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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam all, I was searching something on google and this page came up so I thought I should drop by and vote. Man, I have'nt been to this site in ages!!!! I think my last posts were over two years ago. But yea, I joined way back in 2002. Lots of familiar names here. Did ex-muslim leave? What happened to Lebstyle? Is he still around? What about the other pople that used to be around? Is Zain still here..he was such a joker :D and a huge fan of indian cricket team. Aale Mohammad that Ya Mahdi mentioned is my elder brother. He is currently in Pakistan with his wife. He got married like 6 month
  2. I had seen that. Those guys are from the MSA of my university.
  3. This is typical of you Indians. Even if we had won 3-0 you would have been like... Oh Tests are stupid, real thing is One days and that too only World cup one days and Pakistan has never beaten India in a world Cup...Aakhir kab tak tum log apnay maazi kay bujhtay chiraghon kee roshni mai din guzartay raho gay :lol:..come out and face the sunshin B)
  4. And now the Indians are trying to hide their pain by saying it's only a tie....awww :lol: You see, I am not happy because we tied..I am happy because India could not win which they SHOULD have won. And all the BS before the series about Pakistan being the underdogs and they will be defeated 3-0 and they are a young side and what not, has all disapperared like smoke in thin air !!!!!...and the Indians can come back to senses and think about some better stuff -- changing their captain to start with. :!!!: ...And as for the revenge, the ODI series is yet to remain and it is that series which wi
  5. I can imagine Zain and his fellow countrymen banging their heads against the walls. Today is an official day of mourning for them :!!!: BTW, I am extremely impressed by the way inzi handled his bowlers. The way he used Afridi was just perfect. Brought out the best in him..Also, the decision to stick with Kaneria instead of bringing Sami..that was brave, and well rewarded in the end !!
  7. Nine down. Ten overs remaining, one wicket to go :!!!: :!!!: :D
  8. The Indian fans have been STUNNED into SILENCE as Afridi grasps the wicket of Tendulkar. :shaytan: The Indians looking down the barrel :!!!:
  9. Man, Afridi's patnership breaking ability never ceases to surprise me. He took Laxman's wicket with the second ball of his second spell..India 4 down :!!!:
  10. Of course its too late now, but he should have declared when the lead was around 340. And as I type this, the declaration has come....
  11. What the hell is Inzimam thinking ??? He should have declared by now. We have nothing to loose in this game. Let the Indians have a bat today. Even no urgency in the way they are batting :o
  12. Karthik and Tendulkar are both equally Hindu :sick:
  13. O yea..I am sorry I misread your post :blush:
  14. Man I watched the match we lost ...This one is just cricinfo audio commentary and ball by ball comments. By the way 50 to AFRIDI in 26 balls. Just missed the word record by 2 deliveries.
  15. Hussain are you watching the innings or just cricinfo ??
  16. Awesome Afridi on FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irfan Pathan has been murdered by our Pathan :!!!:
  17. Yea that's the way to do it...Separate desktops. If I had a wife she would have her own desktop or laptop, whatever.
  18. so far Afridi is 12 from 4 balls...3 fours in that. That's Afridi for you.. Keep going boy !!!!
  19. Lol..It's just that I am being realistisc. And we have'nt accepted defeat yet. It's still any body's game ..
  20. To all the woman who keep arguing that not observing hijab has nothing to do with fitnah, take some heed from Ayatullah shaheed murtadha mutahhari's words : The reason why the Islamic command to cover is exclusive to women is because the desire to show off and display one's self is a particular trait of women. She is the hunter in the domination of the hearts of men and man is the prey, whereas man is the hunter in the domination of the body of women and she is the prey. A woman's desire to display herself comes from this essence of the hunter. It is the female instinct which, because of its
  21. You are missing the point all together. Ofcourse if (and only if) a man has a mardh (Disease) of the heart then he will look at a muhajaba lustfully and ofcourse himself be at fault. But otherwise he won'ts stare at her...even non muslims respect women in hijab. Again, only the diseased people would do so. The first part of what you have described is half of the islamic utopia...i.e all the women in the world observing hijab. And if the second part of your sentence is taken as true, then that implies that the system of Islam is flawed (na'udhubillah). Allah has set a formula for men and women
  22. Yea that is so true...Shia 'ulama are not only much much better to look at but they also dress elegently and talk beautifully. Most Sunni 'ulama are the opposite. The reason being the level of education..both deeni and dunyawi. True education makes you a better person whereas useless education especially when you are acquiring it not from love of education but as a burden, does your mental level no good.
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