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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. SubhanAllah, You write so beautifully... I would really love to hear a poem about Imam Reda (as), if you can write one, inshaAllah! :)
  2. From personnal experience I believe Males and female shouldn't be friends or the other way around. To be honest this makes it sooo much harder to improve ourselves and gain a stronger iman. Even if you don't want to have guy/female friends anymore, it's hard to explain that to the opposite gender, even if their muslim. It's taken me over 2 years to get through to most of my ex-guy friends (not all yet) that I'm no longer their friends, because I don't want to be mean or seem out of the blue. I have just reccently (finally) got through to my ex-best friend, I can't be friends with him. Seriously, if you think about it, it's already hard enough to improve ourselves and having the opposite gender as friends, or communicating with them alot only makes it harder. This is just my two cents from personnal experience and trust me as you get older, you'll regret ever having guy/girl friends in the first place. My excuse for having guy friends though, is that I've had them ALL my life and I never could interact with girls, without getting into a fight. :S ... This is what happens when you got 6 brothers (MashaAllah)! :P I hope this helped! WS Sayida A.T.A.M.
  3. Brother, I'm sorry to say, you are naive. You have to understand that the muslim religion says it's HARRAM to kill a person, especially if it is because of their name. Don't EVER think a true muslim would kill another muslim brother, especially between the sunni and shia sects. Also you have to understand that Shia muslims would never blame the Sunni's for the murders of the Shias. We blame the Wahabis (whom are a sect controlled by the West) and they are the ones triing to degrade the Sunni sect, by calling themselves Sunni. You have to understand, before Saddam there was peace in Iraq and seriously, if a Shia Iraq wanted to marry a Sunni Iraq, not many have a problem with that in Iraq. It's just that this won't be shown in the media and what mostly said, were BS from the media, whom sadly some muslims believe and this causes tension between our muslim brothers and sisters. InshaAllah you understood what I was getting at Brother. :) TM
  4. Salame steemed Brothers and Sisters, I haven't been on in a while, so i haven't given my two cents. So I have eventually solved my own problem, sorta. :S ... Well, what I do now is I act like i don't hear them when they call my name and walk the other direction when they appoach me. It's worked so far, but I still would freak if I don't get a chance to walk away, cuz the ppl that know me know I don't have the heart to tell them off. :S But running away from my problem seems o work for now..lol :) THanx Everyone!
  5. Salam, Just a simple question, since you seem to know alot about the Uni! :) Since the University is free, would it be possible to post the reading material for each level of the howza program on the website for people unable to attend the Uni to read and study at home, just for their own knowledge? Just wondering! I know many people would benifit from it and you're unsure, would it be possible to get an answer for me Brother? WS
  6. Perhaps this would be a better question to ask your Marja, so you are 100% sure. If you do get the answer, please share it with us esteems sis. :) WS
  7. Salam, I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read in english. If you wrote this WOW and I hope you share more of your poetic expressions about our Beloved Ahlal Bayt. Thanx :D
  8. Anyone with half a brain would know that's the most pathetic ideology a person can have. May Allah curse the people with that mind set! :angry: Ws
  9. Salam, Short hair makes me look like a little kid and so women never treat me as an adult, unless I have my hijab on. Therefore I like really long hair, but my hair is taking forever to grow.m :S WS
  10. And they call this a just War!?! :cry: May God protect the innocent souls of Lebanon and help the Western people see the crimes they support. :angry: WS
  11. None of you are showing proof of such thing. Can someone please provide evidence, insted of telling us things they've heard about. WS
  12. I am a Shia of the TRUE Sunna of the Prophet (pbuh) WS
  13. Salam, OMG`that is a really hard question since I'm from both places, but I guess I love Iran more because of its strong willed government and people. Besides, one of the main reasons I love iraq in the first place is because of the beautiful city of Karbala and if you know anything about that city you'd know 90% of the people that live there are originally Iran! :D WS
  14. Exactly! There's nothing wrong with being safe then sorry! Especially these days! WS
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