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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Brother, I'd like to know the range of ages that attend this camp, and where it will take place. Thanks
  2. (salam) Welcome to Islam; as you may know we have a big muslim shia population in Dearborn Michigan, which includes a majority of Arabs. however, here at the Islamic Center of America, Allah has blessed us with Sayed Hassan Qazwini, who is the leader of this center. This sayed is a great person who is involved in the community locally and nationaly. He speaks both arabic and english fluently, he also teaches courses on Islam in some universities. He has blended himself in our community and understood the problems that muslims face in terms of turning religion into a cultural tradition, and fought against that by bringing different cultures under the umbrella of Islam. We also have the YMA (Young Muslim Association) here at the center, they are very active and they are american born muslims that understand and some times experience the same problems that you mentioned about cultural influences on religion. So this may be a great place for you to come, since you already have a friend (me) :D There are also couple other centers who are similar to this center on a smaller scale. Oh, I forgot a very important thing, we are in the process of building a new Islamic center, which will be the biggest of its kind in the US, I just took a look at the place from inside last week end, its huge and amazingly spacious, which will fit our needs as a big muslim population in this area, and open new doors for more activities for people that are interested like you and me. and I heard that this mosque will be opened at the begining of next year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Peace
  3. (salam) As some of you know, we are in the process of building a new Mosque and Islamic center in Dearborn Michigan, which will be the biggest of its kind in the US. My problem is that a loan from a bank, which of course includes paying an interest (Riba) to build this center, has been used in this process. The person in charge is the Imam of this center and as I know he follows Sayed Ayatollah Sistani, who is against Riba or interest on money by all means! I know that building an Islamic center is needed and it is a great achievment, but when some people came and started to question this imam's credibility because he has violated his own Marjaa, me and others where unable to defend our imam who we pray behind! whats even worse is that when one of those people approached this Sayed and asked him why riba is used in building this center, he took it kind of personally and told the him: you are not a scholar to provide a hadith and argue about such an issue!! If you can help us in clarifying this issue please do, whethear with positive or negative opinions about this issue. Peace
  4. (salam) There are many flaws in Darwinian Theaory of evolution, and I remember one a lecture on this subject where the speaker said that Darwin himself never stated that homo sapiens or humans have evolved from monkeys! however the fossil evidence provides clues about this part of the theory. Just because we have small evidence to prove that humans are descendants of monkeys, doesn't make this a fact. for many years scientists had a fixed mentality about some issues and thought that what ever they know is the fact, however, with human inventions and development in science one can never be so sure about such issues. I remember reading in Science that new genetic approaches have revealed that humans' DNA sequence is very different than monkeys (gorillas), therefore one can rely on this very strong and confident evidence in rejecting the idea of us humans being a product of evolution! Peace
  5. When we get an advice from Allah and His messanger pbuh or the Imams, we may not fully understand the reason behind what they tell us. So far maybe the scientific evidence or research are not available to provide a correlation between the above matters! For example, when Allah says that Flies take things from us and we can never recover what they take, we were not able to understand why that is up until recent years of new scientific studies. Many other examples also such as the positions of the stars and on and on... So your belief in what AhluAlbait (as) tell us (which is from Allah and His messanger pbuh) is enough to follow what they say, since you don't have any evidence or logical argument to prove the opposite.
  6. [How can we clone a living man and think Allah will put a soul (ru7u) in it and make the clone do what that actual person does, and own his family and everything etc. In that context, cloning seems outrageous, as well as impossible.] You guys are forgetting that when you clone a person, you will not have a full grown man like in the movie "The 6th Day". It will be a process of pregnancy, and the born child will be raised by the parents (or maybe only a mother). In addition to this, the personality of the clone will not be the same since we know that our personalities develop based on the environment and the events that took place in our lives. So how can one expect to have an identical clone if the are born and raised in a different time frame and environment?! It is only identical GENETICALLY, so the personality may be similar some how, but it all depends on what I've mentioned earlier. Peace
  7. Thank you anyways, but I'm sure when the rest of the brothers see these questions, they will load me with answers and fatwas. Thanks
  8. Great reply brother; I realy was looking for a straight Fatwa about Marijuana, since the scientific and medical society has contrasting opinions within them about the serious effects, where one cannot realy establish a way of weighing harms against benefits. I also need that fatwa to use it in my argument against many people who claim that Islamic scholars have no opinion on this issue, which is becoming more popular and common in our societies, especialy those in the US. Thanks
  9. Most people are saying yes to human cloning but they forget to mention that FULL human cloning can be done for two different reasons: - A therapuetic reason, where couples are unable to reproduce. - Cloning a person who died (to bring the person back so to speak!). I think that the first reason is acceptible, while the second represents a challege to death and may lead some people to follow this approach for other "entertaining" reasons, like cloning "Micheal Jordan"! So I think that we have to understand the consequences of full human cloning before agreeing with it, regardless of the "Soul" issue, because the Quran tells us that Allah puts the soul in the body at the moment of conception. And since we are taking another approach that leads to the same end (using modern science) we cannot skip the soul process that Allah will allow in that body anyways. Thanks
  10. It is becoming very usual for muslims to smoke in private or in public, and whats even more annoying that some muslims run around smoking Marijuana and claim that there is no serious Islamic opinion about smoking (meaning it is not 7aram) and smoking Marijuana is just the same so why not!!?? So is it 7aram in Islam to smoke tobacco? Is it 7aram to smoke Marijuana? For those who like to give answers, please mention the source and Faqih's name. Thanks
  11. Thank you guys, this was realy informative. The web sites are great and I'm glad that the references are available and easily accessed. Thanks
  12. I have few questions that I'm not sure where to find aswers for. It may be offensive for some of you but my intentions are purly for the sake of finding answers! 1) Is oral sex with wife (Mut3a or Nika7) 7aram in shia opinion? 2) Is there any certain intercourse positions that we must follow or are we as men and women free to enjoy each other as long as we are married (Mut3a or Nika7) ? If you wish to give references and not answer with your reply, please mention detailed references. Or if you wish to answer my questions, please tell me who (Sayyed or 3allama) has said so. Thank you guys, Peace
  13. (salam) Guys whats Tahajjud??? and can some one tell me what the middle prayer "Alssalat Alwusta" is? May Allah reward you all.
  14. (salam) Deneroz; Responding to your claim that "RasuluAllah is only reponsible for delivering a message " All I can say is that depending on the Quran alone without the help of RasuluAllah pbuh is not enough, otherwise Allah could have sent the Quran to people in one book with an angel and then left, leaving them fight over the explanations!!! RasuluAllah pbuh is our connection to Allah, his Hadiths are important for us to understand the word of Allah, since he is also telling us what Allah wants him to tell us in his Hadiths (La Yntiqu 3an Alhawa, In howa Illa Wa7yun You7a) "sorry I don't have the arabic writing". Since we are incapable as human beings of understanding everything Allah (sw) says, we definitly need RasuluAllah to explain to us (not what he thinks, but what Allah wants him to say in his explanations). We shouldn't rule out the name of our holy prophet pbuh from Al-Shahadah, because when you say that you worship Allah and follow islam, you must identify the massenger whom you follow. The way you pray today is not the same way that other prophets told their people to pray.....etc. Peace :)
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