Trump is calling on NATO to take over, he's tired of endless war. The Democrats will have to come up with other excuses to get back to their war games if they ever get back in.
  21. Are people still waiting to find out about the 80+ dead soldiers and the 224 injured sent to Tel Aviv? I don't think the Iran leaders knew immediately that it was mistaken for a US fighter. They went through the logical pattern of theories until the facts grew to a point they realized their fault. People do have great imaginations.
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