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  1. i already answered it, didn't i? and yeah right about you being hypothetical, you are a liar as well alongwith a badmouth rafidhi mod who breaks the rule of this site! Please don't involve sunnis into this, why involve them, they only want peace! they probably were betrayers and sided with iran in the iran-iraq war ! Irrelevent thread!
  2. you forgot to mention the fact that sunnis won a lot of seats this time round , even though they are not in majority, so much that shias coudln't even form a majority govt, since they divide themselves amongst sects over sects for no good reason ! and i am involving iran in this because a mod here talked about bringing iranians into equation. Anyway, an iranian cleric is already governing iraq. He should go back to iran !
  3. So you are OPENLY admitting of thinking of attacking Great Caliph's (ra) grave???? :o This is outrageous an act, the rafidhis first attacked makkah and now madina ? why are you behaving like yazid (ra) now? If you are going to bomb great caliph's grave, we will rebuild it in no time and will ban all rafidhis from entering madina ever again ! No there was not, only kurds were oppressed by the saddam regime, which wasn't perfect just like khomayni's wasn't! Mashallah bro, he would have even destroyed prohet Muhammed's (saw) grave if he had a chance like yazid? mashallah, yazid's sunnah isn't haraam upon us, since the sahaba are like stars , whomsoever we follow will lead us to jannah it is imam mahd's hiding place, isn't it? isn't it the place or the cave from where imam mahdi hid himself? by sending blessing on Yazid, accusing 'rafidis' of attacking the kaaba and calling it the hiding place of Imam (as), which is the typical nasibi rhetoric you have crossed the line and there is no place for you here, go and spread your yazidi venom elsewhere.
  4. and naudhubillah, iranian forces waiting on the footsteps? Sunnis will never let it happen, By the beard of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) :mad:
  5. Lol bro, i am not being insensitive. Suppose if naudhubillah hazrat imam abu hanifa's (ra) mosque gets bombed by the [Edited Out]e extremists somehow, we won't mourn or cut ourselves into halves. We would just rebuild the mosque and stop crying over it for like 1400 years. lol , they edited "s h i i t e" :D
  6. Lol actually bro it isn't haraam to have shrines with gravemarks, that is why we have Hadhrat Omar Farooq Azam(ra) and Hadrat Abu bakr Siddique's (ra) grave intact in Madina un Nabi (saw)
  7. The shrine is NOWAY similar to the shrine of Prophet (saw), if it wasn't for Prophet(saw) there would have been no syeds nor shia imams! It isn't sunni fault that our great caliphs Omar(ra) and Abu Bakr(ra) are buried alongside Prophet (saw) :D Actually, these are baseless accusations by the amriKKKans and zionists, i am shocked to see shias believing in this, even though they follow "mintaq" ( logic ) But since you are willing to believe it and even thinking about bringing iranian and lebanese soldiers in to the country, it will only give sunni countries green flag to send their troops into the country. You see, pakistan is already in the waiting list :D I told you, it only will take a month to repair the shrine, how hard is that?!
  8. you talk about my akhlaq, check out your rafidhi mod's akhlaq [quote name=Hezbullahi @ Feb 22 2006' date=' 09:50 PM Isn't your second caliph waiting for you in his faaggot harem? And before shia uprising of 91, there was no shia oppression to be had in any case.
  9. Sorry i got it saved :D It's against the site's rule and you should be warned for it and then banned . And prophet's harem is in that harem, you understand you shameless rafidhi :huh: Well it's high time that sunni nations retaliate in turn if iranians and lebanese send their trained forces to iraq !
  10. How could you even post something like saying that iranians should get involved in iraq? Why should the sunnis NOT be involved in this situation then? Sunnis ought to bring Salafis from saudiyyah to "control" iraq the way shias are talking about bringing iranian influence into the region !
  11. Seriously, there is no need to mourn so get over it and rebuild the shrine ASAP. Seriously, it won't even take a month !
  12. Yo, shias have been "oppressed" only after they try to overthrow the saddam govt. by hoping to get the west involved in the revolution attempt in 91, like they are hoping to get west involved in them governing the country nowadays.
  13. That's what i am talking about, foreign involvement. How can we deny a tiny possibility of iran organising such acts against the shrines insomuch that they take over ? Why blame the sunnis when there are foreign powers like iranians involved ? :sick:
  14. Why don't you get rid of us sunnis by oppressing us that all of us leave iraq, and then practise shia islam freely? That's what saudi arabia and jordan are afraid of , that's what they told us in the press conference today or day before, i am not so sure!
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