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  1. It is possible that Iran has ties to the nwo but when it comes to vaccines it's and interesting thing. At the onset of covid everybody was desperate to find a solution and took whatever was out there that had promise. Considering the numbers attributed to covid deaths you can't blame them. Unfortunate those promises were lies and numbers were bloated. When covid started the Chinese posted a genetic sequence code for the world to save itself. The code included mRNA and all the European and Western countries went for it. Conspiracy theorists still say the virus has never been isolated, (proving their ignorance), but the CDC says it has been. This raises the question; Why in the Western world are the only choices mRNA, or mRNA? No conventional inactivated vaccines have been approved as of yet in Canada or the US. Pfizer claimed they were 90+% effective while inactivated vaccines range around 60% like a flu shot. Pfizer sounded like the best choice...and was pushed through. everything else became taboo. Now we know Pfizer lied and the mRNA is not at all effective while the inactivated vaccines are still around 60%. The difference; The immune system comes in contact with the actual virus though conventional vaccines, recognises the virus and learns how to protect the body from it. The protein spike is only the landing gear. Without a virus attached it's harmless unless they are in such abundance they collect in a vein somewhere. It is prudent to note that China doesn't do Pfizer. Iran was smart enough to switch to an inactivated vaccine when it became available. An actual conventional vaccine called Sinopharm BIBP. It seems the Arab countries got Sinopharm while South of the US got Sinovac. I haven't studied Sinopharm as much as Sinovac but they are both inactivated, conventional virus vaccines. Sinovac did have it's problems. Peru had an outbreak of the Lambda variant which was attributed to Sinovac but in the end they learned NOT to inject the already infected. Last report, Sinovac was the safest and most effective in studies. Natural immunity is still by far the most effective, you just have to catch the virus first. Catching the virus means potential spread. An actual vaccine is the best way to deal with it.
  2. It certainly does. Ukraine is sucking the weapons out of every country it can as the world gets closer to joining the fight. Don't think for a minute Russia didn't know this would happen. Putin says these new tanks can be destroyed just like the old ones. "Experts" are still telling the world not to overestimate Russia's ability. Russia just brought out their kamikaze drones. If a leak on Russia's weaponry I saw a few years ago has any truth, this is just the start.
  3. I have a feeling that you and I have studied more than the average church going believer. For the most part, Christians are taught by their preachers. They go there to satisfy their one hour God need, but don't always live by faith, don't do daily devotions, and don't follow the true teachings of Jesus. 7 day Christians are hard to find. In this case, they don't think of trinity any more than they think of asking God's reaction to daily situations. Sorry, I got my councils mixed up. The trinity was enforced in 381. That's when "Christians" killed the most Christians. best be Catholic. The Quran does not mention Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They were figuring the "three" meant God, Jesus, and Mary. The curse of the law is the abundance of man made god laws. The Pharisees and teachers at the time were those responsible for the man made god laws. They spent more time drawing up new laws than teaching theology. Jesus was speaking of the law of the Prophets, not of the Pharisees. He really didn't think much of them.
  4. I'm thinking Mark W Kline has not looked at the European adverse events database. 2069 kids, ages 3-11 were hospitalized in 2022.
  5. Lara Logan gives her two cents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8hDJ6sPyWo
  6. My son has hay fever. A mask would definitely help but he's not the type to be defeated. Since he was 12 he'd storm into a field, get all plugged up and once over it he'd be fine the rest of the season.
  7. Full study here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9111143/ This is a very in-depth inconclusive study of studies. I'm sure it's impossible to control all variants. It can't include a persons susceptibility to a virus. The odds ratios for N95s show minimal reductions among the man made viruses. Very little reduction with medical masks and no confidence in non medical masks. There's no confidence in any mask when it comes to influenzas. As such, it doesn't shed good light on the WHO recommendations. "This study has several limitations. First, in contrast to the wealth of RCTs investigating mask potencies for preventing influenza virus infection, there is one RCT investigating mask effectiveness against COVID‐19. Thus, analysis of mask usage against coronaviruses was performed primarily based on observational studies, which may be prone to reporting, selection and confounding biases." Bottom line; "Among various types of facemasks, it is likely safer to use N95 or equivalent in healthcare settings as PPE for the moment until more evidence on other types of masks are realized." The study left me with a headache, wondering if I actually learned anything or not. Some of the studies sited look interesting.
  8. Was in Costco yesterday. No idea real numbers but a few, mostly Asian, are wearing masks. All N95s of one design or another. No idea if they follow the NIOSH guidelines on "disposable" but it's their money. Still see the odd mask driving alone. 3M now has a dozen N95 mask designs. You can even get duck bill if you like. Hepa filters have the same rating as N95s. In the beginning of Feb 2021 there were 8 studies on N95s and their ineffectiveness against influenza. By the end of Feb 2021 there were hundreds of new studies. Many halted for conflict of interest but made a mess of the database and difficult to find the older studies. If anyone finds a manufacturer that actually recommends a mask for viruses I'd like to see it.
  9. I never accused you of the claim, Islam does. Actually, the Quran doesn't speak of a trinity as per se. There is only one God, He can't have a son, Jesus was neither His son, nor is Jesus God. The only reference denied as a threesome was God, Jesus, and Mary. This is probably due to the second Council only deciding on a trinity some 100 years after Muhammad. At that time the Christians were preaching Jesus is God, the Muslims were saying, No way. So here we are at a stone wall. If you believe Jesus is God you are a blasphemer and will go to hell. If you believe Jesus is not God you are a blasphemer and will go to hell. These became doctrines. The great divide is never in the God laws, but always in the man made god laws. God's laws are not enough?
  10. Front lines are always ill equipped. You take everything you can get with you, then you use it. Soldiers have uniforms. What clothing do they need? You don't get daily change of socks and underwear on the front line. I don't really know. I am wary of every report from any side at this point. Everybody has a different story. Russian sources for information are all cut off, Ukraine as well. First hand info is almost impossible. Everything is opinion, it depends who owns the opinion. Every headline requires research. How much is click bait? I don't care if the Ukrainian head of the labour union says Russia is overworking their people building arms. Another report says Russia hasn't needed to build more arms yet. I saw a "leaked file" of Russia's new weaponry a few years back. If the file was true, Putin hasn't used any of it yet. I also saw some guy saying the US should not overestimate Russia's weaponry because all they've seen is old tech. Mainstream media is a blue pill. Russia is no longer the USSR. No more bread lines. Capitalism has boosted their economy. I watched a video, (should have saved it), of a Russian girl going through a shopping mall to show how many stores had closed. The shopping mall reminded me of one I saw in Vegas. 4 stories of stores, she noted less than a dozen stores closed, only complained about one American clothing store she liked. All McDonalds closed, a Russian business bought them out and opened them again, new name. People complained the fries were not the same, I haven't seen if they changed the fries or people got used to them. Russia does a lot with potatoes. Maybe the new fries still had some nutrition in them which would alter the flavour, I may never know. Rebel News is a Canadian independent. They sent reporters over to see how this war had effected inflation. They aren't paying $8. for a head of lettuce, (I'll grow my own). The people said they hadn't noticed much difference. "Gas goes up 2-3 rubles, then goes down 2-3 rubles..." Their economy is fine. The rest of the world has gone nuts. It's hard for me to picture Putin as the crazed warmongering dictator trying to take over the world through notorious means at this point. I believe that Putin will do exactly what he set out to do and take the regions he said he would. He'll do to Ukraine what they make him do, but he's not looking at a full takeover, at least for now. He may give the US an opportunity to move their hub of corruption to some other country. Putin has been building arms for a very long time. He's been watching the Donbas region long before he took Crimea. His strategy is draining many countries who pledged to support Ukraine and NATO. Zelensky is demanding tanks from the US now and as much money as he can get, the US supplies as much as they can. Zelensky sells off what he can't use to the black market. The US will be fighting their own equipment for the next few wars, again. To be honest, I think it would have been much cheaper on the world to build new cities and move all the Russian people who wanted to into brand new homes in Russia.
  11. God is not "logical" by any means in our understanding. Any equation with a missing factor cannot come to an accurate solution. We simply can not predict the intervention of the unseen. We also can't help but explain the unseen to ourselves so we can live with it. Many of us grew up in the "one and only gonna save you" religion...(if you jump these hurdles and dive these hoops.) All religions have a take-over policy. All religions consider themselves to be the only ones with the truth. All denominations, (10,000 and counting Christian denominations), consider themselves to have more truth than the rest. Reason being, If you consider another religion or denomination to have equal truth there is no point being a separate denomination. It's hard to start a new religion if the old one still works. All denominations/sects/cults/w/e, separate themselves by either interpretation or tradition or both. They all put God in their box. Why would God ordain such division among believers? It's the believers that decide to divide. 125,000 Prophets to date all spoke the injil according to demographics. We see the differences, not the values. How many Prophets started a "religion"? You can always trace a religion back to a conglomerate of Scholars who decided what the God laws meant then created man made god laws to follow after the Prophet has died. There is always an instant division from the start. 10 commandments weren't enough for Rambam. He created another 613 just to make sure. Many are obsolete in todays culture. The council of Nicaea decided Jesus was God. It wasn't easy but they did. They had to kill Arius and burn all his stuff first. It took them another 400 some years to decide on a trinity and you have no choice but to believe it. For those who believe all trinitarians will see hellfire, most Christians do not understand the concept of the trinity, but not to believe it is blasphemy so they go along with it knowing in the back of their minds something is not quite right with it but cannot speak of their inner struggle. You'll get booted from the church, you'll be banned in Christian websites, you will never be considered a Christian again. I know first hand. I hold high regard for the Quran but have trouble when someone said that they sat by a fire when someone said that their uncle said, that he heard that "this" actually means "that". All in all, I believe all religions have been corrupted by "scholars". I have been in many Christian churches. The latest was a wedding in a church with a rainbowed unicorn mascot. I don't think God created a hierarchy of angels because he needed a multi level cheering section while He did everything himself. "From God" is confused by those who need to put it in human terms. What I have found is; God in all His glory is a very personal God. However He decides to deal with us, it's the personal relationship that matters. We can argue for hours, days, years about our differing doctrines but none of that matters to God. If he is beyond our imagination there are no boxes that can hold Him. A quote from a guy on fb. Faith is important right now. Not all of us have tested it, not all of us are sure. Faith booster Pick a small annoyance, pray about it, expect change, notice the change and you will see the unseen. Disclaimer; God knows you, be straight with Him. God is not obliged to do anything if you do nothing. God may decide the change required is your own perspective. A new perspective can have an effect on your actions and convictions. Ephesians 6:10-20. James 1:2-4. God will bless.
  12. Don't know where you got that. He's now on Daily Wire and has done some in depth on Genesis, now working on Exodus. I don't know that he's Christian but not an atheist. https://www.facebook.com/reel/826291038599639
  13. Jesus taught about the Father. Note the times Jesus called God the Father, and note how often it is followed by; Who is in Heaven. Note that Jesus now sits at the right hand of God. Jesus doesn't take the throne, His seat is on the right hand of the throne. What did the Disciples learn? Matthew recorded Jesus said to him, “You have said so. But I tell you, from now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power and coming on the clouds of heaven.” Mark was there, heard it as well and wrote in 14:62; And Jesus said, “I am, and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.” Luke, 22:69 "...But from now on the Son of Man shall be seated at the right hand of the power of God.” John 20 records the words of Jesus just after resurrection, Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” Paul said; Being therefore exalted at the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, he has poured out this that you yourselves are seeing and hearing. Paul also said; Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. Actually Paul said it a lot, every book, every letter. All disciples learned God the Father is in Heaven has a throne, Jesus sits beside. David also knew. Psalm 110 starts; The Lord says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”
  14. I agree with Paul , although I can't prove he was talking about the one Jehovah. Isaiah 45 is a bit confusing when translated into English because the word "God" is used for all terms other than LORD, aka El. Strong's concordance of Biblical Hebrew gives different descriptions to each name mentioned. Isaiah 45:21 Declare ye, and bring them near, yea, let them take counsel together: Who hath announced this from ancient time, and declared it of old? Have not I the LORD, (Yah-weh)? And there is no God, (Elohim), else beside Me, a just God, (El), and a Saviour; there is none beside Me. Deuteronomy 32:17 English says; They sacrificed unto devils, not to God, (Eloha); to gods, (Elohim), whom they knew not, to new [gods] that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not. If Deuteronomy can make such a distinction, we can't possibly believe Elohim means Jehovah every time we see it. See what I mean?
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