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  1. salam, danishaskar you mentioned something about worried of committing a thousand sins, which i doubt is that high but i'd guess it's around 5 bad acts in different categories. well here is the deal pick the most severe and bad act you think you'll committ and ask earnestly to God to help you with that, for example oh Allah i sincerly ask thee to help me in my struggle with smoking and go on day by day living that situation and see wheere it goes. if you want help from god in this way then you have to take all the other stuff out of your head, because you will get too worked out on it.

  2. It seems nobody will understand what you mean. You have either placed your question incorrectly for the answers you seek, or like i imagined prior to the extra confusion, you have no idea what you want to know.

    You ask such a broad question which indeed sounds like a statement and expect others to understand your encrypted lingo.

    Why don't you enlighten all of the people who have not a clue into what your meaning by taking your role here seriously and explaining what in fact you intend others to comprehend in this jumbled split ended post.

    hahaha cute

  3. Salam...I think it depends on the situation and how important the decision is.

    I have been in a situation where I had all the reasons to believe that doing something was good (not that not doing it was bad), but my heart wasn't into it. and I didn't pursue it. I don't regret not doing that thing because as someone mentioned, i didn't want to take the risk of being mistaken.

    So..I disagree with you. Don't pursue an action if you don't want to, because if "later in the process [you] figure what is wrong with it" you can't undo the past.

    ps. this is a matter of opinion and it all depends on the person. :)

    sorry but your post is irrelevant you probably misunderstood my statements, it's really simple if you feel that it's wrong than you don't do it, if good you go with it

  4. Relatively simple:

    If you are aware or may have a slight feeling that the consquences are postive, perhaps you should seek the opportunity. Always maintain a sense of mental and physical courage to overshadow all odds and obstacles.

    However, if you believe the consquences are discomforting and this general idea will cause a negative outlook, perhaps you should change your mind. Never take the risk, no matter how small it may appear to be.

    Remember, that your introductory post was in general. If you wish to share with us your specific situation, you would recieve better advice. However, always keep in mind that anything you do that contradicts Islam beliefs is wrong, and you should cease the act without a second thought.

    indeed to pursue actions it must be good, not contradicting islam and of course being capable of doing it

  5. who do u think u are lol

    u use your imagination. Try to imagine what you indeed meant by your post, instead of leaving you undirected useless full of nothing post lonely of sense.

    ALLAHSFALCON please if you don't have anything useful to say just ignore this thread because you are the one who isn't putting anything good thank you my muslim brother

  6. There are moments when a person reaches a point where there is something good to happen but avoids it and thinks it's evil or bad, this is a sign of weawkness; such as not in control of the mind. It's important to pursue that action what ever it may be and later in the process figure what it is that's "wrong" with it.

  7. And it's kind of sad that people like yourself use American inventions to generalize about American people!

    Even if you don't live in America you are using American conveniences you've paid for, so whats the difference?


    give me a break how do you konw what product im using, their television shows suck i don't watch it, hollywood is a curse to the world....

  8. thats a good question pedram, honestly it doesn't matter if we are going to exist for eternity, because God isn't going to tell us (in the quran) that humans are this much behind God in eternity but rather He just says for example "i'm eternal and you are not" haha.... meaning God is there yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The difference is we weren't there in the beginning so God is farther than us, thats what it really means.

    Now when we are re-created and we being in heaven for forever thats not the same as God. Its really simple if you want to know the answer you have to ask yourselve were we there before God or was God there before us.

    Finally the question you should be asking yourself is "How will God make us eternal?" of course you will have problems but hope you get the point.

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