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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I use blogspot :shifty: Its really simple and straightforward and easy to use. not had any problems so far. Haven't tried any others. :shifty:
  2. I've been here since 06 and I haven't even reached 1000 posts yet :unsure: Its all the wisdom I have...Silence is golden B) @)
  3. I'm traumatised after seeing that video clip :mellow:
  4. Been Married for 3 years....5 years if you include engagement. I was 17 years when I got engaged. Alhamdulillah still lasting :blush: :shifty:
  5. THANKYOU :D :shifty: It was a great quiz!!!...Looking forward to the next one inshaAllah :shifty:
  6. Jeez!!! You're allowed to chill out alone you know :shifty: but yeah..maybe I'd pack him in the suitcase too!!!
  7. ^ I was thinking more the Maldives...or Zanzibar :shifty:
  8. I found my wedding invitation :huh: Also found some legal documents of someone with my name in India....creepy :shifty:
  9. Jawhara

    Live Chat Quiz

    Woohoo!! can't wait!!..sounds awesome! :D :shifty:
  10. A beautiful isolated beach with white powdery sand and clear, crystal blue sea and palm trees everywhere....on a hammock!! just me and no one else!!!!
  11. I think when it comes to the Holy Prophet and Bibi Khadija or Imam Ali and Sayyida Fatima (as), then there is definitely something like soulmates, because they were the ultimate creation and their bond that we learn of is beyond any of us as ordinary human beings could have or could comprehend for that matter. However, when it comes to ordinary people, I think the concept of soul mates is fiction. Yes you may meet someone who you love deeply and connect to, but you can meet many people who you love deeply and connect to. So yah...fiction it is -_-
  12. I can never wear my silky scarves without the cap/bonnet thing...but when I do (I can wear the square scarves without them) I usually war those summery cloth hairbands inside..it kind of holds the hair back without being tight..and also holds the scarf in place... hope thats of some help to you!!
  13. Lol don't be nervous..I was MADE to go as well..and was really not looking forward to it...I was sooo wishing I could run off and sit in the plane to Male instead of Iran..but we got there in the end and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!!..p.s take EVERYTHING you need..the Iranians totally don't understand anything you ask for...you usually have to do this weird sign language thing and STILL end up with nothing p.p.s pray for us!!!
  14. ^ ws Ohh I had no idea that was a ruling!!!! I just looked it up on Najaf.org according to ayatullah seestani: Hmm, I was watching todays class from outside and it didn't look much like dancing..but I guess maybe it will progress to that?? Then I had better stay away :unsure: Has anyone else done it before?? Also..anyone tried pilates?? does it kill??
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