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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But race clearly didn't play a factor with the UF situation, clearly because both the police officers and the victim were white. This is just an example of poor police training.
  2. There's nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact that is being done by academics throughout the world as we speak. There's no opposition to this, in fact a former professor of mine in London worked with LSE studying ethnic conflict and the Holocaust in attempts to lock down the actual total loss of life (according to her the more realistic number is over 10 million total, including non-Jews). You only attract condemnation when you attempt to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Such a claim would show that the individual making the claim is seriously lacking quality higher education.
  3. Read the analysis on that website. It was made up by a person who has been selling fake "sea monsters" on eBay left and right.
  4. It's not just the Holocaust, if you deny anything that has irrefutable fact and is a known historical occurrence you're going to be laughed at - or in the case of a genocide or politicide you'll be condemned. Try denying the Rwandan genocide, you'll get similar response. Try denying the Cambodian genocide ever happened to a South-East Asian... I'm sure you'll be their new best friend. Some people are just stuck on stupid though and seem to believe that the entire world is lying to them.
  5. If the financial market was divided as it used to be then that would be my preferred solution as well, However the Glass-Steagall Act signed by Clinton in 2000 allowed banks to create financial holding firms that allowed banks to offer securities and insurance as well. Since then banks have been conglomerating like mad, and this crisis is the natural conclusion to the sequence of events following the Glass-Steagall Act's passage. If we let the banks that are in trouble fold then we will end up letting the entire banking establishment fold... it will be the Great Depression all over again with a complete dissolution of the public trust in banking. Personally I think legislation needs to be drafted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act and put some stronger requirements in lending.
  6. I'm not a Muslim, so this comes from an outsiders point of view but if a woman has to cover up then why don't you people make men do the same? You wonder why western societies call you tyrannical and cruel to women, it's because of the blatant double standard that you impose on someone simply because they have the female gender. Equality means something, does it not? If a man does not have to cover his face and hair and whatever else then why should a woman? If a woman WANTS to cover herself up because it means something to her, then let her do it; but to impose by sanction of law that sort of treatment on someone who is not willing to accept it is cruel and unjust. Laws are meant to protect and preserve order in society. I see no evidence that a woman showing her face in public or her hair in public will disrupt that order. When laws take away from an individual's freedom they are negative rights. The purpose of law in society is to empower the people and give to them MORE rights, not take them away. For example, in the social contract of society murder is illegal becuase it takes the right of life away from another person. Speeding in your car is illegal becuase it endangers the lives of others. Showing your hair does........... please fill in the gap for me. I cannot see any merit to enforcing negative rights that take away from the freedom of a society.
  7. Because when real wage increases it stresses on the amount of profits available on the profit maximization curve. Unless there's a change in the output efficiency (i.e. how much return each employee brings the firm), the firm will lay off workers until it comes to an optimal point of profit maximization.
  8. And which physics professors are these? After all, I've spoken to the ones that I see every day and read in several nationally publicized and prestigious physics journals and it seems that the opposite is true.
  9. And when you approach a situation with a predisposition the whole issue becomes rather clear, regardless of how wrong your position is. I find it incomprehensible that people can honestly believe U.S. government complicity in 9/11. I cede that warnings of the impending attack were there and that the government could have responded better, but it is an insult to intelligence to suggest that the entirely incompetent Bush administration could have had any role in such plot. When top officials of the Administration leak information as regularly as they do, given the immense transparency of the Government, it's beyond reason that one could even suggest such a ludicrous claim.
  10. No, that would be a guess based on a complete misunderstanding of international politics.
  11. Spin off groups have been trying to commit terrorist attacks in the name of some unified Islamic revolution globally, AL Qaeda are the guys who are particularly good at the attacks - these people are, pardon the reference to main-stream media lingo, "wannabes".
  12. My friend, you do not seem to be much informed on Osama bin Laden or the bin Laden family. They are worth billions. The only time that Osama was in a cave - if he ever was - he would have been in a cave fortress in Afghanistan while attempting to avoid U.S. airstrikes. Osama bin Laden has the money to own safe houses throughout the world, and intelligence suggests that he does own safe houses in places like Khartoum and perhaps Pakistan as well. It is not a "man in a cave", you seem to allude to some fiction that he has no logistical support or money. Try reading a book named "Seeds of Terror", it details Al Qaeda's major construction of a radical Islamic terror network throughout South-East Asia, and particularly illustrates the seemingly endless cash and personnel that AQ has.
  13. New mercedes? I dont know what pictures you are looking at but the Mercedes I see in these pictures at at least 6 years old, they're an older model
  14. I would have been one of those people killed if it had gone off, but I left the club early so maybe I would have gotten away.
  15. Cool.. I don't see the significance of this but I guess good job to Morrell getting a better job?
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