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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please Brothers Straight Path and Mohalmine I adjure both of you to work out your issues with eachother. I applaud that you see there are eltist machinations that control most spheres of society but you are falling into the "blame the whites" and "its the natives" dialectic which has been an invaluble source of instigation by every secret service starting with John Dee (007 origin please google him) to the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. You brothers are letting some of your really good points get smothered by fighting eachother! The enemy is the elitists and the extremists they usually employ (google b
  2. Please before I leave brother you must be careful of your generilzations. Though I agree the "blame white people" line of defense is a good when you want to avoid personal responsibility for yourself or people. Yes, rich white elitists enslaved the world, but they also enslaved their own populations. Usually these same people who blame the west and whites are hypocrites because they are using white (or Asian) technology and European and American concepts of liberty and government.
  3. WHY HAS MY SIGNATURE BEEN ERASED!? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH IT?! Who do I contact to sort this matter out? How dare you moderaters erase it without at least sending me a letter of warning or something. They were only two signatures that were against totalitarian government? Maybe if they were pictures sanctioning totalitarianism, giving people 40 lashes for trousers etc... then maybe you would have allowed me to keep it on. One signature was against corporate media using propoganda and censorship to control the population. Well, shiachat has done just that, congratulations! Maybe if I blamed all m
  4. It is obvious that Mugabe is a tyrant who, though once a great revolutionary, has evolved into an old dictator who relied on a cult of personality and brute force over his population, which is not unusual in Africa and many other parts of the world. While it is true that the UK still wishes to rule Zimbabwe through a puppet and Mugabe stopped this, he did not seize his chance to be a shining example of an African country that could have been. He, like many, simply took the bait and believed in his own divinity. Look at Zimbabwe now, a wreck.
  5. I must clarify "shariah law is incredibly backward" I am referring to the overbearing nature of Islamic jurusprudence that passess for Islam and original Islamic law when in reality is usually a law interpreted on the basis of questionable sources such as chaotic ahadith which are in large part fabrications traced to Islam's origins but are really regional customs sanctified by purported events. I am also referring to ancient practices, normal in bygone times but antiquated (yet sadly not completely extinct). For instance, slavery. We know that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all allow slave
  6. That is food for thought. Yet, our sunni brothers think food for thought is letting goats eat mushafs and lost surahs. I am sorry I could not help myself when I read the title!
  7. Well said. It seems many Muslims want it both ways which is not possible. Shariah law is incredibly backward and the genocidal regime in the Sudan seems more intent on arresting people with trousers and teddy bears than they are with Darfur. Idiocy has always been in style and no-one seems to be getting lashes for it!
  8. We all know that terrorist organizations receive as much help from western governments as they do from regimes around the world. Here is an interesting take on British and Saudi ties which may have had a hand in 9/11. http://www.larouchepac.com/lpactv?nid=11106 Enjoy
  9. There are many Jews still in Sarajevo as well as one of the finest and oldest manuscripts of the Haggadah which is recited during passover. Also, a majority Of Bosnians did not back the nazis, I will send you a bibliography if you like. Once again, and I say his for the last time: The EU was fascist inspired and the two faced government (openly corrupt now) of the UK have lost the moral authority over Iran. The invasion of Iraq, which was planned even before 9/11 (as was the Afghanistan war) were only a prelude to a very possible attack on Iran -- this has been fully documented and I willl sen
  10. Let me be clear: I am against all genocide whether it is against Serbs, Albanians, Muslim, Christian, or whatever. I just do not think that the EU or anyother fascist inspired structure will bring peace. Peace will not come from Brussels or 10 Downing street. It sure as hell will not come from Athens, Belgrade or Tirane. It will come when the big fish stop using the little fish and people get some common sense that we cannot continue like this. So no: I am not saying the Irish should fight the two-faced UK. What I am saying is that the EU and UK is just as untrustworthy as Iran, North korea, S
  11. Read Rescue in Albania: One Hundred Percent of Jews in Albania Rescued from the Holocaust Harvey Sarner Brunswick Press, Cathedral City, California, 1997 I guess you are either Slav or Greek. Well, I must tell you that the majority of fascist forces were Christian. My grandparents fought for freedom and with the British against the Nazis. I still have the pictures in my house. So you csan pull out your famous pictures of nazi divisions from Muslim teriitories if you like. I do not blame them for joining them because the Serbs were just as vicious, as were the Greeks. I take back some of the
  12. What are you talking about, you have not followed the entire discussion. Yes, there were Muslims who joined the axis powers. My family fought against them as did many. Those who joined did so because the Serbs with their chetniks were committing atrocities. Most of the ustacha were your Christian bretheren. One of whom was just sainted by the Pope. Muslims in the Balkans saved more Jews than the Christians did, this is a proven fact. The Chetniks were not much than the Ustasha (both overwhelmingly Christian). Read the entire discussion. By the way, I replied to your pathetic topic before the m
  13. Well, as long as the British let you wear green and play football that is all a g-man wants and needs! Churchill would have been proud!
  14. Nazi? You cannot refute anything in that article! The EU was founded by Nazis. I am impressed by you digging into what I have said. If anyone here in Shia chat knows me they know that I joke a lot and make sarcastic statements. So calm-down G-man. You are trying, and quite futily at that, to make the choice of the UK and EU seem defendable when they have double standards. We call it hypocrisy, which is what it is. My family fought against the Germans and my grandmother lost many family members so please watch what you say (even though I think idiocy runs in your g-man blood). Then again, what
  15. Your internal contradictions have just validated my point. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Being called a low-life by the g-man likes of you only makes me feel good. By the way, the Irish are for the most part against the EU and the Lisbon treaty but the EU will force its way by hook or crook, nonetheless. You amek the EU sound like a utopia but more and more Europeans are waking up to what it really is. What can you expect from an organization that based its headquarters on the tower of Babel http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=142 Nazis founded EU -- hail the fourth reich! http://www.dai
  16. You are poor excuse for an Irishman. You would have been a G-man when Mick Collins and Harry Boland were fighting for freedom. You are pathetic and probably have a picture of the Queen in your house. Allowing the EU (fourth reich) and the UK (murderer of your people) to make choices for you shows your idiocy. If the trustworthy British government says they are not terrorists, well I guess they are not!? Well, if Iran says Hamas is not a terrorist group I guess they are not, if I am following your line of reasoning. I guess truth is relative and he who has more guns has more truth? So much for
  17. Just to play devil's advocate for an even larger devil: The soviets did not have radar for tracking beyond a certain distance in space until 1972. In 1972 the missions ended and there have been none until now, surprisingly.
  18. Do not forget that the same problem arose in 76 in the US and the vaccine ended up killing many and giving them cancer later on. Now they want vaccines by companies that have been caught running experiments on people. http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/news/200...tamiflu-warning http://digg.com/world_news/MSNBC_Exposes_B...in_AIDS_Scandal http://www.jeffreywarber.com/hc%20pages/fl...m2.html#anchor5
  19. I really doubt that they did not go to the moon. Yet, I wonder why they ended in 72 around the same time the Soviets developed space radar equipment. Since then all manned missions stop before the van allen belt. Personally, I think we did go to the moon. I just wonder why the original footage was accidentally erased and they did not know this until days before the 40th anniversery, interesting. They said it was due to negligence. http://blog.brickhousesecurity.com/apollo_11_1969/ http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/jul...sa-apollo-event
  20. Get real. I don't support the US government and am critical of it however that doesn't mean I'm going to accept every crazed theory and story that comes along. You and "brother," Straight Path are free to ride Alex Jones' jock all you please.
  21. In Kenya they were reporting, based on what Obama's grandma said, that he was born in Mumbasa. Who knows? Who cares? It does not matter because Obama works for the big bankers anyway. He has lied about everything he was going to do. As for you people who look upon those who question the media as "lunatics" I say you are right we are lunatics because: 1)The media said there were WMDs and there were 2)Islam is a religion of violence and is definitely 3)Saddam Hussein worked with Al Qaeda on 9/11 and he did 4)Iraq was behind the anthrax and it was. 5)The stimulus packages help Americans and they
  22. Patricia Crone and Cook, sorry for the typos Haggarism read it and many other articles and you will see how much the Ummayads loved Islamic learning! But it is ok they conquered cities! That is all that matters right?
  23. Mashallah for the brothers who made that documentary. It is a very good one. May Allah bless them kathiran. Also watch (free) Obama Deception Endgame Police State INFOWARS.COM
  24. INFOWARS.COM INFOWARS.COM google video: Obama Deception, Endgame
  25. The elections in the US in 2000 and 2004 were stolen but no protests. It seems Iranians are more American than Americans! Anyway, Obama, the Bushes and Clinton are all the same. Long live the NWO, take your vaccinations and shut up! We should support forced abortions and population reduction google: Holderin and sterilization support the police state in the UK and US! Love big brother because he knows best! What? You do not agree? Get tasered! INFOWARS.COM INFOWARS.COM google video: Obama Deception, Endgame, Police State INFOWARS.COM US is bankrupt!
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