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  2. Assalam alaik ...this is 22 years old Muslim secret doctor guy prince of Yemen student of Criminal Justice Science in international islamic university of madinah munawwarah ,,if you want to know me more just search me in facebook or in tagged by this name " boy islami"...jazakallah khair...just add me

  3. hi, Asalam-o-alikum,

    how are you ?

  4. Fatima-H

    Hi..im Ali's sister

    (bismillah) (salam) brothers and sisters my name is fstima and i am from sydney Australia... i am muslim shi3a... the first time i heard about this site i was so happy and really wanted to join...i figured that part out but basically i am new to this site and i dnt really know how to use it well........i am very happy to join with my brothers and sisters and inshalla i will learn new things as i go.. (salam)
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