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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. These numbers kinda frustrate me. Actually the whole thing frustrates me. Consensus is, the virus is real, the rest is... 5,494,544, that they know of. These are people with symptoms getting tested. The 2.8M active cases are those who noticed they were sick. My Pharmacist said the majority of people are asymptomatic and have no idea they even had it. If they could identify all cases I'm sure the total would be much higher but it wouldn't fit the objective. While I understand the need for these numbers, there are no real numbers on those who now have antibodies. From what I understand antibodies are also saving lives. I'd be thinking antibodies are a more important test these days than the covid test. Those who were asymptomatic carry them and have no idea...and nobody is testing them. I had to go for a blood tests, no antibody test, I'm scheduled to give blood, They love me, they want me to make an appointment 100klms away every 56 days, I'm RH-. I've been told there's no antibody test. What if I was asymptomatic, (or almost back in Jan.), If they take blood from 1000 donors and find antibodies in one, it's worth the effort. If they started a drive looking for antibodies from anyone willing, they'd fill their blood banks and possibly find antibodies. If someone has antibodies they can give every 56 days. How would you feel knowing you could save a life every 56 days? I'm thinking if anyone else has noticed this pandemic is more political than medical I could take off my tinfoil hat.
  2. We are accountable for our own sins, we are also responsible for the sins or bad habits we teach our children. There are also ill gained diseases that become hereditary. Jewish law stated that if a man sinned, (don't recall the actual sins at the moment), he should be exiled from the temple down to the fifth generation. Joshua was instructed to kill every man woman and child, livestock too, leave nothing, take nothing. What we don't know is why. We can either judge it as a horrible thing to do to nice people or assume there must be a reason for complete annihilation. We don't have much information on the other tribes around at the time. We know they were pagans, we don't know to what extent. In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, God did the destroying and that was acceptable because it mentions what an evil and perverse bunch they were.
  3. That's a sad reality I've seen more than once, but it's confused. You ask, "When did Jesus say..." and the fact is, He didn't, religion did. Kids of Christians are taught how to believe before they can read so they read it as they have been taught to believe. If you can take all the dogma and bias out of a read you will see it in a different light. The Bible doesn't teach "Christianity", it teaches righteousness. I can relate so well with GD41586, I had the same concerns. Nice to meet another black sheep, lol. I stayed Christian but left Christianity. I had years of visiting many churches, same, same, Calvinism, but always something made each one some kinda special better. The pride of thinking you know God better than anybody else really got to me. I caused a division in my home church, they had to squelch me quick. After a couple 4 on 1s, and a private interrogation it was decided I was going to the wrong church. It wasn't a hard choice. I believe those who are however indoctrinated will be saved by their faith, not their religion, which leads to your other question... Was Jesus a Christian? No. He was a Prophet of particular lineage...according to the order of Melchizedek. I don't have that all straightened out yet but Christianity was first used as a derogatory term for believers. Again, limited information but seems it started in Antioch, aimed at those who followed the disciples. Christianity evolved from there. At first, the early churches would incorporate some of their previous beliefs into their practices which separated them, but as you know there's only one way to God, and every individual denomination has it, the rest might but it's doubtful. Arguments went on until Emperor Constantine decided to fix it.. 7 years of arguments later they decided Jesus was God. Some 400 years later they got together and decided the Holy Spirit was also God. Along with no reference to Jesus being God, there is also no reference to the Spirit being God. It took 700+ years to design the doctrine. Therefore, religions are man made and heavily influenced by man made god laws. When I was at my worst, God intervened and prevented me from a very serious injury, and told me to move on. (I had much work to do). I reflect on that daily so I don't really need much assurance or encouragement. Not exactly like getting knocked off a horse and blinded but I spent as many days dealing with my own darkness.
  4. Not at all what I said. I said the Injil does not exist as a book. There are groups with varying ideas on how much of a book it was and what happened to it but there is no reference to any tangible book in the Quran. There may be ahadith that says different but Jesus never carried a book. If so it would have been referenced, revered, and copied for the world to see. Christians translate Injil as "good news" and thnk it must mean the Gospels, but it doesn't. The Gospels are better described as the life and times of Jesus. God does not narrate. It exists as the revelation given to the Prophets from God. For the most part it was the same message but practiced according to demographics, therefore, different. If that makes any sense. Actually, that's the basis for most arguments between religions. Past Prophets didn't preach it much, they were too busy trying to keep Israelites in line. I referenced the Sermon on the mount as the longest quoted speech Jesus gave. These are the words of God translated into a human language and a good test if you're looking for true Christians. This is what we are supposed to be. There's no "easy" button, and not a lot of instruction on the disciplines but "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." It's good to take notice when the same promise is mentioned twice.
  5. Inflated numbers, etc... I'm sure you saw the "End all" to hydroxychloroquine study. 358 patients tested in veteran hospitals. Their findings, (The headline) More people died on HCQ than without. Then you read the study. I've found every happy study with HCQ includes zinc, sad stories don't. They've known zinc to help long before this test. 358 patients. They removed the women so as to not skew the findings. They put 97 on HCQ, 113 on HCQ + AZ, and 158, the control group, they called the "unexposed" (unexposed to HCQ) if that makes any predetermined sense. Then they admit they gave the HCQ to the most severe patients, then they halted the study to reassess the "Presumed concentration" because too many were dying from heart trouble. (Still counted in the final count as deceased from the disease). Then they admit the veterans were all over 65 and the majority were black, with no mention of underlying conditions. In the final numbers the difference between the 27.8% of HCQ patients that died, and the 11.4% unexposed were 7 people. The dumb thing with the percentages is none of them add up to full people. 11.4 is around 18 people plus three toes. the 27.8 works out to 27 people with one missing four or five toes. Gender specific, age specific, condition specific, killed a few along the way, but proved Trump wrong. If the title read HCQ overdose didn't help old severely inflamed black men, it would have held some truth.
  6. "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:" Don't know anything about Anglican populist phrases. The strongest Christians I know these days don't look like church goers. Don't much act like them either. Then again, they don't hide who they really are.
  7. Yeah, if you want people to give you money they have to be encouraged to go to church. It's gone from "The milk of the word" to the popcorn. Pope Francis says, "They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls." https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/pope-francis-there-no-hell
  8. When people think of Christianity they think of Catholicism. How to support a religion so plagued with pedophilia? People don't want to associate with it. A pope that says hell does not exist, removes all reason for any religion. Where to turn?
  9. Still waiting to see mainstream media admit hydroxychloroquine does have positive outcomes.
  10. Hydroxychloroquine still shows little to no evidence...except in China, Italy, France. Canada is about to start testing, just in case. Doesn't matter if it works, what if it doesn't? .0000069% of Americans have died as of today.
  11. I believe the biggest separation, and the reason for all the conjecture comes from Christian doctrine teaching that Jesus was God. I also felt that while reading 4:155-157 that the Jews misled themselves into believing they killed Jesus. 162 goes on to say; "But those of them who are firm in knowledge and the believers believe in that which is revealed unto thee, and that which was revealed before thee, especially the diligent in prayer..." Those who were of firm knowledge were the disciples who went on to teach a risen Christ.
  12. The only thing a mask can do is keep you from touching your face. I find it interesting that the N95s were a dust particulate mask for all the years I bought them for the shop, now they're "medical". The mask is great for filtering air down to .3 microns. The problem is; CVD is .01 microns. There's a false sense of security for you. From what I've seen, you can wear a mask, and gloves and do all things right, strip your gloves off, lysol everything, then go into the house and the moment you take off your shoes you have possibly infected yourself. The virus is not aerosol, it doesn't float in the air. You are more likely to get it on your shoes than your mask.
  13. Tell me more about the electro-magnetic kind.
  14. I'm not a Unitarian so I can't give you their view. I was looking into Unitarianism but I didn't learn much before I found out they pray to dead people. Kind of did it for me. I don't know why you can't just find a belief system that doesn't include a side show. Then again, I rejected Mormonism as soon as I found out they rejected coffee. Hoops and hurdles never mentioned anywhere in any scriptures I've read. I've read a couple. Correct me any time, I'm still learning. If there is a trinity it should be properly called, "The Godhead", as mentioned. It could add a twist to consider Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a Godhead, directed by God, it's as plausible as any other theory. Actually I spend more time meditating on what God would have me do now, rather than on who/what He is. This is a time when believers have to give up differences and band together. Regardless our prescribed perception, God is still God, no religion has ever changed that. We've all learned that God is above our imagination but also taught human theories matter. This world is going to need all of us soon, not our theories, our compassion. The biggest problem with the trinity is having a human involved. Fully man, fully God can't happen. God is not human, neither can He fit or be limited to a human body, and what happens in the rest of the universe while God is being a human? Was Jesus God when He died? Jesus was Jesus, fully human, body, soul, and spirit...Jesus. Void of the spirit that indwelled Him and He knew it when He called out, "Why have you forsaken me?" Who forsook Him? The light, according to John, and John. First introduced as "the light", then as "the word", in Genesis and Exodus, then again in John. Matter of fact, Jesus only claim was, "I am the light of the world", Gen 1:3. Long explanation to say I don't really know.
  15. The virus was developed in a lab. It comes with a patent number. Coincidence there happens to be a lab in Wuhan? Recent tests say the virus is not transferable from animals to humans but they blame bats. Not just bats, bat soup. A recipe for bat soup is rather disgusting because you boil them guts and all...you boil them. Would it not seem strange that it "originated" in a market?
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