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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Someone requested a samoon recipe. I just saw this from the top of my head it goes something like this 3 cups flour 1/3 cup oil Pinch of salt Pinch of sugar 1tablespoon yeast And warm water depending on the "feel" of the dough u can start by adding half a cup at a time till its reasonable. So u shall kneed then let it rest in a warm place for 1 hr or till it rises/yeast is activated. Then shape the dough on ur baking tray, let it rest for a bit then bake. Theres diff versions this is just a simple one
  2. Hey habibti, wasalam how ru??? Miss u heaps we deff need to catch up, so many things to catch up on

  3. Salams In the recipe it said to "stir fry" the noodles, then bake in the oven, then add the cream, then place the top layer and bake again..... Theres a few mistakes, kunafa pastry Burns very easily especially if u fry it first. The way i make it is, you divide the pastry in two amounts, and sprinkle some melted butter or ghee on it , to infuse it with the pastry, then you just layer it--> pastry,cream,pastry--> and put it in the oven, and it cooks in a short time, the method u posted will make it really crunchy and it wont infuse with the cream layer.. Hope that helps :P
  4. I dont see how thats annoying, it actually makes me happy
  5. That is soo adorable
  6. This is a year-later-reply lol but this recipe can be found in the "share your iraqi recipes" sub forum , i think in the first page.. I :wub: timan bagila
  7. i love spinach :D but i prefer to make my own dough and use that instead of the filo pastry or the puff pastry, and for the filling i'd put a bit of cheese with the spinach, comes up really yummy :wub:
  8. i missssss u too!!

  9. thats hugee!! the location is tacky though
  10. all this dolma talk :wub: areed dolma :(
  11. lol this has been done before like 2 times i think,,,, but i guess its all hidden now under the millions of topics lol.
  12. SALAMSS so the search engine still doesnt work?? i need to use it Cheers
  13. i found this, im not sure if its got the whole book, seems to have a lot, u just click on the blue headings then download from there http://www.wahajr.com/hajrvb/showthread.php?t=402987263 hope this helps EDIT: actually i think its the whole book
  14. got engaged at 17 and married at 20 :wub:
  15. Salam sis i wouldn't say wearing abayah is going too far at all. People will always have a problem with the way you dress if it doesnt look "normal" to them and "normal" is dressing like them. Its your choice in the end you dont have to dress in a way that your uncomfortable with. I dont think they would interpret the abayah as some kind of extremisim its just like a black maxi dress :P I've been wearing the abayah since i was 13 and i do live in a Western country and i've never had anyone looking at it as some sort of extreme dress. If wearing the abayah makes you feel like your dressing more modestly then go for it and dont think about what people say. In fact it could make people ask you about it and that way they learn more about islam :)
  16. i think i remember u, if ur the same sayedmohamed that i remember loool EDIT: i just remembered if ur the same one, u gave me the link to that nasheed "hab il sa3ddddd ballah o mohammad" LOOL :lol:
  17. this feels like facebook lol

  18. i just came here randomlyyyy to see sc and wow!!! looks amazingggggg i feel old haha :D i like how the profile pic shows on the top right corner hehehe oh and bugs?? yeah theres heaps in the backyard :P anyways great job ya aba :)
  19. walaikum salam, alhamdullilah good urself sis? long time no seeee!!! hardly ever get to see u anymore :(

  20. ^ thats what i thought too lol
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