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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. az zubair did the thing al hur did , before hur does it.
  2. sorry I didn't have all my books with me when I wrote it, you are right Taair-al-Quds we(sunnis n shia) cant just copy from our scholars book always, the names of of the scholars u mentioned are nothing compared to Ath Hahabi, Ibn Hajjr , and even the other names that I have not listed. Was Salam Alykom I am salafi, how can I be your brother when you are anti me ? then don't think that I don't check what great scholars say when one say that they said this thing and that. Read my posts and youll know. in 10 mins i found out that many names are added, let alone that their could be fake. and so
  3. This is religion, tell me which follower of Ali today is controlling the cloud ? those who serve Bush in Iraq or Afghanistan ? I think those are who you mean because they are closer to that. the verse tells you that you are wrong. That was not a human person, it was a Jinn and again the verse answers you. the knoweldge of the book is tought in every era, and as the messenger of Allah says that the knoweldge is carried in every era. What we are talking about is not the knoweldge of the book, we are talking about the knoweldge of the unseen.
  4. Wa'lykom As Salam, He said its weak, I don't know where, but ask any honest Shia scholar and he will tell you because Kolyni is the only shia who did and so he is famous for this. Now let me show you what Sunni's say about this hadith: 1- Al Hafeth ibn Hajjar: wrong hadith, Lisan Al Mizan 1/197 2- Al Albani (may Allah have mercy on him): Mowthoo' (means that its not true and created by someone to say that its from the Prophet.) Selselat Al Ahadeeth Al Tha'eefa 518, 6 3- Al Qurtobi: This is a false hadith. 5, 9, 220 4- Al Haiythami: the hadith has Abdel As Salam ibn Hafeth, who is weak. 144,9
  5. What about Ali controlling the movements of the clouds ?
  6. When you have finished As-Salat (the prayer - congregational), remember Allah standing, sitting down, and lying down on your sides, but when you are free from danger, perform As-Salat (Iqamat­as­ Salat). Verily, the prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours. (4:103)
  7. As Salam Alykom, this is a weak hadith. The hadith has been considered weak by Many Sunni scholars, as well as Al Kolyni the Shia. I also checked what At Termethi said, and he continued after the hadith saying, hadith'on Ghareebon monkar, meaning a strange hadith which is not true. Also Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Al Jawzy judge that its an aunthentic hadith. Was Salam Alykom...
  8. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but sounds like an advertise. At Tijani, who proved that he has a strange attitude live , said that before you. Dear sister, when we sunnis say that there is a strong bond between Ahl Al Bayt, peace be upon them, and the Sahaba, may Allah be pleased with them, we don't use taqiyyah in that. We say that because when it comes to hadith that we have got from the salaf, the words from As Sahaba passing the Tabe'een and reached the imams of th 4 fiqhs, are hadiths that have been studied over and over, in the schools of hadith, were people divide hadith to 8 typ
  9. No Al Hassan is considered the fith of the rightly guided Khalifah, some people say Omer ibn Abdel Aziz tho, but in my openion, the openion of As Salabi the scholar, Al Hassan is the 5th one. You find many scholars writting about The Khulfa Ar Rashidoon, one by one, but when it comes after Ali, they right Al Hassan. Then why does Shia not call Al Hassan Amir Al Mo'mineen ? In fact, we call Al Hassan, Sayyid=Chief, because he has made the Prophet saying come true when he proved that he was a Sayyid, when he signed a peace treaty with Muawayiyah, and the Sayyid is who makes peace.
  10. he was improsined by the sufis many times such as Ali Bakri, the sunni scholars asked him to be arrested, then when they read his book they agreed with him and released him, the sunni government then arrested him for not releasing a fatwa to opress people. He was also arrested for saying that 3 divorce = to 1. And I ask every just shia to not judge Ibn Taymiyyah with what non sunni scholars says, if you want to know the person, then read his books, logically, by removing the hatred from your heart and openning your mind for him don't try to critisize him, but also think carefully of what he s
  11. Wa Alykom As Salam, I thank you for your behavior, All of the Sunnis fiqhs believe that Ali is the 4th Khalifah, I am a Hanbali, so I educated myself more in the Hanbali school, which is the fiqh that Ibn Taymiyyah and Mohammed ibn Abdel Al Wahab followed, when you read what Ibn Taymiyyah says, you know that all fiqh believs that Ali was one of the rightly guided Khalifahs. here are examples of what he says in Manhaj As Sunnah, which he expresses the Sunnis belief of all fiqhs, comparing it with Shia and the Nawasib who killed Ali: "They all agree (Sunni fiqhs) that he (Ali) is of a high level
  12. I didn't want to send you the books, I was guna send to who accused Ibn Taymiyyah if not being a Sunni. 2- Imam Ali as.gif was hated by a lot of Sahaba and Tabe'en. He was even fought and insulted by them. Minhaj Al Sunnah, book 7, page 138 *--We believe that there was wars at that time of Ali, war is bigger than hatred. In this point, the author was replying to a Shia who said that Ayat al Walayah Ma7soora/kept for Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. So here, he explains that this did happen. Al Hajaj for example, is one of the taba'en who hated the Imam and order people to curse him in Iraq.
  13. I have explained in this in post 29, here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...91200&st=25 + Read the title of the thread, in fact the answer of this question would be about 12 points if you wana know then lets open a new thread about the politics of the persian empire. I don't hate the people of Iran, the sunnis and shia of them my brothers (unless they dont want that, then maybe friends ?) As long as they follow the pillars of Islam then they are Muslims. But, what I am saying is that history, presence does not carry good facts about that empire. thats not true, Islam during Mua
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