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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. Brother, the link you've provided is that of Shianews.com . Didn't it once contain the ad for shiachat.com as well?? That is from where i first came onto this site.
  2. ^ Masallah bro, Haidar Kabeer, Allah Akbar, Mahdi Rahbar :D
  3. First of all, who are you bsing here? You also want to be a mod, isnt it so? Secondly, the gay mods of this site are SELFISHLY operating it, since everybody likes power. Give me the power of mod and i will show you exactly how to operate a site. [EDITED] Forthly, if they can't bear responses in favor or against them, why have they opened this forum anyway? Bunch of munafiqeen thats all. Those who come to power often oppress - Imam Ali. Every other thread or topic remotely deemed to be controversial or debateale is considered "fitnah", what the hell, so stale is this site with spammers like Ali Imran and other losers creating threads like " how much time u spent on S[Edited Out]"?, i mean what the hell? Is this why this site is created and money funded to the admin who feeds off his family through the money given to him by us? :sick:
  4. What the hell are you talking about, even the thread starter who was a shia is banned now, these creeps dont even allow their family members to stay here :!!!:
  5. (bismillah) (salam) Salafis are persecuted because they are confused with nasibis.
  6. mohammed's son of a jew, Israel will never remain as long as muslims are alive. You will have to kill us all to keep it there. And May Sharon die early and burn in hell for eternity.
  7. Why the hell is it that every other thread in this forum is considered to be a fitnah thread, and why the hell is it that every other member is banned for creating fitnah, irrespective of him being shia or sunni? Just because the idiotic mods of this site can't bear his presence, doesn't give them any justifications to ban anyone because of self hatred. The mods of this site are like gods and goddesses, who can destroy anyone and give power to anyone. Truly sickening. Anyway, this thread should remain open because it deserves to be here, such threads keep the taste for coming back to S[Edited Out] alive.
  8. Exterminate the Salafis just like Imam Ali (as) crused the Khawarij! :mad:
  9. So do you say Bismillah before farting as well? :lol:
  10. Why would you wanna utter the word of God in the omarkhana? :!!!:
  11. [Edited and Warned:she said strictly sisters not strictly idiots]
  12. Ok no jokes, be serious guys, according to Ayatullah al-udma al-syed Fadullah (HA) is porn allowed? This might effect my final decision in choosing my Marja.
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