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  1. Son of Placid

    Jinn, Witches, Female demon and Fairy

    There is good and there is evil. Jinn are caught in the middle, as we are. As a Christian I was taught there was only good and evil and I had to encounter a jinn to realize it. Sleep paralysis is not a jinn. They have no weight, no physical abilities. There are many other spirits that do and it's nothing to play with, not even in fun. I don't know what the Islamic equivalent is but for Christians it's Jesus Christ. Actually, Muslims believe in Jesus as well, maybe not for the same reasons, but aside from all the arguments, Jesus was well known for chasing off evil spirits and He did say, ask in my name. If you feel like you're not alone when you are, it's simple enough to ask, "What is your relationship with Jesus Christ?" If you have any spiritual perception you should know immediately.
  2. Son of Placid

    How did God create the world?

    Christians could never say that, their book certainly doesn't. Jesus continually referenced His dependence on the Father. No scripture mentions Jesus at the time of creation. Some Christians say anything but in general, most know better. I guess some Muslims are up to saying anything too. Imam Ali was born a bit late to be creating Adam.
  3. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    So I wonder if a vote for Dennis Hof was a vote for a ghost or the closest thing on the ballot to "None of the above".
  4. Try coaching minor sports. Something about putting a kid on the ice, or on a field that makes parents mental.
  5. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    If we weren't already so far off track I'd tell you how much damage ice did to Alberta lakes when the temperature rose to 0 overnight after 2 weeks of -30. Happened Jan 2nd, welcome to 2018.
  6. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    It's ongoing. New book out by Robert Felix. Could happen any day now. It was snowing here today. We were winter til June, drought until September, winter all of September, and it looks like we're headed into it again. Temperature didn't rise above average until the average dropped to meet it. Maybe while the rest of the world is warming up Canada will get the ice age. They say it's mini, 15 yrs. We're used to it 9 months of the year anyway.
  7. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    And continued 7 wars while creating new enemies.
  8. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    Every human exhausts carbon dioxide from one end and methane from the other. Methane also comes from every animal, every pond and every compost. Oh yeah, mid term elections. Trump looks at every country and sees America is not the worst culprit and the worst culprits aren't going to change, so may as well continue selling coal to them. There's not much can be done from here to alleviate China's air quality. Actually in China you can buy Canadian compressed mountain air in a can. Let's not forget that the US actually exports a lot of coal to other countries. They also import coal from South America to run the shore line power plants because they can buy it cheaper than they sell it for. Oil is not going away. The petro dollar depends on it. While they all toot going green to us, they pump oil as fast as they can and want you to consume it and buy more. Next year should be interesting as the agreement to limit oil production comes to an end.
  9. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    There's more chance the carbon will get caught in the atmosphere, block out the sun and cause an ice age. Don't send the people, just the pollution. If you can't find a way to send the pollution up here I'm not sure what's to do. It might be better to stop the pollution in their specific area rather than add a tax to Canadians.
  10. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    I've been looking but can't find anything thus far to prove otherwise.
  11. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    Do not share on social media. $15. a vote sounds reasonable.
  12. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    Climate change is a real thing. |Global warming was a cash cow. Many scientists say we are headed for another ice age. There's a "mini" ice age already predicted. All the rah rah about CO2 emissions becoming a problem yet Canada has a forest large enough to generate that CO2 into more oxygen than the world needs. The carbon tax, as explained by Bill Morneau believes that if fossil fuels become too expensive that the people will use less and seek alternatives. They have a 30% incentive to anyone who wants to "go green" This includes expensive and inefficient alternatives. I actually have two quotes from solar installers that leave me reliant on the grid that charges me more for distribution than electricity. The cost of electricity went up because the generators that supply the grid are charged a carbon tax for pollution, which is incorporated into their price and handed on down to consumers. Alberta is mostly electrical power but gas heating. That means the gas company pays a carbon tax, incorporates it into the price, (that just went up too), then the government charges a direct carbon tax on the consumer who is now paying his carbon tax, and that of the gas company. Ask any Canadian what the accumulation of tax money is being used for and you will get no answer. I would suggest they use it to plug up and cool down all the volcanoes in the world that spew more carbon varieties than man ever could. Here's a list to start with...Volcanoes erupting today
  13. Son of Placid

    The US Midterm Elections

    If I understand it correctly, a lobbyist is one who nags everyone who goes in and out of the meetings until everyone is annoyed enough they pass a law that gets rid of him.
  14. Son of Placid

    Thoughts 2018

    My first wife left me for a good friend who had started using cocaine. I moved half way across the country with my three boys. My second wife was widowed with two girls and a boy. This weekend we celebrate 28 years. My wife was working when I married her. When we married our pre-nup was, share everything. All bank accounts, work, kids, even our vehicles are registered in both names. Raising six kids on one paycheck would never work so she continued to work. I found her a position in the company I was working for and within six years she was making what I did, when I retired she was making 25% more than I was, and 60% more than my pension. She never worked for self promotion. To get her a raise I made her go to an interview for a job she didn't want but we knew she would get. When she got back to her desk the manager called her in and offered her 5% more than the substantial raise offered. All the kids are out on their own now, some married, some single, but all contributing. It makes a big difference to find someone who works with you rather than against you.
  15. Son of Placid

    A Question from a Christian

    You heard some ugly twisted stories.