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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. but dnt dey alreadi knw dat Prophet Muhammed S.A.W was the seal of the Prophets but yet dey believe in dat mirza was a messiah.... :blink:
  2. Asalam Alykuim Firsty Ramadhan Kareem to everyone and secondly I wanted to know how could you prove the Ahmadis wrong about Mirza ghulam ahmed not being prophesised and that there is no Prophet after the last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammed S.A.W??? If anyone could post something i would really appreciate it... Thank you
  3. Salam Alykuim I hope everyone is in good health by the grace of Allah S.W.T, I just wanted to know when yaum e samarra is going to take place this year in stanmore??? does anyone know??
  4. its a stone dat matchs wid ur birthday...
  5. Salam alykuim I jus wanted to know before wearing a haqeeq I heard we have to read a two rakat namaz but i want to know what niyat do we do for that???
  6. I heard sumtin similar to dat to that Yazeeds mother was fastin on da 10th day of Ashoora so dat he wins da battle....
  7. Asalaam Alykuim Ya Ali Madad these r jus sum neww pics dat i have edited and wanted 2 share thm... inshallah will edit more wid ur duas and upload thm.. Hope you all like them... Khuda hafiz
  8. salam alykuim Ya Ali madad am tryna find a nohay n i jus knw da lyric 2 it.... so if ny1 knws hu read it or got da nohay culd u plzz post bk.... zulam di hadh mukgayee chan zahra da thank u
  9. thankss sis dat was helpful.... :)
  10. Salam alykuim brothers and sisters Ya Ali Madad I just need to know that do any of u lot know wher i can buy dis book 4rm online??? can u plzz let me knw... thank u :)
  11. salamzz peepzzz dats mine... loll in Rabi l :) Islamic 12/3/1409
  12. Salam Alykuim peepz Sorry to hassle you lot... :blush: But i need a quote from the Quran stating that a wife has 2 listen 2 her husband and obey him.... I need this 4 my coursework... if u got nyting can u plzz post ere.... I will reli appreciate it... thank u alot Allah hafiz
  13. LoL dats kooll.... u can make all these different patterns.... :)
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