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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I see what happened there now. I took yashia's quote from your post. Your post was "well said" so you were very much in agreement until it looked like it came from you. My apologies if that bothered you. Your school chum now stands alone. If condescension is part of your religion then be ready for a little give and take. Considering my last post was not at all directed at you, what part of it hit home?
  2. I have a feeling you're a self starter. Please don't think your opinion is any better than a Southern Baptist. You may have more teeth. Let me take you down to the great State of Arkansas, I'll introduce you to...you, and a few. You think you have the truth, and are willing to intimidate, or force if possible, someone to respect you as some kinda leader or they can go to hell and given opportunity you may even hurry their trip. Do your God a favour, right? Imam wannabe, or a warrior? Is your AK47 plastic or metal? Did you text this from the front lines, or your mom's computer next to a kleene
  3. I still wasn't very clear. Light was created after the heavens and the Earth, but was the first being. If at any point one was to be "born", this would be it. The Word played an active role in the Torah. In the Psalms you will find the relation between word and light. John referred to the Word, but went on to call Jesus the light. I'm trying to recall any other reference to Jesus as the Word. Before I walk away too long... Jesus is referred to, was called, and called Himself the light on multiple occasions. This light is also referenced as the light of heaven, needing no sun n
  4. He was also speaking of the spirit that indwelled Jesus. I should have been more clear on the connection of the two. We only hear about "The light" in the beginning, prior to the creation of the sun and Jesus saying He was the light of the world. The Word was very active in the Torah, more than just a voice, or a book but "light" and "word" don't really come together until John 1.
  5. Being indwelled with this light, which was in the beginning would understand life and would explain how Jesus was able to mold clay into a bird.
  6. https://patents.google.com/patent/US7220852
  7. One of the biggest problems between Christians and Muslims is God having a son, namely Jesus. There is no possible way God could become human, nor could Jesus be His physical son. I't just that simple. How the doctrine came around was not so simple. It took an average of 300 men something like 7 years of arguing and one murder to come up with the duality of God and Jesus as one, another 300 some years to decide God was a trinity, adding the Spirit. The closest I see to a trinity is right from the start and does not include Jesus. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the Heavens and th
  8. Yes, they don't come inside, it's too confining. You can coax the Golden retriever in for a minute but not the St Bermise They have beds in the garage but you'll find them laying on the driveway, regardless weather, watching for coyotes etc.
  9. I'll see if I can find one. I might be delving into the land of conspiracy theorists tho...
  10. If you are not a mainstream Christian going to their site, you won't last. My non trinitarian view got me kicked out for asking questions from 3 sites. I didn't even get time to find out what kind of Christians they were, by the results I'd say Calvinist. The one site I managed to stay on for a while, I explained Jihad in all forms, (not just war). It's the same struggle Christians face... but coming from a Muslim supporter it did not go well. The site owner emailed me to stay and explain more, but the site went dead. I killed his site. Maybe it's back up, I haven't checked. Maybe I should.
  11. Well, it must be in his second term because Lisa is supposed to be the next president and she's not on the scene yet.
  12. Being a good mother and good wife is getting rare. Most women here want a career. They want to be independent of men, when they don't need them. I don't know where we're headed. I don't remember the details but a poll taken of 16 yr old girls asking what they wanted to be. 60% said they wanted to be celebrities.
  13. Three dogs, and a cat. Only one dog is indoor. The cat and other dogs are outdoor, even at -37 last week. I lost my best dog in 89. She was an extension of me. Much of the time she watched my expression, she was very attentive, listened well but didn't always have to talk. I let her out one day and before I could do anything a cat flew by. She was on the chase and about 100 meters when I called her. She turned and came back. That baffled me. She used to pull me on my bike, she heard "turn" and would, she also heard "stop" but she always had trouble with that. Yeah, I could be here for a whi
  14. And this is how you know Trump will do another term. Lisa Simpson is not yet in the running.
  15. Heard something earlier today. "They" now suspect foul play. 138 of 176 passengers headed for Canada. Many students involved with one science or another. Apparently Ukraine is not a popular stop on the way to Canada, except there are Canadian-Ukrainian ties that make it easier to move to Canada if you can get to Ukraine. It apparently worked well for Dude who got a three day pass from an Iranian prison. The news called him a Canadian-Iranian who suffered 11 years in an Iranian prison, until he got his citizenship. Dude was Canadian before Iran knew he was gone. Canadian news never mention
  16. Another humanitarian crisis, actually the UN calls it the worlds worst . Another revolution, another civil war. Iran backed Ansar Allah vs Arab backed Yemeni military. 82 soldiers dead in their Mosque just happened. Retaliation for the retaliation of the retaliation of the..
  17. Ancient history. I don't think it matters which civilization you are talking, every country, except France, won their land in war. Canadians took over the White House, then gave it back...black. As soon as Islam got momentum it moved in on Jerusalem. Took over the area, it became Muslim. Nobody shook hands on the deal, it was war, it was an invasion. Let me guess. Those who invaded and won the territory came home heroes. That's how the American history books read too.
  18. The west is telling people these are big, Yellow vest sized, riots. If I listen to them I get the idea that the Iran Republic is a dictatorship, everyone is protesting, getting shot in the streets. There is a video of a woman, allegedly shot in the leg, bleeding profusely, but they were speaking English, so... The families of the victims are being suppressed and forced to praise the republic when interviewed. Others are threatened to keep their mourning to themselves. I'm assuming the protesters were all secular?
  19. It would seem the Republicans, (Trumps team) put forth a motion to support the demonstrators in Iran and the Dems voted it down. No idea what support would mean.
  20. The missile used was a Tor M1. The missiles mentioned in wiki are S300s. Could be the same thing for all I know, but usually different letters/numbers mean different things. I don't think Trump told anybody. I don't think he dared.
  21. I would too. According to his expense account JT consumes more vodka than Russia. Also noted was $1000. a month on plastic water bottles.
  22. They took video because they thought they'd be heroes. Transponder problems? It got hit by a missile. Who knew within minutes? Everybody. Ukraine is trying to put the plane back together, Canada is going to look at the black boxes. I believe what they are going to find is it got hit by a missile. You can site all the AI possibilities but they had a visual, and the launching was physical.
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