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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Barabika Salam, After a long time I'm back to shiachat. Lots of change and I'm still not sure how things go. Went to chat to say hi, but it's not working. Is there something special with the chat or is it genuinely broken?
  2. Try again. They are extra-slow, and in your next email remind them you havent rcvd your previous package and ask if they have canceled the program.
  3. Salam, how can i block other users from seeing my contents? I didn't see such an option in settings.
  4. tbh I know just as much as the post
  5. Official email from Imam Reza Shrine, pasted: Respected Sir, I would like to bring in your notice that the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Center of Deeds of Astan Quds Razavi [the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), the Eighth Immaculate Imam of the Shia Muslims in the world] situated within the precincts of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), in the Holy City of Mashhad comprises a network of libraries, museums and a deed center and is considered as one of the most important and leading treasures of the written culture in Iran and the World of Islam. The library of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) which was opened to the public use in 1457 A.D. is now considered as one of the largest and the most magnificent library in Iran and the Islamic world. The Central Library is situated within the precincts of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) and every year more than 25 million lovers and followers of Imam Reza (A.S.) and the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) from Iran and throughout the world visit the holy shrine to perform the Ziyarah (pilgrimage) of Imam Reza (A.S.). More than three million inhabitants of the Holy City of Mashhad, the second largest city of the Islamic Republic of Iran are also the regular visitors of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.). On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Alim Aal i-Muhammad[The Most Learned in the Family of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)] Hadrat Imam Ali Bin Musa-ar-Reza (A.S.) and Hadrat Fatima Masumah (S.A.), sister of Imam Reza (A.S.), which is celebrated as 'The Ten Days of Generosity', the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Center of Deeds of Astan Quds Razavi [the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)] with the cooperation of the Permanent Secretariat of the Culture and Art Festival on Imam Reza (A.S.) will conduct "The Eighth Festival for the Selection of the Best Book of the Year on Imam Reza (A.S.)" which includes compilation, poems, translation and thesis on the subjects of Imam Reza (A.S.) and his family. This event will be the part of the programs of the Thirteenth International Festival on Imam Reza (A.S.). The festival this year for the Selection of the Best Book of the Year [including the works published in years 2014 and 2015] on Imam Reza (A.S.) has five sections as follows: the Best Book, the Best Digital Book, the Best Thesis, the Best Publisher and the Works Deserved to be Published. The last date of sending the works is July 15, 2015 and the festival will be conducted in the Holy City of Mashhad on August 22, 2015.The works can be sent in Farsi (Persian) and all other foreign languages. Every applicant should send at least a copy each of the work to the secretariat. More than one work from a person will be accepted. For all the winners in the different sections of the festival besides buying all the copies of the published work, the plaque of the festival, appreciation certificate and exquisite prizes will be awarded. The exquisite prizes include paying all the tour expenses to perform the Umrah and pilgrimage to the holy places in Iraq and Syria. All the winners will be accepted as the guests of the secretariat of the festival in the Holy City of Mashhad. Specialized sessions and educational workshops will be conducted on the sidelines of the festival with the presence of the guests and distinguished scholars from throughout the world. Even the books, booklets, poems written on Imam Reza (A.S.) in different languages before 2015 sent to the Permanent Secretariat of the Festival will be displayed in the exclusive book exhibition which will be conducted on the sidelines of the festival. After this book exhibition and festival these books, booklets and poems will be included in the special section meant exclusively for the books, thesis, articles, booklets and poems written on Imam Reza (A.S.) located in the Central Library of the Astan Quds Razavi. Receipt of the books and poems on Imam Reza (A.S.) sent to the festival will be acknowledged by the Permanent Secretariat of the Festival by sending an Appreciation Certificate to the sender of the books, thesis, articles, booklets and poems. Permanent Secretariat of the Festival will be grateful to you if you forward this mail to all those Islamic organizations, institutes, centers, research institutions, publishers, writers and poets who have written books, Digital Book, thesis, articles and poems on Imam Reza (A.S.) Kindly find enclosed the brochure and the Registration Form of the festival and we hope to receive the works before the last date of sending the works i.e. July 15, 2015. You have my thanks in advance for your time, and I look forward for the receipt of the mail and your valuable comments regarding "The Eighth Festival for the Selection of the Best Book of the Year on Imam Reza (A.S.)". Thanking you, Sincerely yours in Islam, Muhammad Hadi Zahedi Chairman, The Organization of Libraries, Museums and Center of Deeds of Astan Quds Razavi and Permanent Secretariat of the International Festival for the Selection of the Best Book of the Year on Imam Reza (A.S.) Central Library of the Astan Quds Razavi Shaykh Tousi Sanctuary (Bast) The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) Holy City of Mashhad Islamic Republic of Iran P.O. Box No: 91735-177 Tele-fax: 0098-511-2235441 Telephone: 0098-511-2232004-8 Website: http://www.aqlibrary.org and www.aqlibrary.ir/ketabsal Email: info@aqlibrary.org and ketabsal@aqlibrary.org
  6. Interesting that the same logic wasn't used by supporters of the Basij when Iran's FM and President attempted to do the same thing via twitter.
  7. I think that nowadays forums like Reddit work better than this kind of forum. Reddit has the ability to hide unnecessary comments. When I came here I came to learn, but the reason I became less active was because I had to go through lots of pages mostly made of unnecessary or useless comments, Reddit hides these comments, and I figured if I pick up a book instead of going through pages looking for a proper reply (not necessarily a right one) I would learn much more. The other problem is credibility. I realized that when I'm reading someone's opinion, although it may seem right, but I would later discover it is quiet wrong, and it only seemed right to me at the time because I hadn't seen the other argument, and apparently no one else had seen it either. Also, I think changing Moderator strategy would be a good idea, in order to keep serious discussions clean of abuse, and also keep the people within the topic's borders. Hence, it will easy to retrieve information about something when the topic is there, unnecessary msgs are hidden, and everyone stays within the topic, Specially when a topic become political and two sides disagree, it quickly turns into a shouting at each other thread rather than discussion, and the topic gets lost and people start speaking about each other instead of the topic etc. You are just reading how two people shout and point fingers at each other. I guess moderators don't want to interfere in "free speech" but when a thread has a topic, it's only right to respect other people and only speak within the topic, and also give precise short answers instead of whole articles in reply to someone. A group of friends of mine tried to make a similar forum, looking exactly like this one, but tweaked for a special few who were learned persons. It's a private forum and the target audience were already very active on their email group. So it was expected that they would also be active in the forum. Nope, not a single post from anyone except the mod. Why? well, it wasn't promoted to begin with, and secondly they were busy people, it was far easier for them to quickly look in their mail rather than having to redirect to another website, then sign in, then find content, etc. Forums will show you everything, good or not, useful or not, in your interest or not. And that means lots of time, which most people over twenty don't have really. Hope this helps.
  8. The answer is quite simple. When we say that God is all-powerful, we mean that He can produce or actualize everything that is in point of existence possible. Absurd scenarios and impossible circumstances are necessarily and inherently nonexistent. It is impossible for them to come into existence, because their very nature involves contradiction. In other words, the reason that God cannot carry out the said scenarios is not on account of the limitation of His Power but is rather due to the inherent impossibility of those scenarios. Source
  9. Is this debate downloadable and online now? Link please!!!
  10. I noted Kindness next to his name. May God bless his soul. He truly is oppressed today just as he used to be when he was alive. In the Farsi world, there are numorous facebook pages making fun of Imam Hadi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã. A singer sang a song making fun of Imam Hadi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã months ago and I wondered, why Imam Hadi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã?! Of all the Imams. I could understand why an enemy would read a song against Imam Ali Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã or Imam hussain or Imam Mahdi... but of all the Imams, why would someone choose Imam Hadi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã?! Then i read a story how the caliph of his time would take a ceremony and invite people just to make fun of Imam Hadi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã. May God bless his soul. Salawatollahi Alayh. My idea about this thread was to write one trait of each Imam which we could follow in our everyday life. Like when I lazy doing nothing i remember Imam Baqir and start studying a book or Imam Ridha and start studying the Qur'an. A motive to be a good and active Muslim. Hope it works!
  11. Guys if you have ordered a book and havent rcved it yet, just remind them with another email. Or send an email to the alternative address which has been provided. I was responsible for this myself b4, and gosh were there so many emails without addresses, or country name (like which country am i sending this to?!) and no reply to the emails i sent to those folks to provide us with (read this well) EXACT AND FULL NAME AND POSTAL ADDRESS PLUS DESIRED BOOK AND PREFERRED LANGUAGE. Hope that helps Read the first post in this thread
  12. Please spread the word. I will try to inform you of other activities you guys can benefit from in the future in sha Allah. Like in two months or so. Happy you enjoyed it :D
  13. I thought someone would add something for Imam Hadi (AS)
  14. Salam, When you send an email, keep this in mind, dont expect the books soon. It could take up to a month, sometimes less.
  15. What is the one thing you would learn from each of the infallibles? The Holy Prophet (SAWS): Attitude (Akhlaq) Imam Ali (AS): Productivity Lady Fatima (SA): Grit Imam Hassan (AS): Understanding Masleha Imam Hussain (AS): Being a free man Imam Sajjad (AS): Worship Imam Baqir (AS): Science Imam Sadiq (AS): Honesty Imam Musa (AS): Dealing with Anger Imam Redha (AS): Quran Imam Jawad (AS): Generosity Imam Hadi (AS): Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS): Secret Keeping Imam Mahdi (AS): Patience May not be very deep, but just think if you could practice to have every single one of those traits… where would we be today?
  16. Salam, Bro they do have a site but it's not very good. They are updating it in order to get an active website Inshallah. Check this out and you'll get my point :P : www.imamrezashrine.com
  17. Salam, Bro i wouldnt know!! Tell them ur situation and it's their duty to find you one! :P
  18. (bismilah) Dear brothers and sisters if anyone's email to imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com is left unresponded please inform me. Also, in order to speed the process, kindly give this information in your first email: How did you become familiar with the service? Requested book or Topic Preferred Language Exact Postal Address (If you think adding ur name or address can prevent any mistakes in the post office, go ahead and add that too). Wasalam
  19. You can choose a topic OR a specific book. But if they dont have that specific book you have on your mind, they will try to send you a book similar to that. Bro im not sure about the iro@imamrezashrine.com but as for the second email (imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com) i am sure that all the emails until now have been replied to. Maybe their email is in your spam? Email them once again.
  20. I have tried this myself and i know that a couple of emails were answered yesterday. But, it will take 2-3 weeks for u to receive the package (since it's normal post and has a little bit of bureaucracy over there)
  21. Your welcome. Im happy to share useful stuff. Kindly share it everywhere so everyone can benefit. Thank you
  22. Yeah they are both official. But the iro@imamrezashrine.com is more direct, whereas the second one might be faster and with constant updates on where your package is.
  23. (bismillah) (salam) Fancy a free book delivered right to your door? Guess what, The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) offers various free books for Muslims and Non- Muslims around the world. Just pick a topic and email iro@imamrezashrine.com or imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com with your postal information and wait for their response. Spread the word because this offer is open for both Muslims and Non muslims throughout the world. A large variety of hard back books in various language are available. (wasalam)
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