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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, it is sad. If it happened once it's sad. If it happened more than once it's sadder. It's happened more than once. A quick search on the European adverse events database of "serious cardio/vascular events" gives a total of 43,686 people who had pfizer. 27,333 AZ, and another 15,259 with Moderna. That's 86,278 Europeans in serious condition due to vaccines. That may be miniscule by ARR but that's out of 1,080,820 serious events reported of the millions of events reported. It's still 86,000 people who will never be the same. Last count of women effected, spontaneous abortion, sterile, or worse, was 7,800. Canada just announced jabs are perfectly safe for pregnant women.
  2. Very confusing when an post starts with 32% of deaths are breakthrough, then end with saying vaccines work.
  3. Heard a microbiologist the other day say something along those lines. If a virus is not completely killed it will mutate. There is a direct correlation between the SinoVac vaccine and the Lambda variant. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.28.21259673v1.full.pdf
  4. Today I became an apprentice veteran.
  5. I've seen a lot on Dr. Malone, (inventor of mRNA), Mike Yeadon, (former Pfizer exec.), and Kary Mullis, (inventor of PCR tests). They had major credibility in their day, made big money, won prizes. Why are they discredited for saying their inventions are not being used properly? If anyone would know the proper and improper usage, these three should know. It reminds me of a project I worked on. Once completed everybody thought it was a great idea yet they opted to go third party which only shifted costs and took all the value out of the project. The problem with my project was that it left no opportunity for kickbacks. After 20 yrs of dealing with salespeople and Supply Services I can say that kickbacks has played a major part in the purchasing world. N95s have been manufactured by 3M in the States for a very long time. Not sure why this guy recommends KN95s. K means, made in China. The place where masks were found to contain graphene oxide. My company preferred I buy the cheaper 8210s. Same rating as N95 without the vent valve. The men were complaining about breathing, headaches, lack of energy, and smelling their coffee and cigarettes all day. The N95 with the check valve was the answer. This was the first mask everyone was clamoring for. Wrong mask for a virus, and I tried to explain why to people. That's when I became a "conspiracy theorist". About 3 months later health officials realized it and masks with check valves were dumped. Nobody looked back to what I had said. The bandwagon only looks forward. Once tagged a theorist, always a theorist. Knowledge/research doesn't matter. I can't post anything sensitive to the narrative on fb, it's removed by some technical error as soon as I type key words. All I can do is post something generically related and comment on the post later. In 2011 the Who published a paper on PCR tests and how effective they were at detecting viruses, SARS, MERS, Ebola, influenzas A and B... Come 2020 they're covid only. Reminding people is what got Kary Mullis removed. Droplets vs aerosol, covid vs influenza. Many NIH studies say N95s not effective against influenza. 80 city bus drives tested positive. My question was; Did the droplets come out of someone's mask, go over or under the plexiglass barrier, then up or down and into the drivers mask...or did they catch a flu bug? Remember, it's 2020, PCR tests are for covid only. Droplets have weight. Pfizer was in phase II when it was approved. We are phase III. Pfizer alone caused 350K+ European adverse events. Pretty much tied with AZ on everything. The interesting part is they are not related in composition. Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA, AZ is viral vecter, derived from similar viral monkey guts. J&J would seem to be the best choice as it is non-replicating. They also have good and bad numbers associated. J&J came into the picture late and is not so wide spread. The adverse events are comparable in format to mRNA in the early stages but I haven't taken the time to compare them proportionally, (a day or more). Problem is, "non replicating" won't let you fly around the world. I've looked at ivermectin good and bad. The majority of articles go passed the data and churn an opinion that either draws you in or creates an aversion. Dr. Galvin also persuades you that, even though he uses ivermectin and vitamin D, and zinc, it's not a "miracle cure", therefore leaves you wondering if it's worth it. Then again he says he's treated hundreds, his argument is that two people died anyway. Ivermectin is showing in the 90+% range in other studies. If the doctor treated 100 patients, that would be 98%. success. 200 would be 99%, "hundreds" would leave the number in decimals. The majority of adverse events have been minor, or have been from people taking a horses dose. Probably the best portrayal of ivermectin comes from a recent NIH study. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8088823/ It's much more efficient when studied as a treatment rather than a miracle cure.
  6. Our PM has preordered until 2024. I'm sure it will be mandated by then, passports n all.
  7. This is really drawing out the difference between Christians and Christians. We've had three pastors arrested for continuing services during all this. First one spent 37 days in jail because it was his calling to fulfill the duties as Christ commanded, and he couldn't lie about it. If he would have said yah yah, he'd have been out by the next weekend. During the time he was in jail, there were two fences around the parameter of the country church, chained, locked, and guarded by the RCMP. The chains came off and the fence came down for July 1st when the Premier opened Alberta. (It had to happen so Calgary could have a stampede). His congregation carried on, meeting in a half dozen secret outdoor spaces until the drones found them. It's really an incredible story. The Pastor went to court. They set aside four days for the trial. It was adjourned ending the second day with the prosecution not having enough evidence that "public health orders" were required. "Adjourned indefinitely" until prosecution had enough evidence. If somehow that makes sense. Nowhere is recorded outrage from the congregation. The second broke sermon to call the Calgary Police gestapo and chase them off the property 3 Sundays in a row. They finally arrested him on a Monday, on the main 3 lane artery through Calgary, reducing traffic to one lane with 7 cruisers. The cuffed him face down, dragged him to the arrest cruiser, kicking screaming all the way. His congregation held protests and showed their unchristian talents to neighbors and everyone around. I had a fb conversation with one of them. There's nowhere in the NT about mob mentality being a good thing. The third got picked up at him home. He declared at the time of his arrest his reasons for following Christ over imposed laws with no basis. Then hugged his wife and kids, prayed with them and got in the cruiser uncuffed. Very little more than that on his story. You can be sure they investigated the churches for cases. There were two in the first church identified as having tested positive shortly after attending the church. No mention of their condition, no other cases have been reported since. On the other hand...Last count, 129 people contracted covid from the Stampede. They declared the Stampede 2021 the best ever but half the rodeo was gone, and so was attendance. Reduced to rides and beer tents. You required a vaccine passport, (proof of vaccination), to get in to the party tents. They explain that 325+ people were still in their "incubation period", (when you're most contagious). This is estimated minimum 8 days, to 20, (depends who you listen to), after getting first or second jab, . They didn't report variants, just "Increasing numbers !!". There have been "Protest Rodeos" around the province, no recorded cases. Between rodeos and churches you'd think they would have caught at least one case. I thank God I am in a position where I only have to watch the clowns.
  8. I'm confused on a daily basis. I see a headline, I read the report. I copy/paste key words to see if there are other articles of the same of differing nature if they don't site sources. If I can take it to a study or the raw data it almost never agrees with the headline. All articles for or against...whatever, are exaggerated. There is no middle ground.
  9. There was a study, I can't find it now. Not the first time I lost stuff, probably not the last. Looks like no extra study on vaccines these days. Milken institute went from tracking 262 vaccines to zero. Today I see a headline about India dropping cases some 97% with Ivermectin, then I read the "Fact checkers" story of absolutely no evidence. Then I find this; https://indianbarassociation.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/LEGAL-NOTICE-FOR-CONTEMPT_JUNE-13-2021.pdf
  10. There is a direct correlation between the Lambda variant and the SinoVac vaccine from China. There are ongoing questions as to the possibility the Delta variant , started in India, was caused by the AZ vac. I can't find anything yet that suggests in medical terms that the unvaccinated are responsible for any variants. If you have credible info I'd like to see it.
  11. There is no plan to go back to normal, only protests. Protests will be stopped. In Canada, Bill C10 and C36 were voted down this time. Basically full censorship bills. Full on attack of freedom of speech.
  12. Just checked the European database for adverse events. Mainly France and Germany reported. Countries with less than 3 non serious events were not listed. Of course, no idea how many people in total used the drug with or without issue in 2021. No idea in comparison to vaccines or other treatments. Reported events thus far in 2021, (as of Friday), a definite increase in events; 2702, 33 serious, 6 dead. The majority of cases are people taking unapproved and unknown doses of who knows what, in many cases along with other drugs. In one case a guy took a Darwinian cocktail of unknown doses of everything. Interestingly enough, those that took it for covid cleared it up but had underlying issues that kept them in hospital. Oddly enough, Maybe I didn't catch the medical terminology. There's too many medical reports indicate liver problems for it to be missing. I'll check it out later. I'm surprised there is no mention of allergies. I'd be sure skin rashes are allergies, how serious the allergy could be, no idea, it would be pure speculation on my part. In 2020 there were 155 events, 43 classed as serious. I haven't checked them individually yet but noticed some long lists of disorders, some were single reactions like acne or skin rash. There was one "intentional overdose" but he recouvered. 2019, 63 serious events out of 204 reported, 2018 there were 70 serious events in 227. 2010 shows 181 but no distinction between serious and none serious. Breaking it down any further would take me all day.
  13. I'm still seeing nurses quite often. The last one I spoke to said she was exhausted, mentality exhausted. Prior to that a nurse said " I am done with it. I don't follow it anymore. I'm not getting the vaccine, that is all." Haven't met a nurse yet that likes the idea of an experimental vaccine. Only one nurse I talked to was actually covid involved, but nurses talk. My doctor won't even talk about it. They have to unlearn what they know and watch people die. That sounds incredible. Imagine being in a position where you know of drugs that could lessen the severity and save some lives yet you're not even allowed to talk about them. Imagine having a patient on a medication that is known to lessen the severity, yet encourage them to get a shot anyway. In a real pandemic...Doctors would report all findings and the Health authorities would approve emergency use for anything that might be effective. Instead, the Health authorities are pushing back hard against anything that isn't one of four experimental vaccines. My daughter tested positive. They told her to go home and rest. "If it gets worse, go to the hospital". No mention on dealing with symptoms, what may help, what to avoid. Couldn't even say take an aspirin. My daughter questions everything. During the HCQ crisis, the only data released to mainstream was how many people it killed in the trials. Of course that was the headline. The 27 page study of the Vets Admin proved that you can overdose critically ill seniors. France upped the dosage in their tests and killed more. Brazil followed France and killed 14 people in 9 days. Months later, President of Brazil catches covid and holds a box of HCQ up for all to see. Interesting contrast. Also in contrast, doctor in Nova Scotia who handed out HCQ (in recommended daily doses) to the 350 people in his nursing home announces they had no deaths...never made mainstream, was told to stop making videos. Doctor in the US, same sort of scenario gets sued by the children of the people he saved for using HCQ. Y'know... Now it's Ivermectin but nobody is reporting any deaths. "You should not take it because it's not approved by the FDA." Well the FDA isn't even looking at it even though the NIH has studies proven it's efficacy. The NIH has also published Vitamin D "will" lessen the severity, Ontario health Minister says it won't do anything for you. The Alberta Health Minister says fully vaccinated people will still be required to wear masks in some circumstances. The PCR test has been "covid only" since 2020. 80 Calgary city bus drivers come down with "covid" (none died so no updates), No explanation as to how droplets got out of someone's infected mask, over the barrier, and in through their mask. The WHO bounced back and forth on the idea of covid being aerosol, finally decided not because too many people know better. The big problem lies in the WHO June 2011 publication of PCR tests and their ability to detect all viral infections. Our Premier said "Open for summer!" (While seasonal flues are lowest), because we reached 70% jabs, and look how well they are working. Join the jab lottery and win one million in tax payers money, other prizes too! Now the uptick, just in time for the fall lockdown. He has continually said no to passports but proof of vaccination was required in some places at the Calgary Stampede. Not seeing a difference. Australia just locked down, some areas they even locked in. They had their first covid death. In an interview it was brought the their health ministers attention that the person who died was vaccinated. Who to listen to?
  14. The article from Gavi.org was done in April, siting a study from February. It's been updated, again. The latest from the NIH; Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8088823/ https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.31.21258081v1 https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/Fulltext/2021/08000/Ivermectin_for_Prevention_and_Treatment_of.7.aspx New Ivermectin Study By Prof. Eli Schwartz (Awesome Results) - Israeli Study,
  15. If these vaccines are a political choice the world could be conservative soon. I get 3 experimental options or nothing. Darwin missed 99.7% of the infected population even though people like Andrew Cuomo did their best. My daughter was told to stay home and rest. If it gets bad enough, go to the hospital. She and her kids are part of the 99.7% Darwin couldn't get by natural means, thus the vaccines. By today's numbers, 326,777 Europeans wish they didn't take AZ. 284,433 wish they didn't get Pfizer, 68,950 wish they hadn't taken Moderna, and 16,872 wish the didn't do J&J. That's almost 700,000 Darwinian candidates. What baffles me is Ivermectin has been safe for 50 years and now proven to be effective but it's taboo. Just the other day I had a lady say; "Certainly you are not advocating a drug that hasn't been approved." FDA can't approve them. 331 drugs on trial, all waylaid for the sake of experimental vaccines. Vaccines are not to be promoted if treatments are available but here we are. The other ridiculous thing going around is the unvaccinated being treated like lepers. You must assume all unvaccinated are political misfits, automatically have the virus and are out to kill your "fully protected" self.
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