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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. most palestinians do not follow all the correct sunnah, often they encourage mixing of the sexes and wearing the garment below the ankle, for this they deserve to be punished in my opinion.
  2. yeah, whatever!! good luck finding the babies under the rubble. :)
  3. well i put the word in inverted commas because I do not believe that most of those who are dying are innocent. they are support hezbollah which is a non-muslim organisation sponsored by the non-muslim country of Iran and are instigating aggresssion against Israel.
  4. well the lebanese under the control of Iran started this war, now Israel will be forced to finish it.... hopefully taking as many "innocent" lives as possible. the security of the middle east and the state of Israel depends on a crushing defeat of the Lebanese aggression.
  5. Well, although some christians do disagree about certain fundamentals of christian doctrine, its necessary to point out that there is a braod consensus of mainstream christian teaching, esp when it comes to the nature of God. Now I'm not trying to berate the brothers, but if we are Muslims we should want to Islamicize the whole world, I simply mean, we want everyone to come to Islaam, to submit to ALLAAH (SWT), I do not mean anyone should be forced, but I am confident most people will come to Islaam, if ALLAAH (SWT) permits. The best way to encourage christians to come to truth is to debate w
  6. (bismillah) Hey everybody, I know you are all interested in sharing the truth with christians, and I am too, but the more i read the posts by brothers and sisters, the more frustrated I become. Very few of the Muslims seem to understand properly what Christians believe, and seem somewhat unwilling to try and understand. I am Muslim but I was raised in a Catholic home and It is offensive even to me to see what sloppy conceptions of Christian belief so many of the dear brothers and sisters have. If you attempt ot make dawah to Christians by refuting what you think are their beliefs when actual
  7. Hmmmm, the dietary regulations of Islaam are made clear in the Qura'aan and in the AUTHENTIC ahadeeth... good enough for me.
  8. I agree, this kind of non-sense is laughable. Conspiracy theories are always shrouded in mystery because there is little evidence for them. I live in N. Ireland, and the kind of anti-catholic propaganda is rife here (from evangelical protestants).
  9. Ok, bizzarely I am goin to try to explain the christian position to you, although I disagree with it. God in christianity is one BEING, but that BEING exists in the form of three distinct PERSONS. there is a distinction to be made between BEING and PERSONHOOD. The teaching is that although the three PERSONS are distinct, they are of the same divine essence as one another, and consequently are one God, existing in three eternal persons. Now the divine essence is not divided, it is always whole by its very nature, so Jesus was fully God, but also with God and in terms of his life and death on ea
  10. well eating the flesh of pigs is haram because al-qur'aan says it is. although i is permitted for a brother to marry a kaffir, it is unadvisable because it can cause misunderstandings and confuse any resulting children when it comes to the deen and the purity of Islaam.
  11. Well, its important to realise there are siginificant reasons for doubting the existence of God or infact the meaningfulness of religious language. Many people would argue that there is no clear reason to believe anything was created, who created God they would ask? and if you say "God always existed, he is eternal" then they would suggest perhaps the universe is eternal and always existed in the absence of any transcendent creator.
  12. Note from Mod: I think we have enough of you here. Goodbye
  13. It is mentioned in Sahih Muslim vol. 2 pp 459-60, No. 2116-2118 “Jabir said : Allaah’s Messenger forbade that the graves should be plastered or, they be used as sitting places (for the people), or a building should be built over them” [Also in Sahih Muslim vol. 2 Hadith No. 2114 (also see 2115)] I heard the messenger of Allaah commanding (us) to level the grave. 'Abdullaah Ibn Sharjeel Hasanah said: "I saw ‘Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affaan order the leveling of the graves. So it was said to him: 'This is the grave of Umm ‘Amr the daughter of ‘Uthmaan!' However, he commanded that it too should be leveled.
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