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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Alaykum

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  2. no friend hes not refering to that, i think hes statement meant that he believes that Allah wants us to be decent, helpful and all around a good hearted individual, and not a murderer, rapist, racist etc...i dnt think he was refering to actually believing in Allah. Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, your belief is different from myn, and myn from his, and his from your, tbh i dnt think there is a righ beliefe, it just depends what your beliefs makes you act like, for example, from a muslim point of view (and im not a muslim no more) i believe that an athiest that has acted ve
  3. lol, people people, stop critising eachother, whatever ur beliefs, if u r an athiest then be so, and if u r religious then be it. To all muslims i would like to say this: God/Allah/Gehova has created everyone, everyone is its creation and thus child, so if there are athiests that youd like to criticise, STOP, because we all are who we are, we all meant to be the way we are and the way we think, it is "his" wish and thus u should love everyone equal no matter their religion, ethic, sex, behaviour etc.... because these are all the masters will, and thus beutiful in its eye. So accept everything
  4. My master has plans for everyone and every action that occurs is meant to be and is beutiful in its own way, because it has been calculated, compacted, and intergrated so beutifuly by the master, and thus if i have taken lsd, then be it, nd if i ill die from one, then be it. You my dear friend, you have alot more to worry bout than me ;).
  5. Such powerful, wise, and meaningful words. You have let a new light into my perception of life. I cannot thank you enough :).
  6. i honestly believe that life is a curse. I belive that there is a "God" but this "God" is not the way religions potray him as. In my opinion he is manupilating our lives in many ways, just as if it is a game. I belive that we are poppets to this God, as if this God has wrote the scripts of a film, and got himself (itslef) actors (us) and we merely play the act given to us, whislt he is the designer (the writter) as well as the director. Many events have happened which i used to believe where connected to the illuminaty and/or the freemasons, but now i have realised that it is his doings. "he"
  7. looooool!!!!! every human is Allah's child, even Dajjal, his army....even Shatan. Mahdi's army would not represent an army for Allah; an army to fight FOR Allah!!! Allah does not require any army, nore any human for its own existence. Try not to go into fairy tales.
  8. Being alive at the time of Mahdi would be seen in many views as one of the GREATEST things an individuall could acomplish in its lifetime. However, you should not forget the consequenses that eventually lead to his appearance; when the world is in chaos and humanity is in despair, will he rise from the people and take his role as the greatest leader ever lived. But this also means that many people will not live to see his rise because of the misery and pain that they will go through. One should not try to hasten his appearance, not only because there would be soo much misery and pain at the ti
  9. miracle and magic are one, differentiation betwen these two is due to the natural insticnt of the human mind to isolate entities as different and isolated phenomenon. Both, miracle and magic, are illusions created in an already illusion world.
  10. I did not expect sarcasm from such an individual, it tells me a lot about you. Your statements are intriguing. Your references are of Hadiths, which in turn are quotations sent down many generations from "respectable" holly men. Hoping that they have not been tampered with over the many years or, even more importantly, that primarily the source of knowledge is that of the truth. Taking such variables into account, then tell me, what is the difference between my hypothesis about the imam and that of the individuals quoted in your Hadiths? I see non, for all quotations from Hadiths are philoso
  11. Very good questions, these are my opinions: Imam Mahdi will change the way people think, that is; to bring "equality" world wide. He will change the system of governments in that money shall no longer exist and instead of it a credit system will be accomplished. You earn points by increasing socialisation, that is taking part in roles of society. This way people will be encouraged to work together, to love and care for others, in return they will teach such diciplines to generations to come. People will get minus credits if they be unsocial, by each negative credit you will lose out on gifts t
  12. In my opinion, i do not believe dajjal is either the US dollar, governements, freemasons or other cults. I believe dajjal is a man of peace, at this very present, i believe he is a fair, loving, friendly and very respectable man. I believe that he lives by us today, and soon he will achieve enlightenemnt in such a way that no one ever has before. And in doing so he will gain untold powers. However, he will not abuse his powers for his mind will be set for the good, for he was born good, but something will happen, and event or series of events that will transform him into evil. This transformat
  13. Huxley, friend, i will accept most of your statements made in the last reply, but i am confused about the NO reply that you made to my statement of darwinian law(s), could you please expand. Thank you.
  14. very good friend, you are on the right track (in my opinion), search for the truth, search the truth independantly, by urself, do not let "rules"/"laws" created by others influence your perception of the truth.
  15. :) life is a wonderful gift; but ask yourself this very question friend, do the positives overcome the negatives? are we not after all, by darwinian law, only "machines" carrying, protecting, and ultimately replicating our masters, our DNA? what is so wonderfull about it? Ok so maybe the capacity of our brains has allowed us to overcome the influence of the genes in some ways, such as using condom, taking drugs etc.. but their influence is nevertheless always there, and we are enslaved to them. What a wonderful life it is Huxley.
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