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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam alaikum, honestly have to agree with yousif music is a big factor in stress it could damage the mind without you even knowing it because everyone listens to music and there are all sorts of music but the best solution is no music at all as this will relieve some stress you're having or even all depending on the person. my friend stop listening to music for a week and see how your life will change no joke wallah
  2. ^ it doesn't look fake, but why does the guy ask if it was a jinn or devil are they the same and it replied its a female devil and was in love with the man.
  3. salam alaikum. First the lady says: Zawajtuka nafsi fil muddatil ma'loomati 'alal mahril ma'loom Translation: "I married myself to you for the known period and the agreed upon dowry." Then man replies: Qabiltu. Translation: "I accepted."* If you need more information go here and see http://revindoku.tripod.com/cgi-bin/prosedur.htm, and remember be serious when you do this stuff its not like a game picking up girls or like playing cards you will be accountable for your actions and may regret the whole process don't mean to offend you..peace to you
  4. bad idea old members probably might check in with a new user name and these questions were asked for a reason obviously to be answered so lets not get too smart, and why would they have to be stimulating to for? peace....
  5. Salam. A couple of months of ago i had my first small encounter with this jinn after many supposed dillusions i had (which weren't) i was using my computer and i felt my forearm being twitched or moved back, the thing is it came out of no where because in my mind i wanted to really come across a jinn. Before that as well things were being moved in my room etc. Thats pretty much all could be said at the moment probably my next encounter will be months to come.
  6. loooooooooooooool i use to play basketball
  7. we should always say ya Allah but we could say ya Ali in a really different intention and situation besides imam Ali was only human so when we call to him obviously the intention is he is only HUMAN but people we have to remember that Allah is the key here (Allah Allah)
  8. smoking yuuuuuck thank god i quit that habit its been long that i quit....good luck(remember the key is to take one day at a time) seriously the government should be sued for selling this poisinous junk.
  9. people don't you think its obvious that the imam would know how we'd act if he put himself in this situation lol he's walking by a camera (as if he doesn't know what a camere is) and thinks "hmmm okay im the imam and there is a camera there is this a good idea??" you think he's gonna put him self on CAMERAAAA?? :!!!: :!!!: and besides people its not the end of the world hopefully we'll see him one day... p.s probably safe to say that no one knows how the imam looks like and we shouldn't jump to conclusions right away............................................
  10. good news it looks like forex has something called 'sharia account' which abandons the user from receiving interest making it wait until 5 pm to pay a $2.50 charge, but the problem is i have no idea how to trade or even enough money to do it :!!!: in the future in the future :excl:
  11. for example forex, because something to do with Day traders can generate double-digit returns every day. On top of these returns, longer-term traders can also earn interest on open positions. Simply sit back and watch the interest compound.
  12. something else came to my mind, why is it that a person is the same nationality or culture background as their parents and the children are born somewhere else. also what would my children be then if my parents are iraqi and im born in iran?? this national thing is really confusing how is it determined?? for the parents the children and the grandchildren...(can't breath)
  13. uh huh makes sense that kinda what i was thinking before, i knew it. thanx
  14. salam alaikum i was wondering about how this works if my parents are born in iraq and mostly everyone from their family as well and my siblings were born in iran and stayed there for 8 years but didn't get iranian citizenship what would that make me? if people were born in a different country of their parents background. like if an indian guy was born in Canada and you look at him you wouldn't think he's Canadian right? so please any smart person knows this lol
  15. ALLAHUAKBAR i bought glassses a while at that time thinking i neeeded them unfortunately used for two months and i laughed at myself cause i was like damn i never wore glasses what the hECK AM I DOING, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERe hurting me sometimes, lol so then went to return it to the chinese guy told sorry im not glasses guy please give some money back.
  16. Once I went for a quick sleep in the evening because I was feeling a little bit tired and no more than about 3 minutes when i dazed off I felt transfering myself almost to a different dimension as if I can't move my body and about to meet something beyond my imagination (can't explain it, maybe it was a ghost or something), funny thing was it's like I was half awake and half a sleep but I was terrified and true you can't really move yourself or say anything, like you're being controlled into this freaky freeeeeeeeekyy atmosphere but i swear i tried my best to get up and let me tell you thank g
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