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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't think there is an ideal Muslim body. Your genetics and lifestyle will determine your look. I doubt anybody here would disagree that it is better to be big and strong.
  2. Wasalaam, It is fine bro. Is isn't haram to look neat and clean and fashionable at the same time. There is some debate around this recently because some Sunnis and Wahabbis would rather grow their hair out savage style...haha. Long hair doesn't suit blokes, even if it is 'sunnah'
  3. lol that isn't always the case though. It's never a good idea to base an argument on a fallacious assumption. I personally would not do it, but I find it odd to judge someone who does choose to marry a Sunni.
  4. Inna lillahi wa inna ilyahi rajioon. Erdogan's dreams of Ottoman grandeur and his delusional self importance have blown up in his face. ISIS are bad news- only when they are suddenly losing everywhere and Turkey is under attack? Let's see if Turkey does anything about it. Maybe it wasn't a great idea leaving your borders so porous for so long. It was okay when Daesh were attacking Kurds and Shias- but animals being animals, they are never truly tame.
  5. I find this post rather arrogant. I know of plenty of successful Sunni x Shia marriages where both parties are aware of the others beliefs, for some people, compromise is a necessity. Usually the couple decide what the children will be prior to marriage- in most cases, since Shia guys marry Sunni girls, they stipulate that the children will be strictly Shia. Sure it isn't ideal, but in some circumstances it may be necessary or even unavoidable (for example if someone is in danger of falling into sin).
  6. 20% bodyfat is too fat. You need to cut. Unless you are a powerlifter or olympic lifter, you don't need to be bulking when at 20%. I suggest 6 meals a day with protein as the main source and 1 protein shake after workouts only. Good luck.
  7. Innaa lillahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raajiun A sad loss for Pakistan and an even sadder loss for Muslims. Ironically, this is bringing more attention to Sufi Islam in Pakistan- Wahabi plan backfire fail. As their plans usually do.
  8. What are your goals? You need a proper diet before you worry about protein tbh. Protein won't do much if you're eating poorly.
  9. WaSalaam. Post up your diet for a day. Don't bother with protein powders if that isn't sorted first. Protein powders are good as a supplement, meaning, they can help you reach you protein requirements when you are lacking. They most certainly aren't a substitute. H.
  10. If you look at the politics surrounding the history at the time- it is clear that certain people and tribes had an agenda. The fact of the matter is that many Sunni scholars stood up against the way Muawaiyah was portrayed in early Islamic literature and many suffered dearly because of their stance. Al-Nasai is one key example (author of one the 6 sahih Sunni books who was beaten to death for praising Ali (as) but not Muwaiyah). It is good that we have a difference of opinion in the Ahlus-Sunnah, but a true scholar ought to figure out that there is only one right and one wrong.
  11. The Sunni and Shia Dichotomy came after the Prophet SAW. The Prophet SAW did appoint Imam Ali (a.s) as his successor- his beliefs in terms of what happened after him, would be more in line with the Shia school of thought. It is nice to say that you are a Muslim only, but the problem is, you need to pray a certain way, fast a certain way etc and you can only take that from an established school.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I like Dr. Yasir Qadhi as a moderate Sunni scholar.
  13. Will do bro- soon. WaSalaam. Fair point. If he is relying on mercy- then he is taking a risk but perhaps his knowledge of Allah SWT exceeds ours. WaSalaam. Thank you for the reference. If we look at it strictly from a rational point of view- why would one (a reasonable being that is) challenge Allah SWT when he has made his presence clear and known to the creation. If he has a lack of imaan- why? To illustrate what I'm saying, let's say, that an atheist is shown clear and indubitable scientific evidence as to the existence of Allah SWT- why would they reject Allah after
  14. Yep that's me You're welcome. . Back on SC after a long absence and I hope to stick around for my benefit and the benefit of others iA.
  15. Salaam all, I attended a lecture on Shaytan and his origins recently and was left wondering a few things about Shaytan/Devil/Iblees whatever the correct label is. If Shaytan was fully aware of the concept of God and addressed God as his creator- why would he rebel against him having concrete evidence as to the existence and supremacy of God? Essentially- why would he doom himself? Maybe my thinking is flawed as a human- but I can't seem to be able to come up with an argument as to why Shaytan would challenge Allah SWT. Pride alone, or the desire to prove himself right, do
  16. Just another example of the media taking a quote out of context and then trying to create a false causal connection between the aforementioned quote and a random act of violence. I'm not sure what's worse. The media, or people who believe things without first doing their own research.
  17. Live in a mixed society, with Muslims being a minority and consisting of all sects and various ethnicities. Can't say I've had any problems- I choose not to really associate with Salafis though. I know a few, but they've never mentioned anything to my face, who knows what they say behind my back. Normal Sunnis are just fine, have plenty of friends from various countries.
  18. lol yeah I'm a beginner and fat. Search for my iconic bodybuilding thread. Also, several boys from SC have met me. Ask them. ;) My point was, your comment was ignorant. Cheers.
  19. Yeah okay. Post a pic Big Boy- I bet I can out bench, out squat, out deadlift and out military press you. Plus I eat 5-7 times a day, weight train 4 times a week and box (actually fight not just punching air) 2 times a week. But hey- weak and lazy cos I hit the gear that one time many years ago.
  20. I'm sorry why are we defending Ibn Tammiyah again? It is pretty obvious what his thoughts were and it is pretty obvious that ISIS are following his ideology. I think that's the main point here, Saudi Arabia is funding a dangerous ideology and that is the ideology of Wahabism.
  21. Salafism isn't the mainstream Islam today... It is perhaps the most promoted due to Saudi petro dollars, but it is definitely not the most practised.... They're just a very ugly, loud, vocal and violent minority. Is Ibn Tamiyyah their favourite 'Shiekh'. You bet ya. Do they want to kill Shias? Maybe not so openly, at least not in the West, but at the same time, plenty do or at least do not mind it. That's why you fight fire with fire...
  22. Nothing wrong with hitting the gear if you know what you're doing......just make sure diet/training is in check, steriods aren't magic.
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