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  1. Science? Money, money, and more money. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Trudeau has been pushing hard the shots and boosters. Come to find out he has a financial interest. There's no question these shots have made the rich richer and the poor sicker. Everything is geared to make the vaccine look safe. Any negative stats disappear. I've been watching the Alberta stats on hospitalizations. June was the last month for; Hospitalizations by vaccination status before it was removed from the website. The problem, highest number was no longer the unvaxxed. According to the European AE database, (Eudravigilance), over 1.1 million people have been hospitalized by Pfizer alone out of the 3.4M, (old number now), reports. More alarming is 70% is female with predominantly reproductive issues. The database is massive and pulling numbers on any one issue takes a lot of time. I haven't had the time to recount but in the spring I did count 7800+ spontaneous abortions. These are the numbers as of today. The CDC has announced that the unvaccinated are now humans again but Canada has not. Canadians returning to Canada have to DL the ArriveCan tracking app. Failure to do so results in a $6200. ticket. The unvaccinated also have to have a negative test prior to boarding and quarantine for 14 days after. They are also given two tests to be done the next day and 8 days later. The covid police will also visit unannounced to make sure you're following the MANDATORY quarantine regs. From those who have told their story about reentry to Canada, nobody ever asks about your health.
  2. I'm not sure which leaders actually got the shot. The Aussie prez video came out, it was definitely an act and not a jab. It was explained later that the shot was given so fast the many video cameras that were focused on the event couldn't catch it so the nurse pretended to do it again. Trudeau has his jab video taped but later versions came with the question, "Where's the needle?" At the same time. The guy who put out the video put a circle around the syringe. He could have, just as easily edited out the needle. Then there's the video of the fake needle. Who knows if it's real or not. There are people fervently lying on both sides. There are (for) reports that say they are safe and effective and (against) videos that are so unbelievable that the common person would dismiss the misinformation as antivaxx, but both reports could also be put out by the same group. One of the first examples I noticed years ago was unrelated to the pandemic. Through much digging I found out that "Answering Islam", and "Answering Christianity" are sister sites making ridiculous interpretations, neither can be trusted.
  3. Fauci just announced he will step down from his position in December. My fear is, once he has removed himself from the picture they will "forget" to investigate him.
  4. I wonder if this will bother the HRC uranium deal. It's all so convoluted. I did see a cell phone video from a Russian girl who was showing what has changed in Moscow since the invasion. Probably 6 months ago. A very modern two story shopping mall, (like you'd see in any American city). McDonalds was closed. Her favorite American clothing store was closed. 6-7 storefronts with big signs that were closed in the entire mall. Everybody was dressed well, everybody looked healthy. Vehicles looked more practical than stylish on average. Russians were quite disappointed when Starbucks pulled out. Russian "entrepreneurs" have bought them out and now sell "Stars Coffee". The McDonalds restaurants were bought out by private investment, (in a communist country). Seems they had some complaints at the onset. Burger buns are just bread without the high fructose additives and something about the fries. I miss the dash cam videos that used to come out of Russia. They are crazy drivers. I don't think Putin is stupid, nor crazed beyond reason. I think Russia is quite capable of being self sufficient. Nobody is in lineups to buy bread anymore. He could care less about sanctions. Russia seems to be quite calm while the rest of the world scrambles.
  5. Your old man is a bully. He's always been a bully. Bullies turn in to miserable old men. He doesn't know how to compliment. He's probably never gotten a compliment, nor encouragement. He depends on his anger to keep everyone in line. Nobody ever knows what that line is. If he's never said anything worthwhile, why do you still listen and take it to heart? You need to get to a point where his words fall short of your emotions. Once you are out of his emotional control he will lose power. Yes, just once you'd like your father to approve of you but it won't happen until you can stand up for yourself. Killing yourself to teach him a lesson would be the dumbest out. He would only add that to the stack he uses against your mother. She is already ailing from stress. You'd have to take that to your grave. You pray for everything to get better, maybe Allah waits on you to make that change.
  6. I'm going to use that. This is an interesting thread. You give Americans too much credit thus looking at the wrong Caucasians. The US educational system has been "America only" since it was introduced by J.D. Rockefeller. Three "Rs", (reading, riting, and rithmetic), their heroes, their enemies. Rockefeller said he didn't want a nation of thinkers, but workers. Americans have been psychologically groomed for decades. Decadence under the guise of freedom. They are a combination of arrogance and ignorance with declining morals since...forever. Half of them don't know where Canada is. Now they question whether a penis is male or female. Before the internet it was easy to tell an American to buy a parka before visiting Canada in the summer. I am guilty of telling an American I needed to replace the leather on the dog sled so I could go hunt for supper. All of their history ends with true American heroes. They learn nothing about the rest of the world. They believe their sworn enemies are Russians, and the Chinese while everything they own except their guns is made in China. They can't believe the US would ever make a uranium deal with Russia. They believe all Muslims are Wahabi and out to get poor little Israel. They have no idea that US involvement in the Middle East had more to do with oil than virtue. They love what they've been told to love and hate what they've been told to hate. They believe America is the greatest country in the world and know it all the way to their state line, which most have never crossed. You have to educate them before you can condemn them. People seem to think governments run their countries, or that democrat or republican matters. Governments are run by the financial institutions of this world. Even then, not all are Caucasians. JP is a straight talker. If he sounds condescending it's because he said something you didn't like. People don't like being told. That has always been part of any talk he's done. Much like that of the robot Shapiro. Point blank. I'm not even sure how they are invited to do lectures. The quest of the cancel culture is to find something to be offended by and use that to miss the point. It's not only this new shallow woke that follow this philosophy, religion has done it for centuries. It still works. Over 10,000 "Christian" denominations all created by various "holy" men. Islam is 600 years behind, following the pattern. Check the religious warfare in Europe, 1400s. Division is evil. History makes it obvious. He's calling for unity and I've seen more division from it than anything, all between Muslims here. I see these arguments stemming from two trains of thought. There are those who believe the true Christians will not grieve, and those that give them the narrow part of the path.
  7. I don't get much perspective from here but from what I have seen the US are war mongers, plain and simple. They strategically kill and tell the American people they are heroes. They can tell any story they like while creating more enemies. I watched ISIS grow under Obama's watch and wondered why. We know they have the arms and technology to wipe out any enemy, so why don't they? The withdrawal from Afghanistan sounded like a peace effort but in reality they armed the enemy for future entanglements. The only president who stopped the wars was Trump which surprised me. I thought for sure he'd bring war to US soil.
  8. Good that they found it, they can fix it.
  9. There's more to handguns than just owning one. You are more likely to get shot in a situation if you don't know proper use. Unless you are the aggressor, you are always at a disadvantage. A mix of adrenaline and recoil cause most bullets to hit anything but the target. Training is a must.
  10. It will be short lived. We will then get to see who is Lisa Simpson in real life.
  11. 3M is the largest mask maker in the US. They now have over a dozen styles of N95 masks to choose from. You can even go duckbill if you like. Go to their website to see what masks they recommend for covid. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/c/ppe/healthcare-masks/
  12. The question is; What do they consider as serious? Eudravigilance is the European adverse events database. It's a bit of a job to navigate, you need lots of time. You have to look at every case to determine the severity, but Pfizer alone has now hospitalized over 1 million people in a population of around 750 million. I'm assuming 1:750 who thought themselves serious enough to go to hospital didn't pass the seriousness test. Nobody is telling you that 70% of them are women. Last count was around 78,000 women who had, (what I'd call serious), from mass bleeding, to spontaneous abortion, to their own death. Disrupted menstrual cycles are very common. Every two weeks, lasting two weeks, or restarting menstruation in seniors, but not considered serious. The database reports cases as recovered/resolved, not recovered/not resolved, or recovering/resolving, that of which, some have been in hospital for months. Moderna is proportionately the same, with 1/3rd the count. Novavax, the new answer has already put 1176 people in hospital, and is proving more difficult to handle. https://www.adrreports.eu/en/search_subst.html# They should do as Alberta did and just say the leading cause of death is now..."unknown".
  13. The problem with rabbit holes. A rabbit is cute and fluffy. Sits like a ball of softness you just want to cuddle. Go into it's hole and you'll meet claws and teeth. The other problem is you can't back out of a rabbit hole. You have to continue until you can turn around. When you make that turn, you come back to new light.
  14. A food shortage is inevitable. I thought on NA food facilities were being hit by planes or set afire, but it seems to be a global thing. In Canada we just derail the grain trains, same result.
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