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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother Imran .. any chance of uploading a better quality of this video. This is the only video of his on web where he is reciting this Manqabat. Jazak Allah.
  2. From the website of Ayatullah Sistani: While in Sajdah one should pray to Allah, and express his wishes, and should recite this supplication: Ya Khayral Mas'ulin wa Ya Khayral Mu'tin, Urzuqni warzuq 'Ayali Min Fazlika Fa Innaka Zulfazlil 'Azim - O You Who are the best from whom people seek their needs, and O You, Who are the best bestower of gifts! Give me and the members of my family sustenance with Your grace. Undoubtedly You possess the greatest grace.
  3. aadd


    Salam-un-Alaikum Have listened to this Latmiya several times on Hadi TV this and last year. just found its source. Have also got it Persian translation here: http://colt.blogfa.com/post-459.aspx Can anyone please help to get the English/Urdu translation? Jazak Allah.
  4. Fasting, I’tekaf, Advent Of Moon, Fitrah (Fiqhi Rules made simple according To 4 Maraja’e) By: Shk. Muhammad Raza Dawoodani In Urdu (PDF): http://www.dawoodani...ingBookUrdu.pdf In English (PDF): http://www.dawoodani...roza%20book.pdf
  5. Anti-Shia book? I believe there is some misunderstanding. This book is against the false Claimant of Imamat i.e. AgaKhan and Its system, hence its in support of Imam-e-Zamana (as) Read the "Dedication" & "Writing Motive" part and you will get an idea what this book is all about.
  6. English Book in PDF format : AgaKhanism & Its Insitutions http://www.dawoodani.../Agakhanism.pdf This is actually the translation of Urdu Book "Aga-Khaniat aur Uskay Idaaray" by Shk. Muhammad Raza Dawoodani. Originally written for Karachi/Pakistan audience because of a certain issue prevailing there but its contents are certainly useful for global audience too. For Urdu Book: http://www.dawoodani.../agakhaniat.php Sharing below an extract from Shaheed Mutahheri about AgaKhanism:
  7. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania English/Urdu 1st to 12th Muharram Maulana Muhammad Raza Dawoodani http://www.dartabligh.org/books/audio/Muharram_1432.asp
  8. Thank you brother. If anyone can please inform where Maulana recited between 18th and 23rd Muharram. And what's his program after Sharjah? JazakAllah.
  9. Thanks mate. His majalis there can be downloaded from http://alsadiqtrust.com/
  10. Anyone knows where Maulana Sadiq Hasan is addressing after 1st Ashra? Thanks.
  11. Thank you very much brother. As you live there, can you please inquire where Maulana is scheduled to recite after 1st Ashra and so on?
  12. You live in Birmingham? As Maulana Sadiq Hasan is there for the first Ashra.
  13. Once again the Month of Muharram is on. Anyone knows where Maulana is reciting this month of Muharram. I mean 1st Ashra and the Ashras onwards. Thanks in advance.
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