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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I saw a survey of 16 yr olds. Forget most details but 60% wanted to be celebrities or pro gamers.
  2. I think you're fine. Reject the implications of the unintelligible. None is meant to gain your understanding. Right now nothing has to make sense, just incite rage. Our PM just said Immigrants are more Canadian than Canadians. It really makes you wonder how in tune the leader of a country really is. July 1st is always Immigrants swear in, become Canadians day. This year you can swear in from anywhere in the world with internet without ever having seen Canada.
  3. Most were smaller protestant churches. Not so much about profits. The majority of these churches also own a parsonage, a home for the Pastor. He's paid enough to live. You may be thinking Catholic, or evangelicals.
  4. It has with every religion. Every religion has a take over policy. You can't be right unless everyone else is wrong, 99% right isn't right enough. Some feel their religion is worth dying for, others feel it's worth killing for. I've been to many churches, (of similar denominations even), only to hear them give their one extra morsel of truth nobody else seems to know, and then watch them swell with pride.
  5. I wouldn't want to copy a book, it would be tremendously boring. Not so difficult in a world full of pixels. Can you imagine copying a crude language with crude implements on papyrus, parchment, leather, stones, bones, sticks? State of the art at the time. Many have questioned the validity of any and all scriptures. If you can prove something is wrong, you're not obligated to follow any of it. Note, most who do the questioning give no answers, they only want to leave you confused. They have no intention of showing you a straight path, only to deviate you from the path you are on through unce
  6. My problem with a vaccine is they are going to make it mandatory. JT has already said he wants to stick all the kids. Bill Gates is thick into his patents on viruses and vaccines, he wants everybody to get it. What's in a mandatory vaccine? Doesn't matter.
  7. It's not about smoking for five years, it's about a dive into the darkness. I've only known of a few cases, can't say for all. Pot is many things to many people but many who have gone off tilt can usually tell you when. They can describe like a black cloud covering them, usually on the inside of the eyelids. Many people think they are going to die. Some are afraid of it, some embrace it. It can amplify emotional conditions. What Gaius said.
  8. Quotes from Trump haters last week. "Actions speak louder than deeds." "There's no surface to see through!."
  9. First link should be inquirer.com Sounds like all the domestic violence disappeared?
  10. There are many examples of exactly this. Everybody dies of covid 19, except George Floyd. Note the low numbers in influenza deaths this year. Actually alcohol related is also down. Even the test in the Veterans administration. They admit people died of cardiac arrest because they overdosed them with HCQ, (page 13), but are counted as died of covid. I've seen reports from nurses. Their patients die of other causes counted as covid. Nurses talking about admin moving their patients to other wards because they realized prescribed treatment was killing more than the virus. If I could find
  11. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31180-6/fulltext
  12. An early allusion to an "insulative electrical contrivance encircling the head during thought" appears in the unusual 1909 non-fiction publication Atomic Consciousness [2] by self-proclaimed "seer" John Palfrey (aka "James Bathurst") who believed such headgear was not effective for his "retention of thoughts and ideas" against a supposed "telepathic impactive impingement".
  13. These numbers kinda frustrate me. Actually the whole thing frustrates me. Consensus is, the virus is real, the rest is... 5,494,544, that they know of. These are people with symptoms getting tested. The 2.8M active cases are those who noticed they were sick. My Pharmacist said the majority of people are asymptomatic and have no idea they even had it. If they could identify all cases I'm sure the total would be much higher but it wouldn't fit the objective. While I understand the need for these numbers, there are no real numbers on those who now have antibodies. From what I understand an
  14. We are accountable for our own sins, we are also responsible for the sins or bad habits we teach our children. There are also ill gained diseases that become hereditary. Jewish law stated that if a man sinned, (don't recall the actual sins at the moment), he should be exiled from the temple down to the fifth generation. Joshua was instructed to kill every man woman and child, livestock too, leave nothing, take nothing. What we don't know is why. We can either judge it as a horrible thing to do to nice people or assume there must be a reason for complete annihilation. We don't have much i
  15. That's a sad reality I've seen more than once, but it's confused. You ask, "When did Jesus say..." and the fact is, He didn't, religion did. Kids of Christians are taught how to believe before they can read so they read it as they have been taught to believe. If you can take all the dogma and bias out of a read you will see it in a different light. The Bible doesn't teach "Christianity", it teaches righteousness. I can relate so well with GD41586, I had the same concerns. Nice to meet another black sheep, lol. I stayed Christian but left Christianity. I had years of visiting many chur
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