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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Does anyone know the current situation for Hamza? When is his court date, can they execute him at any given time, is he still alive?? If you are on facebook and wish to support Free Hamza Kashgari please join this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/217865731642049/ But we do ask that anyone from Saudi to use anonymous name to join, to avoid any more trouble.
  2. Alsalam alikum

    How are you, dear sister?

    I already read that you are a revert, do you still need shia friends there?

  3. Alsalam alikum

    How are you, dear sister?

    I already read that you are a revert, do you still need shia friends there?

  4. (salam) Is there not a single person who can help?
  5. (salam) What happens if someone gets a very bad ear infection with a perforated ear drum, and the doctor says DO NOT get ANY water in your ear!!! How do you do a ghusl if you have to wait weeks before you can get water in your ear?? Is there any exceptions for that, like using ear plugs?? Thank You Zahra
  6. (salam) Be careful, especially when putting plastic of any kind in the microwave. Some toxins are only released in the microwave. Just check the plastic containers brand and google it with BPA in the search....eg "glad ziplock bags bpa" and you get this Safer containers or "microwave plastic containers bpa" and you get this Should you microwave plastic.
  7. (salam) BPA Free Bottle Products * Adiri Natural Nursers * Avent “Via†disposable bottles * BornFree - All bottles and cups BPA free * EvenFlo Glass bottles * Playtex Opaque Soft Bottle * Gerber Clearview, Fashion Tints (also called “Plastic Pastelsâ€), GentleFlow * Medela: All bottles * Sassy MAM bottles (UltiVent), Baby Food Nurser Kit * Green to Grow Bottles * Sassy Baby Food Nurser Kit * Sassy MAM Ultivent * ThinkBaby Bottles * Nuby: Standard Neck Non-Drip Bottle, Wide-Neck Non-Drip Bottle, Wide-Neck Bottle with Handles and Non-Drip
  8. (salam) When I attended majalis at Le Parc I noticed a lot of women had Avent baby bottles (for breastfeeding babies). The bottles (clear bottles) contain a toxic chemical called Bisphenol-A. Please follow this link and DO NOT USE these bottles. You can substitute the Avent Magic Sippy Cups they are Bisphenol-A free, and the nipples fit the sippy cups. Zahra Five TOXIC baby bottle brands.
  9. (salam) I close my eyes when the kids are playing and the baby is crying, otherwise I would end up losing concentration and break namaz. If it is quiet I keep them open. Zahra
  10. (salam) Islam does not support anything that has a negative impact on people. The term 'addiction' was used to describe a devotion, attachment, dedication, inclination, etc. Nowadays, however, the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual's health, mental state or social life. I don't know what Islam says about addiction but IMO its makrooh or haram. I will try to find out inshallah. Zahra (salam) Found something online... Islam and Addiction Zahra
  11. (salam) No replies? Does this mean that not many people know how to perform Niyaaz? I would love to do this in Muharram so if anyone knows please post. Thank you, Zahra
  12. (salam) I would like to perform niyaaz but Im not sure how to do it. I believe you cook some food with intention of offering it for Niyaaz, make a request of Allah(SWT) and read surah Fatihah over the food, and make a vow that you will fulfill when your request is granted. Once the request is granted you have to fulfill your vow. I have already read all the other posts on this, but none are specific about the procedures. Would someone please list the steps, in detail for in performing Niyaaz. Very much appreciated. Zahra
  13. (salam) At one of the mosques I go to they do it each time, and at the other mosque they don't do it each time. I do, but thats because thats how I was taught. I honestly don't think it makes that much difference. Zahra
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