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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam dear Ruqayah! Last time we talked was in 2007! ...salam in 2012 and the very best. Been very busy myself and now with a little brother for Reza much more busy !

  2. ...Interesting that 3 Persian Gulf countries, Bahrain, Qatar, and united Arab Emirates, have told their citizens to leave Lebanon and also warned them not to travel there if they had prior intentions of doing so.......seems they "know :shaytan:" its going to become dangerous there...
  3. unfortunate but true :( ....hope we can all get a move on towards becoming a TRUE Shia, EnshaAllah
  4. I really doubt it that Noah 107 is a self- hater, What he stated is a bare scientific fact. When it comes to genes, it is always the non-whites that have the dominant genes, that is the answer to the surprising question of "why dont the children of a whilte/non-white marriage seldom or actually never take after the white parent?" well the answer is because the none-whites genes are dominant (they teach all these in biology classes)--I have even seen Iranians who are none-white themselves, in marriage to an Asian for example have the recessive gene. So its a matter of different nationalities and the fact that usually every groups genes are recessive to a group that are a grade higher in being coloured (i.e., none whiter!) BUT.... this by no means implies that having a "recessive gene in marriage and in passing on physical charactaristics to your children" means that the whites are dumb or inferior or with lower IQs. This is in fact the mistake that the Europeans made, when they saw the results of "mixed marriages" i.e., the whites losing out in the competition of heredity.... Thus why Shakespeare wrote Othello, in which he artistically depicted the fright of the white man when confronted with a mixed marriage (apart from the racial sides) and thus exactly why..... in South Africa for many years the marriage of a black and a white could never officially take place and was actually FORBIDDEN by law, and amusingly exactly "why" teaching "Othello" was banned and forbidden in South African schools!!! Peace to you all Elham
  5. P.S. As an Iranian Muslim who used to live overseas and went to school there, I always used to be at the top of the list in subjects such as maths, science, and would you believe it even in English literature. I remember being asked by teachers to read my essays to the whole class, in various subjects.. And I'm not saying this to show my "greater" IQ....... I'm only implying that I always tried and "wanted to be the best, in everything when I lived there I didnt want them to have a bad picture of an Iranian when I lived there, and this meant that I was proud of my nationality even if the whole world was against it (it was during the Iran-Iraq war) I was proud of my religion, I was proud of my hijab, Putting it short I was proud of who I was , and I think this is also a "key" point. Having high self esteem is an improving factor in terms of IQ. Teaching your kids to be proud of themselves helps them take a positive stance towards their life and psychologists can tell you how exactly this may help in determining ones future
  6. IQ is sth related to the material body, i.e, the brain and its different functions in different races, different sexes .... . It can effect ones spiritual side as well, since a person with a higher IQ would be expected to think and analyse his surroundings in more depth....BUT I'm sure it is not the only thing one would need for a healthy life here and salvation in the hereafter. Islam has many teachings concerning the period before the conception of a baby , the period during pregnancy and that of after birth in terms of what a mother should eat, drink, look at, hear....things concerning the father as well. What would make the child clever, what would make him dumb, what would make him patient what the opposite.... the list goes on...... Its all there for those who care to know and for those who wish to use..... Low IQ of Muslim societies, (even if proven to be true) goes back to their widening distance from Islam and its teachings, which according to Allah are there for the salvation of EVERY person..... Now if anyone does not want to get to know them or is simply ignorant of their existence and does not take the trouble to turn his ignorance into knowledge, its his fault. Many western nations are using Islamic codes of life everyday, but under other false tags unfortunately.... The benefits of many codes of life introduced by people such as Avicenna in the distant past and used by the west at the present time does not mean that the west is backwards.....it means that Muslims have unfortunately failed to use the treasure that they already had...thus they have easily lost it to the west by calling it "being backwards" and are buying it from the west under new, forced tags like western psychology, western medicine.... Wake up dear Muslims, and instead of seeing your nations as low and backwards and instead of trying to prove this backwardness, ....simply "get a move on" KNOW THY SELVES AND YOU SHALL ACHIEVE WONDERS Peace to you all
  7. ...well, I used to live in Adelaide about 18 years ago, and we had a center for Muslims there, not Shias but there definitely were Muslims. We even had a center for Halal Meat, and even Halal sausages, as far back as in 1988. I even remember my parents used to buy some eastern products from some Muslim shop owners, but I don't exactly know the location. Funny how some people say there are no Muslims in Adelaide!! With easy access to the internet I don't think it would be very hard to locate these places. :)
  8. Salam. Glad to see someone familiar with the great Allameh Hasanzade Amoli. I wish you success in attaining a deeper Ma'refat of this great Arif and fani fi'llah. It would also be good to spread the word about this great man, for the benefit of those who are in search of Truth especially the non-Iranians unfamiliar with Persian! Eltemase Dua
  9. Contemplating the beginnings of "me"! What would I find if I were to delete my "name" and current social position?

  10. well everyone was really frightened, boys and girls, obviously lots of screaming and chaos as chairs and other things went flying into the sky and and crashed down here or there. the funny thing was that some of the attackers (who later claimed they were trying to stop the attack!!! :unsure: even though their actions were recorded by the cameras and showed sth else) were classmates of those who were sitting the exams! :wacko:
  11. tavakkol be Khoda, va agha Imame Zaman. InshaAllah khodash fitnah baraye Islam ra khonsa konad
  12. Well you can consider it a lie. Funny how you would believe what BBC reports and NOT the accounts of eyewitnesses from Iran. You are free to believe what you feel like. Peace
  13. Oh I'm really sorry Whizbee, I'd been so busy I did'nt get a chance to see my friend. Good job though! This shows how efficient and independant you can be when you really need sth. ;) Blessings
  14. :huh: where in the world did u manage to find that from?!!! perhaps if you could include more of the text it would be more understandable, or perhaps its specialized and thus I cant make head or tail out of it. Have to ask one of my Economics colleagues Hope someone else tells you the meaning sooner than me Good luck
  15. thanks Boston Jew for your prompt reply. More questions to come soon! :)
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