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  1. I am a muslim and i think that capital punishment should only be practised by God in the form of his angels in the afterlife, not this one. So the iranian capital punishment is a buncha bs and unislamic.

    Those kids were only delinquents, they were not hardcore professionals, yo understand this?

    Will you kill your son if you find him performing such an act for the first time? Would you even throw him out of the home?


  2. So you say gays should be hung only when four "peeping toms" look in their window. Is it customary for Iran to hang the mentally ill?, if so I don't understand why Shorty is still above ground.

    Stop the insane killing of the murderers, rapists, et al in states like Texas then we'll talk about banning gay murders , capische?

  3. The point of Tablighi Jamats today is just to spread islam. Those people think that only spreading islam and by being a staunch follower of Islam all the muslims of the world can re-gain their past position of a powerfull ummah. They want all the muslims to stop all other activities of their life and start preaching islam (enter religious schools, be religious scholars and preach islam). The situation becomes worse when they start preaching islam to those who already are muslims. And only a handfull of Tablighi Jamat people do "Tabligh" to non-muslims.

    But, do we really need the "Tabligh" or more powerfull economy and social structure to re-gain our past glory? Is following islam strictly can give us our old position back? Infact, followin islam strictly (as said by those Tablighi Jamat Bahis) can result in de-gradaing of "LIFE STANDARD". They say to remove Pictures on walls, stop watching TV, RADIO, etc etc. Not to take photographs or pictures of eachother.. and so many other rules resulting degrading of life standard of muslims as compared to other nations.

    When someone is de-grading our life standards and believin that de-grading can regain the past glory of muslims ...i think is very foolish?

    I am a Muslim and i live in Pakistan (The country where biggest Tablighi Jamats meetup is held and people come to study in Raiwind). Dont we need some more solid reform then just doing Tabligh?


    My friend is a member of Tablighi Jamaat and he says that shias follow "mintak" and that is all shias have got,

    the word mintak meaning logic, and thats about it.

    That;s his response!

  4. White, a former fund manager who joined Merrill in 1999, said that in Pakistan he would recommend stocks such as Pakistan Oilfields, National Bank of Pakistan, Nishat Mills, telecoms group WorldCall Communications and Kot Addu Power Company for their earnings growth.

    You might wanna wait for a bit though, since the Karachi Stock Exchange is very expensive these days and is predicted to hit 12000 soon. But it's likely gonna go down again, so then you can buy your stocks and put them aside for time being.

    NBP, UBL, Dadabhoy Cement, and PIAC are some other viable options.

    By the way, if you're having financial troubles already then I wouldn't really suggest you to invest money the stocks.

    You have already missed out great opportunities with Siddiqsons and Bank of khyber IPOs that were recently released. You could have made more than 100% profit within a week or two.

    UBL is also said to be releasing more of its stocks as IPOs so dont miss out!


    Bro, make it simple., buy now a single stock or a share or IPO of every company in KSE or ISE for now!

    Slowly but surely you buy all the shares of each and every company whose stocks ar PUBLIC so you gonna own the whole market :!!!:

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