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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think the decision makes sense...i hope the new currency also doesnt get devalued like rial...
  2. How does one repent for adultery ? And is it compulsory that an adulterer cannot marry a non adulterer spouse ? what if one is already married to a Shia girl, does the marriage becomes void after the husband commits adultery ?
  3. If whatever saving i have at the end of the year, i pay for my mortgage, do i need to pay any khums on that ?
  4. Why Imam Ali said: "To me Maalike Ashtar is like I was for Holy Prophet"..? These words of masoom Imam are so exceptional and was never said by any Imam to any of their companions.. Why didnt he say something like this to Imam Hasan or Imam Husain ? Why such a big status to Malike Ashtar ?
  5. Ok i got your point...Musa didnt commit a sin or an error when he killed that man..But WHAT ABOUT HIS STATEMENT before Firon that he was not on right course when he killed that man... [shakir 26:20] He said: I did it then while I was of those unable to see the right course; and what abt his deficiency of tongue and courage ? and his fear of death and failure ?
  6. Ok somewhat convincing but what abt his fear of death ? if he didnt kill unjustly then why is he fearing getting killed ? Prophets dont fear death ? Moreover what abt his deficiency of tongue ?
  7. u cant expect everyone to read the tafseer, the words of Quran is very clear... then why does he expresses regret and calls it a crime ? not at all convincing..Musa is himself confessing that he was not on a right course before he became a mesenger..
  8. We Shias believe that all the Prophets were perfect human beings and infallible from their birth...But when we read Quran we find clearly that is not at all true.. Please find the below verses which proves the fallibility of Moses: [shakir 26:10] And when your Lord called out to Musa, saying: Go to the unjust people, [shakir 26:11] The people of Firon: Will they not guard (against evil)? [shakir 26:12] He said: O my Lord! surely I fear that they will reject me; He fears failure ? [shakir 26:13] And by breast straitens, and my tongue is not eloquent, therefore send Thou to Haroun (to help me);
  9. Well in today's e-world, when 70% of the commnunication is now in emails, do we have a means to send emails to our Imam ? Is this kind of communication possible at all ?
  10. LOL sounded like a church song or a opera..
  11. There was a time when women used to be proud of her long hairs and it was considered as a beauty. Islam also emphasized on covering of hairs from namahrams. But with the onset of westernization and feminism which forced women to move out of their homes and take up jobs, long hairs which were considered as a beauty became a hinderance to career.Long hairs became short,shorter and shortest (bob cut).Now 90% of women in the world dont have long hairs. Worse long hairs is not longer considered as a beauty. Girls with a short hair cut are considered smart and savvy. So what do u sisters think: is i
  12. Thanks brother, but that was quite philosophical for me..Sorry for my ignorance..but i want a simple response that i can tell people of other religion...Like why Medina is sacred coz it has the mausoleum of Holy Prophet and the first mosque formed by him... Anyway thanks one more time..
  13. Kaaba is sacred since the time of Prophet Abraham(AS). But what was the reason it is so sacred ? I know it is the qibla of Muslims etc, nobody explains the reason why it was made a qibla ? Some shias say because Imam Ali(AS) was born inside Kaaba it is sacred but that doesnt suffice too since Imam Ali(AS) was not greater than Holy Prophet(SAWA).
  14. LOL seems like your relatives in Iran lives in slums... :!!!: ... thanks but it doesnt show how to sit and how to wash without splashing the water in the seat up on ur butt..? If u are so concerned about mosques not being cleaned properly, why dont u take the initiative and wash it urself ? exactly my point.. But most of the toilets in offices and markets have their seats full of water...isnt it ? walekum assalam...well i tried that option too but wasnt quite successful as after some time the paper becomes useless...
  15. Salam... I have recently landed in US, and the first problem that i faced is "how to use toilets here" without getting najis.. :unsure: Although I have used western toilets in India too but very rarely and i used to take a shower once i got back home.. But that is not possible here...So can anyone here help me in this ??
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