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  1. i agree with that. after revolution even imam khomeini was told that during shahs regime, we were forced to remove hijab. so now throw away the people who r not doing proper hijab. imam khomeini said that if i tell them so they wont do the small covering they r atleast doing nw. even imam khameini has the same answer now!
  2. Iran got few olympic winners this year among women....explains it all..
  3. i think there is no need to prove to the world that we r good. we r here to only please Allah. secondly, we done need to show the world that we r good. we need to be just good, rest will follow, if Allah wills.
  4. salam it is just like other ghusls. first do the niyyat and wash ur hair and the scalp. second, wash ur face, ears and neck. third: front right side. then back right side fourth: front left side. then back left side.
  5. salam sis, well i think ur story is the story of all the girls. atleast most of them. and the reasons varies from one person to another. when i got a proposal from a guy (who is actually my husband now) i used to cry in front of my sis even before i met him. after i met him , i didnt find anything negative in him and my brother and father had inquired alot about him, so i believed them and after 2 and half months of chatting with him and knowing him and opening myself a bit (so that he knows me) i finally said yes. but believe me, i cudnt handle this change even after we got engaged. my parents used to think i got pressurized and i want to break. they even asked me if i want to break i can do that. but my problem was something else .... i was just scared...lol...and i used to just keep crying and crying. dont know why....but alhamdulillah with the help of Allah and asking my mother to specially pray for me i settled with this change and became more comfortable with him and now we are married. the other sisters have given you very good answers already, but my two scents is that try ur best to talk to him and understand and know him more before you say yes and leave the rest to Allah. Plus, a little patience and tolerance is always required in a married life , even if the guy is not taking u for granted! bcos that is the key to a happy married life.
  6. @Laayla Can u pls tell me exactly where did u find the spelling mistake. I ll get that corrected.
  7. the above website is our honorable tribute to them as well as the recent martyrs of syria.. if possible check it out and spread also we have our social media sites fb.com/followersofthepure telegram.me/followersofthepure instagram.com/followersofthepure many thnx
  8. lol.sorry abt tht. writing to u again after 2 yrs. but i check SC less. kinda left it. since i cant find my friends as well....too busy studying ..all of us...
  9. that is actually cool. i think i got to learn from her
  10. www.yaranenaab.com my blog on blogspot. an initiative to pay tribute to the martyrs.
  11. salam! forgot me?? hru btw ??

  12. salam, have a look at this blog yaranenaab.com
  13. salam, i know many of the old users who were really knowledgable, but i cant take their names. and each n everyone was versatile ... i mean they had different reasons why they were knowledgable.
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