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  1. [edited] I don't understand this, what did my post contain i don't even remember it lol
  2. Mashallah, this is what i wanted to clarify. Will you trust the invaders over fellow muslims? Anyone could have perpetuated this attack. Most ideas suggested are only conspiracy theories at the moment, so it doesn’t rule out Iran been responsible either. Since you're blaming sunnis for this :sick:
  3. Salam brother, what are you implying, that sunnis were behind this? Is that why shia militiamen have since destroyed 9 sunni mosques - house of Allah - till now? This is sickening. Is that how shias treat the sunnis? Should i recall all you shias what you have done till now. All you have done is to destroy the houses of Allah, which included the attack on Holy Kaaba in the 80s ! Why blame the sunnis for this, what have they done to you? :sick:
  4. http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/wo...dnews-headlines Is that the way to behave, kill sunnis and destroy their mosques in the stead of zionist american forces behind this? :mad:
  5. Alright, let's compare the before and after. Maqam e Ghaibat of the 12th imam himself, wow ! BEFORE ^ ^ AFTER
  6. Wa Alaikum as Salam, Thanks brother for you being so calm even after such a tragic incident . Inshallah, with shias like you, we will be happy to be brothers in the future in iraq. But this is an explosive situation, both sides need to be calm! Which one is that of the Al Jazeera tv, .net?What difference does it make anyway? the site i quoted is unreliable, is that what you mean?
  7. http://www.aljazeera.com/cgi-bin/news_serv...ervice_id=10697 So OBL and Al Qaeda SIMPLY cannot be behind this atrocious act :cry: As a sunni, i deny vehemently any involvement with this, and seriously condemn such a cowardly act by the zionists, the enemies of shia and sunni alike !
  8. http://www.aljazeera.com/cgi-bin/news_serv...rvice_id=10805# :sick: Where was the shia outcry then?
  9. Salam, how many of the shia are dead there by unofficial counts?
  10. Alright, i want to know what exactly is al Askariya Shrine? Secondly, i want to know why are shias always blaming us sunnis for such acts? Thirdly, we should be striving for shia-sunni unity at this moment in iraq, instead of fighting amongst ourselves which resulted in saddam backed govt. eliminating shia extremists. Lastly, i would like to congralute Djibrillcisse, Ehsan, Shabbirhassanally and others for posting such wonderful posts in favor of sunnis. They have highlighted the situation perfectly. SubhanAllah, we need more shias like them :wub:
  11. There's nothing shakesperian about killing two innocent little delinquents who couldn't meet girls because of the restrictions imposed on them by iranian govt. :sick:
  12. They both are supporting each other only because of need, they both need allies. Otherwise this alliance is weird to say the least!
  13. According to the shia, Imam mahdi would show up in front of Kaaba proclaiming himself to be Mahdi and wouldn't perform any miracle, just show the shia some old artifacts like Dhulfiqar and other stuff which i don't remember. So there are no miracles involved. Because he isn't a prophet!
  14. that's a disgrace, they ( victims ) should be given their 15 minutes of fame, that would be their lifetime achievement :sick:
  15. Well a NORMAL 16 year old doesn't know a thing about CP laws of their country, you dig? Sunnis and shias have CP in common, stone them or throw them off the cliff. I don't see any hanging in SHIA fiqh, correct me if am wrong. So this act is unislamic :squeez:
  16. as much islamic as iranian is, or even beter it was :) no, iranians carry out CP in this way :sick:
  17. If you saw two 16 year old kids in the back of a guillotine, you would know that there was surely a hanging to be carried out ! Shalom, Uninspired!
  18. How about if i invest in each and every company available on a single stock market? :!!!:
  19. Try theses stock markets http://www.chinastockmarket.com/ you have to understand chinese though :lol: http://www.csrc.gov.cn/ http://www.hkex.com.hk/ http://www.tse.com.tw/ch/index.php http://www.lse.brain.net.pk/index.htm http://www.kse.com.pk/
  20. Surah Tahrim was NOT, i repeat, NOT about Ayesha and Hafsa, it was against Khadija and Maria Qibtia !
  21. Try theses stock markets http://www.chinastockmarket.com/ http://www.csrc.gov.cn/ http://www.hkex.com.hk/ http://www.tse.com.tw/ch/index.php http://www.lse.brain.net.pk/index.htm http://www.kse.com.pk/
  22. Since Taliban is the most islamic republic of them all, see some of the most islamic acts ever done in history http://www.rawa.us/gallery.html :squeez:
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