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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Green and zakir naik lean towards the Wahabi media aparatus. Especially Zakir naik, being a very influential speaker, is being used often by Wahabi power instances in Saudi Arabia. I was responsible for the security of Yusuf Estes and Green in a country i dont want to disclose (Scandinavia), and i found Yusuf estes the "best of them", talking to him after his lectures. He didnt like words other than muslim. Especially zakir is critisized by all shia and many sunnis for outrageous statements in support of the villain Yazid and other things. Dont be fooled by him, he has the gift of photographi
  2. Ok, thanks. I guess the aqiq makes sense regarding to its location having to be Yemen. But what about stones like Ruby (yakoot), diamond (almaz) and sapphire?
  3. Sorry if this topic has been discussed earlier. I am looking to buy an aqiq/aqeeq stone via ebay. But which stone is it actually, someone translate it as agate and others as carnelian. I find carnelian to look like aqiq much more than agate's do.. Anyone knows the answer to this please? eBay - Agate: http://jewelry.shop.ebay.com/items/Agate_?...d=p3286.c0.m282 eBay - Carnelian: http://jewelry.shop.ebay.com/items/Carneli...d=p3286.c0.m282 Wikipedia - Agate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agate Wikipedia - Carnelian: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agate I've been confused about this translation for
  4. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  5. Salaam, I cant contribute with anything additional to this thread but i would like to reccomend this link: http://www.abubakr.org/ it contains hadith which the sunnis consider authentic, worth to take a look at.
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  7. (salam) I have tried to look for an islamic dream dictionary online for a long time but still hasnt found one. Does anyone know if a such site exists? The only things i seem to find are sites selling islamic books on dreams, and general information on dreams in islam. jazakallah khair.
  8. Salam Alaykom, Thanks for all the replys, i think i understood the difference :) Jazakallah khairan
  9. (salam) I have never really understood the difference between Nikah and Mutah (i know what mutah is). Can someone please explain it to me in simple words? jazakallah khairan.
  10. Ahsanti! Marry a girl if she had a boyfriend? Not even if she was the last one on earth
  11. (salam) Bismillah al rahman al rahim, Are you into any sports etc. to keep you busy from these thoughts? I think martial arts or weight lifting could be a good idea because it also increases your male hormone, testosterone, which again could help putting you in your natural role, because liking boys is not natural. And remember, make the intention of getting rid of this problem for the sake of Allah(subhana wa ta'ala), and not for the sake of not being embarrased etc...
  12. May Allah hasten the reaperance of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)!
  13. Thank you, that explained a whole lot. I just couldnt understand that this resalah should be so well hiddened :P Please anyone here following khamenei? I need to ask about an answer i read on his site.
  14. Salam alaykom, Sorry if this has been brought up earlier. Does Khamenei have his resalah in a book in english? At his site http://www.leader.ir/ i can only find "Practical laws of islam" and "FAQ". The practical laws doesnt seem like its complete and it only consists of questions and answers. I haven't been following a marja very long so sorry if the questions are stupid. One more question, when i sendt in an answer on his site i got this back in farsi: ÇÓÊÝÊÇÁ ÔãÇ ÈÇ ãæÝÞíÊ ÏÑíÇÝÊ ÔÏ Does anyone know what that means? Jazakallah khair
  15. I started working out about 2 months ago. I quit protein shakes and energy drinks as it is better to keep it natural (in my opinion). I voted shoulders because it looks kinda wierd with big biceps and no shoulders.. But i cant seem to get my chest much bigger :angry: all i notice after training chest is that it sort of changes position.. any tips? Does anyone have a good workout schedule that splits the entire body? I mostly look for a 4-day a week split.
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