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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Need prayers for my brother whose office is very near to the place (Aab Para) where a bomb blasted in the early evening of Friday July the 27th in Islamabad. He wass suppose to go through that area a few hours after it happened. Their work place has been receiving threats as well...... Any momin or momina who is currently in Iraq, Damascus or Iran, and has access to any of the Roza of Chaharda Masumeen alehea salam, please send me a private message as i need to ask for a Hajat (Manat). JAZAKUMaLLAH Khair al Jaza
  2. AS-SALAM o ALAIKUM' YA ALI(a.s) MADAD was just searching something in google when i came across this post. YA Allah is there any momin in hawaii who can reply here a i am in honolulu right now. Infact i am here since december 2004 and would be here for probably 2 more years. Please anyone from Hawaii reading my message reply here if you can. JAZAKALLAH MAY BIBI SYEDA ZEHRA(s.a) ACCEPT OUR AMAALS..AMEEN ALI (as) ALI (as)
  3. Juninho and Roberto Carlos declared retirement from international soccer.............
  4. Panjetanii

    DAY 23

    As Ronaldo said in an interview after playing with Ghana " Brazil gets nothing for FREE"
  5. As they say "PICTURE PERFECT COUNTER ATTACK"..............
  6. Panjetanii

    DAY 14

    Last time in the World Cup any team who lead against brazil, first was England in Quarter Final (2002) and they lost 2-1 Japan is in England's shoes so far. Lets see if History wins or not?
  7. * Expecting any Hatrick in this Fifa World Cup? * Yes or No? * If Yes then Who? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far it has been a well balanced and rather predicted World Cup with few exceptions, Ofcourse! But You never know so, any expectations about any player scoring 3 or more goals in 1 Match?
  8. Panjetanii

    DAY 5

  9. Panjetanii

    DAY 5

    BRAZIL CROATIA 6 Shots on Goal 3 13 Shots 9 20 Fouls 20 5 Corner Kicks 7 0 Free Kicks 1 3 Offsides 4 0 Own Goals 0 1 Yellow Cards 3 0 Red Cards 0 50% Ball Possession 50%
  10. Panjetanii

    DAY 5

    During Brazil's Practise..........the ratio of spectators on average was 20,000 which is probably more than their home team, Germany.
  12. JazakALLAH Brother Hussein Well question is almost answered but let me add a little more to it. There are three types of indications or senses of Allahs beautiful names: They essentially point to the one being described or named They point to attributes that are derived from them directly They point to necessary attributes that are not directly from the name Let us take, for example, the names of Allah Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem. They point to the one being described, namely Allah They indicate an attribute or characteristic that can be directly derived from them. Namely rahmah (mercy) They point to characteristics that are not directly derived from them but are necessary for them to be actual. That is, to be Ar-Rahmaan (The Possessor of Mercy) or Ar-Raheem (the Bestower of Mercy Upon His creation), Allah must then necessarily have the quality of life (al-hayaat), and power or ability (al-qudrah). Such is the case with all the names of Allah. This as opposed to created beings who although called wise (hakeem) may in actuality be ignorant (jaahil), or just (hakam) while really being oppressive (thaalim), or strong and respected (azeez) while in reality weak and despicable (thaleel), noble (shareef) although truly lowly (wadee'), generous (kareem) while in fact miserly (laeem), righteous (saalih) while actually wicked (taalih), joyful (saeed) when miserable (shaqiyy). ------------------------------------------------------------------ JAZAKALLAH ALI (as) ALI (as)
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