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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I gave you an example in the other thread. It's a good argument. I countered your refutation. The greater sunnah and other narrations contradict the idea that it is mustahab. You make too many assumptions when you say a hadith is authentic. You don't even have any means to ascertain if the books of rijal are authentic. You just trust them and trust many other things. I could bring some unconventional reasons too but .. but that I think would be unwise for now. I think the idea of mutah being mustahab would make you uncomfortable took if you took it seriously. A mustahab act is someth
  2. You made an argument in the other thread and I responded to it. You can respond there. I have no social misconceptions. I am from the west where promiscuity is celebrated. My views are against my culture and the irrational views of some of the shia. Calling mutah mustahab is an abomination. You people are gamblers who gamble that those handful of ahadith are authentic. You discount all the factors that make them weak and are even unwilling to balance them out with other narrations.
  3. This is a reckless and dangerous thing to say. Brother I am not trying to be rude. But I say the above because someone with your insight should think about the consequences of promoting that view.
  4. What an ill informed opinion. Let us dissuade the shia from gaining wealth? BTW among the utilities of crypto is its difficulty in confiscation. Imagine living under an oppressive government that wants to take away your money. As Robert Shiller explains: https://youtu.be/uVH2JHxCSn8?t=214 Now imagine a Muslim that wants to immigrate away from oppression. Their house can be taken, their bank accounts blocked but their crypto is easier to escape with. BTW many forms of crypto are probably more halal than your fiat which is based on riba. The central banks buy interest bearing bonds whe
  5. Wa alaykumu salaam I don't know anything about this and my answer will likely be completely wrong. Doesn't a lot depend on the knowledge of the students, and what they think about each other? Perhaps normally the average number should be 50. 2/3 of 50 is around 33. If the students think most other students will guess 33 then they may go for 2/3 of 33 which is around 22. But some students wont think like that so perhaps half way between 22 and 33?
  6. My condolences Haji. May Allah bless her and give your family patience.
  7. We should not only consider the fact that certain information is unknown, we should also look at what is known and use that for extrapolation. It is recorded that children from that era were born out of permanent marriage, bondage and adultery. History does record occurrences of people whose parents were either adulterers or slaves. History also tells us who the married (permanent) parents of children were. However there is a dearth of records on mutah children. As you have noted, not everything gets recorded. E.g. You have seen ahadith which are narrated by certain Imams {a} and not b
  8. I think Dalio may be wrong to compare 2008 to 1929. I think the current crisis is closer to 1929 in terms of not being able to reduce rates further. I am posting this video after seeing that thread on the 'Great Reset'. Many economies around the world have been slowly moving towards debt ridden disasters. Governments have responded to these economic problems by lowering interest rates and creating more money. This leads to greater debt because of greater borrowing, the inflation of asset prices and the debasement of national currencies. It also leads to greater wealth gaps because the ric
  9. Perhaps what he means by it and what conspiracy theorists think it means, are two different things. I say Imam Mahdi {a} will bring about a New World Order.
  10. Nassim Taleb doesn't believe in delusional conspiracy theories. More conspiracy theorists should read his book 'Fooled by Randomness' and learn that sometimes the patterns in their mind do not exist in reality. If there is a great reset then it wont be intentional. It will simply be a breakdown of the current system with newer systems replacing it. The wealthy elite would not want to see a breakdown of what they already have. However they would be quick to adopt whatever is new while the ordinary people will be slow. Then some from the ordinary will conjure conspiracy theories to explain
  11. Sorry I have to be brief. I am not simply speaking about ahadith. They do exist and you can get a summary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qrLIzwjcoM I think my own view might be more conservative than the Sayyid's, from what I remember. It is not just about direct ahadith. You have to look at the sunnah of Ahlulbayt (and even the sahaba as a whole) which has been reported outside those specific ahadith . If you study their sunnah, you have no evidence that mutah is mustahab. If it was mustahab it would have been more widely practiced. I don't consider having a few ahad
  12. @313_Waiter I am referring to a certain group. I misspoke when I said "the people on this forum". I mean those people who don't realize that focusing on issues that cause people moral difficulties is not a good idea. About 10 years ago there were more of them here. Now there are few left. They would find rulings and narrations that make Islam seem like a callous religion, and they would present these to the members. They might be doing it because they feel it is the truth, but they need to balance it out with positive messages too. In my view their own reasons for belief are not so strong
  13. It's a joke but the message is serious. The message is to those on this forum that keep ignoring the ramifications of mutah. The act has serious consequences and we need to be careful before promoting it so much. What happened to the OP is an example of the consequences. Some people here claim that it is mustahab, with very poor reasons. You cannot just use a few ahadith and ignore everything else that goes against them. Edit: BTW I don't think I openly criticize the intellectual level of other people on here. There are many people on here that are more knowledgeable and smarte
  14. Seek compensation from those that keep promoting mutah.
  15. Even with this view you could argue that a benefit of an unexplored vast universe for humans is humbleness, and recognition of the greatness of Allah. Even without positing any benefit for any other creation. My own preference for the belief in likely exploration is the observation that human society keeps evolving. There is also another reason for my view but it's better if I keep that to myself.
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