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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's much more likely to be the other way around. Power doesn't corrupt that much, but the corrupt seek power. One of the best examples of a religious billionaire was John Templeton. His foundation has done a huge amount of good for theism. It's this kind of work that the Muslims are neglecting, or unable to do. https://www.templeton.org/
  2. @hasanhh I am a bit busy, I will get back to you a bit later, Go willing.
  3. How do you know? Not only is it too early to tell, but maybe your prayers had nothing to do with it. Something happens and you assume it was your very own prayer that got answered instead of there being some other reason?
  4. Is this your type of Islam? You put the communal religious activities above employment and other things that were restricted by the lockdowns? Is the starvation of unemployed people less important to you than going to the mosque? It's not all about older people: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/23/magazine/covid-myocarditis-heart-disease.html Is this how you would speak about your own parents?
  5. Perhaps I can give an example. Perhaps God can cause quantum fluctuations to intervene in the universe - or some other change in the state of the universe (which perhaps sets of a butterfly effect or it can be a more direct cause). No laws need to be broken. I am not saying this is how things happen but hypothetically no laws need to be broken. Also the laws themselves can be conditional.
  6. Not at all. The perfect creation can have conditions within it which rebalance the contents and state of that creation, no matter how people act. In fact with foreknowledge of freely chosen actions, God can create a perfect creation which already took those actions into account.
  7. To give an oversimplified and brief answer think of it like a computer program. if(x.saysPrayers()){ doSomething(); } In other words even without divine intervention the universe can be programmed to respond to the actions of humans. The universe 'consists' of more than the laws of physics. There are also other constants or variables which determine what happens. So I don't see why laws need to be changed even with the involvement of divine intervention. Why does f =ma need to change because someone prayed?
  8. The sanctions have become more severe under Trump. This man is crazy and he is not fit to have the nuclear codes. He has taken that nuclear football to the hospital. https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/us-news/trumps-nuclear-football-briefcase-with-missile-launch-codes-at-walt.html He is clearly not mentally stable enough to have the codes with him. That instability and erratic behaviour is my primary reason for not wanting him in power.
  9. They are also using REGN-COV2; which apparently has had some good results. But it is an experimental drug.
  10. Should we look at only one factor or many? Short-term consequences or long-term? Trump is not interventionist but he is erratic. That increases the risk of him starting a war (like we saw in January). And if it suits his aims, he would go into other countries. He is only non-interventionist because he believes it costs resources. The Democrats now have many more 'progressives' in their party than they did previously, and there may be greater pressures on the leadership to leave other countries alone. Don't forget the horrendous sanctions on the Iranians that he increased. Bide
  11. That's not a good answer. You did not choose to demonstrate what pedophiles look like; you chose to demonstrate what Pakistanis typically look like by showing a picture of pedophiles. Are you suggesting that Pakistanis typically look like pedophiles? You could have chosen any other group of Pakistanis. Now let's test your IQ.
  12. You are saying that Pakistanis typically look inbred? Why did you choose to show a picture of pedophiles?
  13. I am making no claims about what he wrote in the OP, and it was not my intention to make any inferences on what he wrote. Rather I was using his stance in the OP to highlight the flaws in how he thinks about certain other subjects. I was pointing out his inconsistency. You will see these conspiracy theorists who are inconsistent in how they deal with differing sources of information.
  14. That is not true at all. And even if it was, it's unacceptable. Victim blaming.
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