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  1. Sorry Eddie, There's a much better chance you could explain to me, rather than me explaining anything. From where I sit the entire middle East, Israel included are all raised on vengeance. The civilians of Gaza don't seem to mind when people are dragged through their streets. Children grow up in this environment and learn war very early in life. I don't see any difference between Hamas and the PLO. It may be my mistake to clump them along with Al-Qaida, the Taliban, ISIS, Hezbollah, etc. but the results seem to be the same. Of course, on my side of the pond the Zionists and US are only trying to defend Israel from terrorism. I'm not very good at believing only one side of any story, and now Canadians are denied any information short of mainstream media. I see no justification in vengeance.
  2. I'm thinking it's because the PLO has caused enough grief in most of the surrounding countries already. It's a catch 22. Growing up in a world of war, most kids learn war before they learn to read and know how to shoot before they are teens, all in the name of Allah, which some day will be chosen to do Allah's work.
  3. Today I see this. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cy4XYzsNWmu/
  4. This may be as hard for Muslims to understand as it is for Christians. No, you don't have the exact and perfect one.. There is no, "Original" like you are looking for. Ashes to ashes, originals decay if they aren't destroyed first. Copies were made, memories were tested, commissions agreed, standards were accepted, books were compiled. I've studied a lot of the similar structured Christian questions. Here's what I've broken it down to. God, Allah, wrote ten commandments... in stone and we don't even get to see them. Everything comes to us through humans. Regardless their purest of intents they were all humans. Much of it was oral, much of it was scattered. There are archeologists spending millions of somebody's money dusting off old stones and pretending they know what empire, what age they came from. Regardless what they find, there's controversy. It's now said King Solomon's kingdom was not as large as described, but they cannot be sure what size his it was, they think there was another empire beside it, uh, none the less the Biblical story must have been embellished. What do you believe? What do you want to believe? Does it make a difference to you? Much of the textual criticism of the Bible run along the same lines. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out whether the past is true or not or if it even made a difference but in the mean time, Allah waits for you in your Quran. The world wants you to question everything. Let the fools question God's capability to keep His scriptures inspired. They will distract you from what really counts and that is, your time with your book and your God.
  5. Destroying private property and committing animal abuse, and on and on. This is interesting you have this in common with atheists. That's where I saw it last. It's been explained over and over and anyone who doesn't get it yet isn't going to. Your author either forgot or hasn't read far enough yet to know the first charges could be laid twice. What about working on the Sabbath, or petty theft on the Sabbath? If you had any more insight than to throw out someone's else's gibberish as somebody else's challenge, you could have made a much longer and comprehensive list. Need help?
  6. What's happening certainly seems to be real. I'm skeptical of all media these days. With Y2K came the age of deception, and they've sharpened their skills. "I've seen it with my own two eyes" doesn't mean anything anymore. Even youtube videos that have music in the background for effect. You know they're a remake. imho, what is happening is causing mass destruction and genocide. What remains unknown is the real agenda. The problem is; If you accept one theory and start connecting dots, your whole outlook changes. It's a red pill, blue pill kinda thing.
  7. You can't spend much time believing the mainstream media. It's also difficult to know what to believe when you hear it, see it. With AI making all the decisions, and the deep fake, it's almost impossible. I don't know if you know this guy. From where I sit, nobody is innocent.
  8. Trudeau makes it embarrassing to be Canadian. No legal way to get rid of him. It seems all NATO countries are having a few problems.
  9. https://www.india.com/viral/joan-rivers-president-barack-obama-is-gay-and-michelle-obama-is-a-transgender-90182/
  10. Know anyone else who has called their wife Michael in public? Twice? Joan Rivers mentioned it and died while in minor surgery. In Calgary, people must be some 200 meters away while protesting Drag queens, in the library, "reading" to children, and parents sick enough to take their children there. We've got Pride day, Pride month, and Pride year. Don't say a word, you could be arrested. If you tell your son he's not a daughter, you can be arrested. Sodom and Gomorra has nothing on us. Racism and slavery has always been a thing and hasn't stopped. It's Biblical. Twisted history is geared to keep it alive. I remember the mini series, "Roots" where Americans went to Africa and chased the natives, caught them and stuffed them in the lower deck, shipped them to America. Then I start reading reports that say one black man was worth ten Irishmen. Indentured is not slavery, it's paying someone just enough to live in the camps, usually in debt to the owners. Apparently most of the slave traders in Africa were black and sold many blacks to Americans. Now Canada has to "reconcile" with the natives with money, and whites have to apologise for something their great grandparents may have done. Now Canadians have to apologise for their crime minister, all the way to India.
  11. Last year the conspiracy theorists were saying aliens would be the next tactic to distract the population. Here we are.
  12. Right now that might just be Russia, and or China. If they were to join forces, nobody wins. Of course the biggest war would eventually be between them. Ukraine has sucked so many weapons out of NATO it's ridiculous. It also looks like NATO, or the countries thereof are collapsing financially. If a leaked document I saw years ago is true, Russia still hasn't brought out it's big guns yet. If God follows the believers then Russian Orthodoxy is likely to take out transgenderism.
  13. In the West, dogs are the new children.
  14. I have a bit of trouble with all these extra conditions that they claim was from covid. I find it interesting that this is all coming out post vax. I may just be overly skeptical at this point but at these days I believe nothing said on TV. It's getting harder to research as they are also covering tracks. The NIH was flooded with mask studies, most halted for conflict of interest but none the less the list of mask studies got so long it was nearly impossible to find older studies. Some studies were updated, and the main vaccine tracker went 404 Aug last year when the inactivated vaccines started to gain popularity. Same with the "hospitalizations by vaccine status", June last year when tri dose surpassed no dose. I'm probably repeating myself. We are flooded with misinformation. I read an unbelievable defamation vaccine report that was so far off side nobody could possibly believe it. It was from a Canadian Liberal, so there's a good chance the unbelievable report was staged. Note how difficult it is to not be jabbed and not get called an anti-vaxxer. I mentioned in 2020 that I had travelled without a vaccine and was called a murderer. It's like there's no middle ground.
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