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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Because it is easy to wish to be one but hard to fulfill what needs to be done, which could include massive sacrifices. Most of us are not motivated enough to make big sacrifices. It is easy to cry during Muharram and sing praises of the Ahlul Bayt but how many of us have the character the make huge sacrfices. Not many.
  2. It may have been a metaphorical connection of some sort in the beginning and since it is not easy to explain, it turned believers into agnostics.
  3. Can happen, But nothing has happened in ziarat towns for a long time.
  4. Thanks brother for your comment. However, please note that hadith books contain only a small part of all the hadiths that were churned out. So if you consider all the narrators who have ever contributed to the hadith corpus, you will find that "most" tweaked a bit or more.
  5. That is the nature of history in general and Islamic history in particular. Every narrator adds or subtracts something because he doesn't like everything that he hears, and therefore changes it suitably.
  6. True. However, we don't really pray to our Imams. The Islamic view is that all of God's top brass are essentially alive. (Q. 2:154) talks specifically about those who have lost their lives for the sake of God. But the premise can also be extended to others among God's choicest men and women. And the Shia view is that we can even ask them for assistance in resolving our problems. They are alive and have the power and ability to attend to us. But prayer in the sense of worship - that is only the Lord's prerogative.
  7. You are right. There is no need to criticize anyone to exalt someone else. But to keep the facts of history alive, we must not abandon a critical study of everyone's life, including the Prophet's family and friends, Otherwise history will pass into the dust heap and be forgotten.
  8. It is very safe. A very thrilling and out-of-this-world experience. It would be best if you organize your trip with a group.
  9. Brother, Sorry to interrupt your beautiful discussion. But I think the Sermon on the Mount sums up the same teachings as the Quran. And it sounds reasonable to assume that all prophets had the same teachings because they all came from God.
  10. The attempt to download the condensed list failed. Tried 4 times. Is the problem with my computer or with my Internet? But don't worry, I know that my sins are so numerous that paper will run out and the ink will dry up before they can be fully written down. Therefore I am relying entirely on God's mercy. But I still don't understand why everyone with a pass ( 51% - 100%) should go to the same heaven. Or everyone with a fail (0% - 49%) should all share the same hell. And what will happen to those on the border, who neither passed nor failed, but managed to
  11. You will find it difficult to prove it to Sunni Muslims.
  12. Could you please provide reference? You will have problems raising your children as Shia. Have you tried online - shiamatch.com or simplyshia.com or something else?
  13. Salam, You are right. If we have complete happiness in heaven in every way, there should be no need of an additional pleasure that we experience in this world. Thus it is completely understandable that there would be no sex or drugs in heaven. Our relations with people around us and with our friends and partners will be based on friendship. But then, many questions do arise. For example, will any undeserving people go to heaven? God will have to draw the line somewhere. But where? It is not conceivable that everyone will be forgiven and end up in heaven.
  14. The way I see it is quite simple. 1. The battle of Karbala took place 50 years after the Prophet's death. That means that the Muslim character had sunken too low even within 50 years to expect good reportage. So it is not possible to expect honest hadith reporting. 2. As for history, the first history book was written by ibn Ishaq who was employed by the the Abbasid caliph al Mansur. Do we expect him to write honestly? Of course not. 3. The split in Islam caused a lot of people to invent stories. Sunnis invented hadiths to justify the position of A&O as the f
  15. Brother Please tell me one thing. When you were thinking of converting to Islam, did the hadiths not put you off from Islam? How did you resolve the hadith riddle?
  16. Thanks sister How silly of me not to be aware of these things even after nine years at SC !
  17. Sorry for a simple question. But how do I go to SETTINGS? Thanks for answering a question that might be common knowledge to many.
  18. "One of those near to Allah" does not sit well for your argument. Thanks for your compliment.
  19. In fact, contrary to your professions, you do believe in associating Jesus with divinity. That is exactly what other Christians,whose beliefs you condemn, say. With that statement, according to Islam, your beliefs cannot be described as monotheistic. The truth is out, at last. We Muslims dare never say that divinity ever dwelt in Muhammad. Never! Now that I know your real beliefs, I will let you be. There will be no discussion from me. You can keep trying to brand your beliefs as monotheistic but they are clearly not. Sorry! That is what he believes in. Just because his belief is di
  20. Hi Placid, He is obviously not talking about your individual beliefs but that of the vast majority of Christians. And you know all too well that 99% of all Christians do believe in the divinity of Jesus. Just because you don't does not mean that other Christians don't either.
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