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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He doesn't, other than he'll be re-elected. Don't be thinking I like Trump, but I stick to middle ground as much as my emotions allow me. I am amazed they haven't come up with an actual something on him. I expected a long dirt list from the first time they said impeach...which was seconds after finding out he won the election. All they would need is a connection between him and his businesses in trust. They can't even find that. We have Trudeau, we don't know what your problem is. I read the entire transcript and quite honestly you've got to read it, then watch two dozen episodes of NCIS to muster a case. Let's say somebody robbed your house, you're talking to the police. You tell them what you know and if you have any information that can help move an investigation in the right direction, you'd tell them that too. If you happen to know the name of the suspect, you'd mention that too. If you and the suspect had some form of competition on the go, would it change the crime? If there is a reason the other person should not be in the competition, should that not also be brought to light? In Canadian leaders debates, it's common to dig up as much dirt as you can on your opponent and use it. They can even use taxpayer dollars to hire an investigative crew. A criminal investigation starts with the investigation and leads to charges. In Trump's case they started with charges and tried to lead the investigation. Trump didn't mention Joe or Hunter, he simply said he heard the name "Biden". As for withholding monies. Let's say you are newly in charge of a business that gives donations to a charity, which has had questionable dealings in the past. They also have a new manager who is dealing with a hostile takeover and his past experience is stand up comedy. Would you have any concerns about your monies? Would it be prudent to at least talk to him first? If the conversation went well, is there a problem to invite them to come visit your business? There's no question Joe Biden used his political position to fire an investigator. The video of him bragging about exactly that has been seen world over. You have six hours or no billion dollars. The defense is that other countries agreed he should do it. No list, no info, just a statement that can't be proven one way or the other. Is he really off the hook? Trump also asked to look into the past election. It was one sentence. Compare it to Muller's report with the same outcome. Nothing. He hasn't hurt the economy. He's removed the dependence on Arab oil. Unemployment seems to be at an all time low. He gets more support from Blacks than Obama did, nobody knows why? There is no coverage on what good he has done. If it can't be ignored it's turned anyway. I think the best way to describe it came from Trevor Noah who said. "It was the right thing to do, just the wrong person to do it".
  2. Latest I heard was the Great Barrier Reef was actually poisoned by pesticides/herbicides used by Aussie farmers, but banned in some 60 other countries. This was the "whole ecosystem" Greta was talking about.
  3. I'm thinking, give Greta a little more time. Her speeches are changing. "That action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities." Wait until she figures out how involved her sponsors are and she'll be speaking out against them.
  4. She is half way back to realizing her sponsors are the ones creating the panic. The oceans are running out of oxygen!!!!!!! Hang on...water is H2O. Take away the O and you have H, which is a gas. That means when O leaves, H does too. Are the oceans drying up or are they raising? Which scientist to listen to.
  5. I think we're just starting to see how deep the swamp is. Ukraine is ringing a bell. China is busy at the moment. How many countries?
  6. There was a list of 5 from Alberta. I dug a bit. One guy has been studying minnows. His climate change statement started with "I went North and it's obvious..." Next guy felt it would help raise awareness. Next guy was a wildfire expert. You say climate change, the RCMP say arson. The lady was into micro bugs. The last guy was in his first year of a 5 year study into prairie grass. Signs of climate change are everywhere...except in the reports of the three scientists who have been studying a lot more than grass for decades,
  7. The interesting part is those who haven't signed up to the list. There's only one Author in the group from the IPPC, and none from the IPCC. The list seems to be the hands-on researchers in need of funds, and a bunch of sympathizers calling themselves scientists with no credentials. Would it be considered politically incorrect not to sign?
  8. I haven't seen it yet but there's a list of 500 scientists who deny climate emergency. That might be where all the credible scientists are.
  9. The list has been fixed, Mickey Mouse is no longer on it. They also took out Hans Weinhold, his description' nonsense detection and analysis. Mohawk college. https://oup.silverchair-cdn.com/oup/backfile/Content_public/Journal/bioscience/PAP/10.1093_biosci_biz088/2/biz088_supplemental_file_s1.pdf?Expires=1576179320&Signature=PNJqhLgSv5I~PVcv2Bx6-sAAE3kyL5HJJwEwm92cwapRpL5nwdnC3KfO8O0d7TUNaX41ni3OUXBhILj~JwQdzScTzha1NiiFRvdGTPi~XErnikCyCN5cgNgJqKfGXRGxbE6LyvHIWoXJyXXCej3vXgjL1wRozQesxyiqz8fQ3rZdS0HN5iLb0k4tSJssp3m9RTEqaH~NxJ8qjZwWtmiM6YOdswtq9nz1Owz0-hQwE0VIphiFXD0JpMK8Gm1NcfPmK6sn3lAR0vzf4Uf2PNo7ohX091aexkbY-v4iaV17zgOxrMlPCsi8C-o4~~xwLcfASeuEtZ2ugKVqSh5MX6gQpg__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIE5G5CRDK6RD3PGA
  10. That's what I was wondering. It was a major shift in the manufacturing industry, cost companies millions in finding new solvents. The latest pictures NASA put out tend to agree with what you say. Thinnest over the poles, thickest around the poles.
  11. I'm having so much trouble...The ozone layer healing itself in spite China's cloro/flouro/carbon releases. More polar bears than ever but don't tell anybody or you get fired, Great barrier reef actually poisoned, not climate change related... Flood barriers built on 30, 50, 100 year flood cycle barrier height requirements. If the world ends in 15 years, why can you still get a 25 yr mortgage? I'm going to die believing the Revelation to John included events that humans had no part in, and no control over.
  12. More truth than I know. We hear about sanctions but have no idea what these sanctions actually are nor the effect. I hope they aren't affecting you. I know very few people with first hand information. All our information is filtered and bias. Feel free to explain.
  13. 70 is perfect, I'd take that all year round. High today was 19F. Headed for sub zero over the weekend. Everybody up here was looking forward to global warming. Speaking of conspiracy theories...Has anybody seen the list of 11000 scientists yet? This the only source I've found. https://scientistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu/signatories You won't find it on their main page. There's a tiny link to a companion page, from there you can check members including this list of scientists. I'm not sure if this is the list everyone is talking about but if it is, finding legit scientists doesn't happen in the first few pages and I'm not up to going through the entire list. I found one legit climate scientist in the bunch, retired environmental scientist, but he's on the recent donors list, not the member list. The founder of the site was a disgruntled IBM IT super nerd with a masters in environmental management, a bachelors in experimental psychology. Majored in psychology but his genius was math. How much credibility is there in any list?
  14. He could care less what he says to the media. He keeps them busy counting lies. That was the laser pointer comment. The division isn't just Trump. Larger more serious demonstrations are going on all over the world. Canada's last election draws a line right down the middle of Canada. They west is working on separating. No matter who is in charge, the leader of the opposition's job is to oppose absolutely everything.
  15. I guess that level of corruption hasn't seeped into the States yet. Of course Trudeau is special in his own way. He was caught paying into a "foundation" that payed people to protest against the pipeline he bought for $4.5B. all while telling Canadians he was pushing it through, riding swamper was the Alberta premier all up in her rainbow dress. Now that she's opposition she can honestly fight against the pipeline. When confronted with the funding Trudeau said everyone has a right to free speech, when asked to clarify he moved on to a women's rights rant. Relevance doesn't seem to matter. Maybe you have to come protest in Canada. Bring a really big parka and warm boots. We're hovering around the American 0 degrees. I have to go out now and push a foot of climate change out of the way before the car goes anywhere.
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