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  1. I missed these posts because I was rather busy. Give me a few days to respond.
  2. You know that some scholars think that it is only haraam within the context of gambling? I have no problem with accepting seemingly benign laws (and this is one of them) without knowing the specific benefit of those laws, but I wont rule out the possibility that the reasons have been lost to history or have been left for us to discover with the progress of time. Anyhow, we can derive generic benefits from such laws. E.g. character building, discipline etc. If any law appears to be significantly harmful, then I would make efforts to find traditionalist evidence to disestablish it.
  3. Why accept that it is haraam? Why not hypothesize that it made sense in a particular context?
  4. Ideologies are powerful things. A lot of people are open-minded until they pledge allegiance to something. Then they shut their minds. I have noticed it with non-Muslims that adopt Islam; they were open-minded before their conversion, but then after that various psychological factors (such as the fear of displeasing God or social pressures) cause them to think that their first discovery just so happens to be the right way. I have also seen it to Shias who pledge allegeince to a group/scholar etc. I am not accusing you of being like the above, but please do remember that there was a time when you didn't know about Islam, and now you don't know about Shi'ism.
  5. IC is a perfectly sensible argument. Show me the proof that IC is flawed. Show your examples. But please don't make a massive post because I wouldn't have time to respond. The standard neo-Darwiniam account is one which requires a wild and unrestrained immagination. It imagines steps between forms that are IC in themselves. Speciation could occur without the need to overcome IC. And what evidence is there that it happened via blind random mutations and selection? Was the process observed? Again can you provide and example.
  6. Only a minority of scientists would consider IC a sound concept. The majority probably don't even know about it, and the ones that do, have their biases and social pressures against them. It's a bit like stating that the 'scientific community' doesn't believe in free-will, the soul etc. Or that the US Congress doesn't think Israel is an oppressive state. It's to be expected. Isn't dua at the very least some sort of passive intervention? I actually think the neo-Darwinian view is the one that considers life to be unusual in how it came about. Everything else works like it was programmed (e.g. embryogenesis, the beginning of the universe etc).
  7. It's a straw man? Most traditionalist religious Muslims don't think the creation of life is any different to many other events (including ones you have mentioned). Irreducible complexity is a very sound concept which demonstrates the inability of a series of undirected random mutations to produce life. It does not in any way require special divine intervention to create life. You can believe in irreducible complexity and also believe that God created naturalistic processes/phenomena that would guide some sort of evolution.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saud_Al-Shuraim
  9. I don't disagree that speakers could do more to speak about things that inspire people to read. But even then most wont do much. What is needed is greater than that. The whole culture of education has to change. We can't remove the blame from people who do not even have the curiosity to read about the most important subjects in life.
  10. Where am I only blaming others? I believe that ISIS was a major factor but not the only one. I do agree that the clerics have done a terrible job dealing with some of the matters that you have mentioned. I don't necessarily think that many of them are against any improvements in that area, I think it may be a case of incompetence or unawareness. And the situation is even worse in more fundamental areas such as natural theology. However I believe that about 15 years ago things were different in regards to apostasy. Anti-Islamic websites did exist with all the negative material, but how many Muslims even visit them? Most Muslims read nothing about their religion. ISIS had a major impact because they highlighted the very worst of what Islamic history has to offer. Issues such as slavery where not even considered by some Muslims before the appearance of ISIS.
  11. I have noticed a greater number of ex-Muslims in person in recent years. Anyone else experienced that? I think the phenomena linked to ISIS played a major role in some Muslims questioning Islam.
  12. Even before opening the thread, I guessed that it was probably the Templeton Foundation. They have done an enormous amount for us theists. Some theists might be a bit more lost without the kind of work they have done. They accept funding applications for research work. Have a look at their grants page: https://www.templeton.org
  13. I was specifically responding to the notion that mahr is a test for generosity. I don't see how charity being a continuous act negates the fact that it can be used as a measure of generosity instead of the mahr. If the wife and her family want to see his generosity, he can give 100k to some destitute people and have his in-laws as witnesses. A high mahr would have to be justified for reasons other than being a potential measure of wealth. You have theorised that a low mahr was encouraged because of the poverty of the Muslim community. However you know that the Muslims were not poor throughout the lives of all 12 Imams {s}. There were very wealthy Muslims at certain times and yet do we have any evidence that the wealthy were encouraged to give higher mahrs? I theorise that one reason a low mahr is encouraged is because it removes social pressure and difficulty from the poorer men. If I was a billionaire I would refuse a high mahr on the principle that it promotes the societal acceptance of the phenomenon. If the rich don't do it, then the poor wont have as much pressure to do it. I can also theorise that a low mahr was promoted because it asks the wives to give importance to other characteristics of the man, rather than his wealth. I.e. she shouldn’t marry him for his money. If Islam didn’t promote a low mahr, what would that do to society? It would be worse than it is. How does that justify a high mahr? It only justifies not the lowest amount. But maybe that was your point. Reports differ. Some say she paid her own mahr.
  14. He could demonstrate his generosity by giving the money to charity instead.
  15. If up to 20k is the minimum safety net, then why is 30k (1.5x) too much? And between 20k and 30k worthy of downward negotiation? Does 20k allow a single person to sustain themselves more than 12-18 months, leave aside a pregnant woman? In many situations the wife may need a lot more. E.g. a medical student in their 1st year who was dependent on her husband. What about costs for things such as mental help if the divorced woman is subsequently depressed? What about non-financial costs? If the mahr is supposed to remove her from harm due to a divorce, then why didn't Islam prescribe anything for non-financial difficulties? Although I can understand the weakness in that argument. In the case of pregnancy, don't forget that Islamically this situation has already been covered, the waiting period is up to birth and the father must provide for the child.
  16. I don't see the harsh language. People should see things like a high mahr as a filter. If someone asks you for one, thank God you found out about this person's probable major character flaws before you married them. In most cases don't even try to change their mind, because you may be seeing the tip of the iceberg.
  17. I don't think you can necessarily use that number in any calculation in another context. That number I believe is for that particular context. {22:47} And they ask you to hasten on the punishment, and Allah will by no means fail in His promise, and surely a day with your Lord is as a thousand years of what you number.
  18. But then the verse right after it: {41:9} Say: What! do you indeed disbelieve in Him Who created the earth in two periods, and do you set up equals with Him? That is the Lord of the Worlds. {41:10} And He made in it mountains above its surface, and He blessed therein and made therein its foods, in four periods: alike for the seekers. What do you say?
  19. https://www.al-islam.org/forty-hadith-an-exposition-second-edition-imam-khomeini/twelfth-hadith-contemplation-tafakkur#desirable-and-forbidden-contemplation-divine-essence
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