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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Innalilahi Wa inna elahi rajeeon. What were his previous usernames?
  2. Thank you. You are correct in assuming so. What was your not-so-shiny username?
  3. Life is going so fast. It feels weird and scary.
  4. It made me feel quite sad to read some of the responses from members on here. Whether the OP was joking or not, he shouldn't have been automatically judged or disrespected for asking a question.
  5. Salam alaykum, It's very difficult to work in an environment like that. I have worked in environments like that and it is very unpleasant. The best method is to go into work, keep yourself to yourself, do what you gotta do to the best of your ability and go home. Leave work at work. Get on with your life. Pray to Allah (swt) to give you patience to deal with their horrible akhlaq because sometimes it is very hard to hold back. Try finding a better job but until you don't, best of luck. Ma'assalama
  6. Why is life going so fast? Please, slow down! :wacko:
  7. Nope. You over-complicate things. Just read it as it is, it simply means what it says; no secret meaning. :)
  8. Positive thinking will do you wonders. I can't forget your pain Hussain (as)...
  9. OP, I feel exactly the same; it is very horrible! Like notme has said, the best thing to do (from my own experience) is to cry it out. I feel so much better after I've had a good cry, I feel lighter and somehow it makes some of the horrible feelings go away.
  10. I've heard that if you can't cry then you should put your head down and pray for forgiveness in your heart.
  11. Lol, seriously? Do you know how tiny spiders are in comparison to a human? They don't do nothing to you. If you hold one, all they try to do is escape out of your hands. They just like travelling ;) Seriously though, they are harmless!
  12. It's a shame that they are najis cos they're absolutely adorable!
  13. I hate cats. Prefer dogs; loyal and cute!
  14. I was a very difficult teenager. Out of my siblings I was the one that was the most difficult (according to my parents :p ) Honestly, when I was a teenager I was the same (minus the hijab and hitting part). At that age, due to God knows what its something some teenagers go through. It was a hard period for me and my family. I couldn't help the way I felt and the way I behaved and my parents didn't know what to do or how to deal with it, it was horrible and difficult. I remember that I used to get very frustrated when someone used to tell me off and tell me about praying and following Islam, etc. I wanted to rebel against everything everyone said. I don't know why. It was truly a horrible phase that I went through. You feel lost and don't know where to go or what to feel. In your heart you know what you're doing is wrong but you don't know how to change your feeligs or actions. Its like you just want someone to hold your hand and take you to Allah but you don't want to physically walk there (if that makes sense). My sister always used to say, you need to pray, you need to read the Qur'an, etc and at the time I used to talk back to her and be rude but after I used to go to bed and just lay there and think that she is right but how shall I go back to praying? You do eventually get out of that phase but it can be a long and rough journey. I promise, it makes you a better person. The best thing that you can do is; 1) Keep out of her way. 2) Keep your little sisters out of her way. Occupy them, stay with them, etc 3) Do not hit her. It won't make any difference except for the fact that she'll hate you and rebel even more. 4) When she's in a good mood or whatever, talk about prayer and hijab, just generally; don't make it obvious that you're talking about her. 5) Don't talk to her unless she talks to you. She will realise that you don't really talk to her anymore and will gradually begin to change her behaviour. 6) Be patient. 7) Try to understand her. Most of the time you feel lonely and just want someone to understand you. It might be her way of trying to tell you that. Trust me, everything you say to her will effect her. It will sink in. She will make it out as if she doesn't care but really she does. She knows what shes doing is wrong but she's finding it difficult to do the right thing. Things will get better and she will be better InshaAllah. Give her time and try to deal with it patiently, it will pass. Good luck. God bless. Ma'asslama
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