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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. undoubtedtly. but the divide btw shias and sunnis is even wider.
  2. I actually agree, he doesn`t seem to flinch in the last few moments.Accepted his moment of hiding in that hole in Tikrit was cowardice, but he behaved with marked composure. Maybe he just accepted there was no way out, that he was dying , and thats why he kept on saying the Kalima over and over. I guess, I thought he would be scared.he probably was terrified inside. I don`t think any shia would feel sorry for him, but with the videos showing him being taunted, and him saying the kalma, its just amazing how teh other faction is wailing for him as a martyr. As much a martyr as hitler is, I wonde
  3. I would defintely put up the name of the panjitan pak (as) and Ya Ali madad (as)
  4. This is really serious stuff. For one I think the departed soul is very worried about its aamal and if probably would want to reach out to someone it would be for help for wajibaat or maghfirat.Keeping that in mind I`d probably want someome to pray for my soul to ease the terror of my grave etc. Sorry if I sound macabre.Lost both my parents last year, watching my mum die slowly infront of my eyes probably changed my perspective of dying and death forever.
  5. I think its just a way of expressing that He would find it hard not to listen.....else why do we say when people do things and we chide them not to as God won`t like it......they are all emotions as such.
  6. actually its in urdu.there is the english version available but it only has some of the duas compiled in the urdu format Try www.duas.org
  7. as an aside, just a quick question. One of my Irani Friends had prayed for me at Imam Rezas shrine in Mashad,the dua didn`t come true but anyways she had said if it did to try to go there once. I forgot all about it time went by, and then in a dream I saw myself at his shrine. this was 2 yrs ago or so. Anyways does anyone know what that means,is that a subtle reminder that I am supposed to be going there?? Forgot about it till I saw u`r thread.If I had seen it before I would have asked u to pray for me.
  8. Its due to vasodilation of the vasculature, from what I can remember the skin of the face is much thinner hence the blushing shows.Can`t exactly recall the hormones involved but its probably due to a adrenalin/ epinephrine rush. :( and that makes me feel even more concious. Triggers in my case for the blush are embarrasing moments or excitement. but I go so red , i hate it cuz i can never hide it from anyone and everybody starts exclaiming and staring and think its funny :mad: :shaytan: as a kid all these demonic people would come and pull hard at my cheek just so that they could see them g
  9. Not really. u can get hooked to barbiturates easily.most adictive drugs.
  10. Are there any Farsi speakers who can help me interpret. I can make out the basic khub ast or bad ast but I would like to know what the entire sentence means.thanx (ÇÓÊÎÇÑå ÔãÇ ÈÓíÇÑ ÎæÈ ÇÓÊ ÇäÔÇÁ Çááå. (Êæßá ÈÑ ÎÏÇæäÏ äãÇííÏ
  11. how do sunnis feel about his death? do u all think it will worsen shia sunni clashed or lessen it?
  12. i think its all based on niyyah. u don`t have to be picture perfect for God to listen to u
  13. i have a question.......It always confuses me what to do when i read the significance of certain suras to be read at fajr or on thursday /friday etc i do a siparah or two regularly every day( when i`m not too busy) and try to finish teh quran for my parents. so i mean,my question is does it have more significance doing these particular ones on teh times/days described or is it equally signficant continuing on with ones recitation of quran?
  14. The resolution wasn`t that good.but what i found more moving was at the end when they show the women with ropes around the neck its one thing hearing,and one thing seeing it visually.The impact is fierce when you realise OMG they went thru this humilation. more moving that yrs of watching Juloos after Juloos in Karachi. thanks for sharing teh site.
  15. Laleh


    if someone asks u in a dream to say fateha for them ( & apparently i told them i prmoised i will ) does it mean they are asking for u`r help or does it mean its just my imgaination? funny thing is i can`t remember who it was,but i`m definetly sure it wasn`t my parents.it wsa just some woman. only difference was lately though,say a few days ago,i remembered this old relative of my mother,some woman who had died a painful death,she was paralysed had only step children who didn`t take care of her and she was a very religious woman from lucknow.so well i had remembered when i was saying a sipa
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