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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The same thing is happening in Christianity. Peace and love and now add tolerance. In other words, shut up and live in harmony with the new evil. Paul taught spiritual warfare and now we're seeing what happens when it's exchanged for tolerance. At this point in time Christians can actually be charged for voicing a Christian opinion...in Canada. It doesn't go well with soccer players in Australia either. A very wise man, Iranian-Canadian I only knew as Pappa Kass, a Chaplin at a rescue mission actually, used to say; "Bring the man to God and let him decide how to worship." That was a challenge because the mission was interdenominational, but every worker was from a different (only true) denomination. Two men arguing religious dogma can quickly send a new believer back to where he came from. To Pappa Kass this was a sin larger than any religion could justify.
  2. As far as I know, Judeo-Christians were the first to be converted to Christianity. Jesus did come for the Jews first. Problems arose for the Gentile converts because the former Jews figured you had to be a Jew first before becoming a Christian. That was the first split of the "Christian church". Not that anyone would see it coming. Now a days you just pick a title, new or borrowed and make it mean what you like. Use it for generations and people will think it's a thing. These titles are usually used to pin point hatred. 613 commandments, (because ten weren't enough), was third century already, totally Jew based. Maimonides is best known for his enumeration, but that was late 1100s. Kinda hard to blame that on Christians. These laws also abrogated older laws. Demographics. Nobody is washing their earthen vessels 7 times between meal preparations any more. If somebody says, "Hey, I made a new list of God laws for you to follow", (2500 yrs late for his own religion, 1000 yrs late for Christianity, 400 yrs late for Islam.), what you going to do? Who can you hold to these new rules?
  3. *and the card read* Happy Birthday Uncle Dad!
  4. Christianity is under attack, as are all religions, but it's Christianity's turn. Genocide is not a foreign term to Christianity. The "Church" has lost credibility and has become a mockery, and in doing so has caused it's own form of genocide/suicide. We think of genocide as blatant violent eradication, but that's only the obvious. You don't hear as much about atheism as you used to, the new movement is secularism. Secularism is worse than atheism. In the case of atheism the argument is that there is no God. With secularism they don't care if there's a God or not. Nothing is sacred, history is a lie, everything that was wholesome is now taboo. Secularism gives everything a new spin. Christianity dies a slow death. Christians are now looking around wondering what happened. They have no rights. In Quebec they can't show any religious symbols, not even on a chain. They have no right to stand up against immorality, LGBTQrstuvwxyz. We're watching a generation grow up that knows that food comes through a cell phone and they can be whatever they want to be. When responsibility rears it's ugly head, they'll cry discrimination. I'm not sure how my grandchildren are going to get through this.
  5. Many theories from never happened to exactly as reported. What exactly happened we'll never really know. I only have a "so far" theory. As in, so far, this is what I've put together. I'm thinking that no matter how high the windows in the ark were, witnesses did not see land, therefore would assume it was world wide. Then again, they did settle on a mountain range, but no mention of being at the peak, "came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat". When I was single digit old a man came to our church, (for funding), and brought a piece of wood in a plexiglass case claiming it was a piece of the ark and they wanted to do more research. His story included "someone" having tunneled down and walked through a "chamber" he believed was the inside of the ark. Logic says an ark set on what would become a glacier flow, by now is rubble at the base of a mountain. There's lots more to argue about. Things like little sea shells the world over, not only in the valleys but also in mountainous areas. Drumheller Alberta is a dino big dig and museum. Dinosaur bones all over. The most recent discovery was the head of a three horned dino. (They have a name). They calculated that it was 85 million years old, but lodged in some 10,000 year old sandstone. Carbon dating is still estimated within thousands of years, so actual age is impossible to say for sure. The same test could prove or disprove. It's quite evident that at one point the Earth was one chunk of land. Everybody wonders how 40 days of rain could fill the Earth. Genesis says; "the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." If the "great deep" was broken, and the water let out, the water would seem to rise, but it's more likely the land sunk and pushed apart as it was displaced by water, until the land was separated and balanced, as the water found it's place. The reason for the flood seems to be...The "sons of God" saw the daughters of men and made monster babies. The story is much longer in the book of Enoch, but these giants ate all the food in the land and did whatever they wanted. Here again, how big was the Earth? As far as the eye could see.
  6. Lose confidence in you??? Not a chance. Not having an answer right away is not something I'd ever lose confidence over. Even if you turned out to be 100% wrong, (hypothetical) you'd admit it in a flash and no confidence lost. If I told you how highly I think of you in this post you'd be all embarrassed and tell me to stop. I'm kind of sorry I got this started, mainly because it would seem your call for help went untouched and it looks like you're on your own. Like you said, you have much on your plate, so do I. I can honestly say I have a ton of crap to do, as in 2000 lbs of manure on my trailer for the garden. I don't want to take you away from what you have to do. I noticed that too. This is whats ridiculous about every page. None can just present the facts, they always have to take something down. If there was any difference between Hafs and Imam Alis' books it was the arrangement of chapters. Between Hafs and Warsh are a few variants, one being the presence/absence of the royal "we". As far as I can see, there are only enough variants to prove the remembers were human. I don't believe anything was changed intentionally.
  7. I'm not sure which version you are using. I think it's safe to call it a version rather than a translation. Khalifa says gentiles, Pickthall, Sherali, and Yusufali use the word unlettered. Shakir mentions Mecca. but none of these go into expanded detail. Some say to teach them, "the book", the others say "scriptures", yours' is the only time I've seen "Heavenly book" which, of course, would imply the revelation of the Qur'an, which was not yet available, so what scriptures?. Not a lot of love for Jews in this Surah. I'm not aware of any time Muhammad took the time to teach Jews anything. There are a few mentions of contact, or confront, but no mention of anything more than a fleeting conversation. It's also the only version I've seen where "polytheism" is used. I don't see that in direct translation from the Arabic into English either. The word is simply not there. It begs the question, Why is it there in this version? The sermon on the mount is an example of a messenger teaching the Jews. I'm not aware of anyone else trying. Whatever/whomever...it didn't work.
  8. 62:1 Glorifying God is everything in the heavens and everything on Earth; the King, the Most Sacred, the Almighty, the Most Wise. 62:2 He is the One who sent to the gentiles a messenger from among them, to recite to them His revelations, purify them, and teach them the scripture and wisdom. Before this, they had gone far astray.
  9. Is Islamic-awareness a credible site? https://www.Islamic-awareness.org/Qur'an/text/qiraat/hafs#5
  10. The idea of one extremist group mimicking another to point a finger is not foreign. Even governments have been accused of staging attacks to continue a war, or...add leverage to gun control.
  11. I like your style. The crux of every page is it's written with a goal to convince you their opinion is right, not always the same as truth. If this falls in the category of "writes with their hands and says it's from Allah" the penalty is grave and I don't want to promote it. I do want to know what's truth and what's story, but am limited to English, some old Quebec French, and how to get directions to a bathroom in Spanish. (Doesn't mean I understand the directions.) The Bible has gone through the agony of critical thinking for centuries, to the point nobody knows what they should believe or not. The movement is not actually Christian against Muslim, nor vice versa, we're all fighting secular atheism. In the mean time, we're all still divided. If you don't know the argument you have no defense. @baqar Thank you for taking this serious.
  12. From what I understood, the Warsh is still in use in the Western parts of Africa. As far as I know there is nada English. You can correct me at any point. This link may help. http://http://www.assabile.com/Qur'an/collections/all/warsh-a-n-nafi/Qur'an/collections/all/warsh-a-n-nafi
  13. Sorry to have irked you. I meant that the page I linked was what got me wondering. There seems to be some talk of the order of the Surahs. I don't see how that actually changes anything and was not my intention to imply it was. The problem with web pages and such is the opinion of the author, is not, (pretty much never), mine. As I said, I want their info, not their opinion. I'm willing to help with sources but don't care to offend anyone with links to slander. My reference to a google search was so I didn't have to get in the middle of what you found. My apologies for making it look like a brush-off. I figure, those who care will follow 17:36, those who agree to disagree will only look at the links to see the slander, those who don't care wouldn't open the links anyway. Which Qur'an? is probably the most comprehensive.
  14. I have a few links. I'm not sure you'd like any of them. Some are Christian, some are ex Muslim. What's annoying is all sites have to be so one sided it's difficult to ignore the bias. Separation of evidence and opinion helps. I want their information, not their agenda. There is one page I ran across years ago that started me looking in to it. Might be the best link to start. The Qur'an compiled by Imam Ali A simple 'versions of the Qur'an' search will give you lots to look at.
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