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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Happy Birthday:)))

  2. By his name

    Happy birthday and hope you have a good one. May Allah swt keep you safe and sound.

    ya ali.

  3. salammmm happy birthday sister

    live like ali die like husain

  4. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  5. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  6. recieved permission...i feel if men get some type of sexual intentions to women reciting then they should refrain from it...please do post your thougths up on that page shukhraan,

    sorry i cudnt send this as a private meassge coz its bringing up some error message...:$

  7. selam sister/brother plz could i ask a huge favour if possible please could you help me comment on the general topic called "UK public CD of a woman reciting Noha (latmiyat), Is it allowed?"

    because i remember you made some valid points when fatemah ladak who was baligh when she recorded her 1st album, now these guys called batool and fatima dhamani are being critised when they have

  8. This hadith is a big part of my life...I wish someone posts the whole story translated word to word in english...no one needs to say anything about it, just read it and decide for yourself. And there is no such thing that it's only read between women and men arent allowed to listen to it..it's just that the story is about a woman and her threatened motherhood and her child gets shifa'at from Fatima Zahra (a.s) and so I guess women hold this story dear to their hearts, because they can identify with that lady's problems and try to connect with Bibi Fatima a.s through it.
  9. It looks like iftar time in all of those pics :P look at the sky...aah I really like the stadium one..
  10. Alarms do not work and will never ever work if you have a non-human sleeping pattern...what worked for me is..I asked my dad to wake me up every morning before he left for office..and just so he wouldnt forget, i'd keep his car keys on my dresser..and it worked perfectly..for 4 days..until he had to go on a business trip. So I took charge and kept an alarm..it worked like magic! it was a huge blessing in my life..and now I absoloutely hate sleeping in..even if im fasting I would rather wake up early and feel good about myself.
  11. work, leisure, family..all's great..alhamdulillah
  12. The trick is....to know namaz timings of the countries you are going to pass over..and ask the 'current time' to the flight attendant..it's very simple..
  13. ^ yah I was taught the same thing..but how can you not pray? you have to pray no matter what..we don't have any control over the turbulence..what if it lasts through 80% of the flight time? so I would be missing a whole days namaz :unsure:
  14. I never knew that :s thanx.. bro Inayatasad, it's very simple and straighforward once u get in the habbit of praying on board..basically, we always travel by Etihad when it's long distance, and they have a screen that shows the direction of Qibla..and if you're going by PIA, then many other people would also be praying (hopefully) so you would know the direction.. for the current time...you can ask any flight attendant..they all know how to calculate it and will tell you (going from west to east in a straight flight usually takes up all 5 prayers, so be very alert to not miss your namaz time, but when you're coming back to north america..u only have to pray fajr) where to pray? well, you know where the flight attendants get seated during take off and landing..near the emergency exits..there's plenty of room there to bend, sit..etc and they would never deny you..even British Airways allowed us..they actually show a lot of respect and try to help you out however...if the plane is in turbulence for a long period and your namaz time is running out...then it's okay to pray on your seat..you have no other choice because it can be dangerous if you stand up n all.. best of luck, and hope you have a safe flight Insha'Allah
  15. that's the price ya'll have to pay for picking on dead chicks/fetus :no:
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